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Tiny Tatty Teddy Quilt & Bumper

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Brand: Tiny Tatty Teddy / Type: Quilt and Bumper

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2013 12:40
      Very helpful



      A lovely duvet and bumper set

      When me and my Husband were decorating Jayden's nursery we decided on a Tiny Tatty Teddy theme, we purchased a lot of accessories with Tiny Tatty Teddy on including a duvet and bumper set for his cot.
      Although we bought them before he was born, we didn't use them straight away but decided to wait until he was a bit bigger.

      The Duvet
      The Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet is basically a mini version of an adult sized duvet, it is quite a thin duvet and I would say it probably wouldn't be thick enough to use alone during the really cold winter months, however for most of the year this would be ideal.

       The background of the duvet is mainly white with small multi coloured spots all over it with a yellow and white checked strip going along the bottom, taking up most of the duvet is a large picture of Tiny Tatty Teddy cuddling a toy rabbit with a big yellow sun just above him.  Also along the top of the duvet stitched into the fabric are the words:-

      "Tiny Tatty Teddy thinks the best way to start the day is with a cuddle",

      This is written in grey writing so that it stands out against the white background.  The colours used on the duvet make it  ideal for either boys or girls, it would co-ordinate with pretty much any colour nursery.  

      The Cot Bumpers
      The Tiny Tatty Teddy Cot Bumpers are designed to prevent your baby from banging their head on the sides of their cots, it adds a bit extra padding and protection.  The bumpers are basically a long strip of material which is padded, it has the same feel and is of a similar thickness to the duvet, it is then fastened around the top of your cot and partially down the sides using small ties on the corners to prevent your child hurting themselves on the sides of their cot.

       The majority of the background is again white and covered with small multi coloured dots with a yellow and white checked strip going along the bottom.  Right in the centre of the bumper is the a picture of Tiny Tatty Teddy cuddling a toy rabbit, again above him is a large yellow sum and in one of the corners is a picture of a toy horse.  The ties on the bumper which secure it to the cot are made from white fabric and are fastened to the back of the bumper so that they cannot really be seen.  

      The Duvet - The Tiny Tatty Duvet is of a decent size and measures 120cm(L) x 100cm(W), whilst this duvet is designed for your baby's cot it is also large enough to be used when a cot bed is transformed into a bed.  The size of this duvet means that you will be able to use this on your child for a while and not have to replace it after just a short amount of time.  

      The Bumper - The Tiny Tatty Teddy Bumpers measure approximately 55 inches in length, this makes them a good length to fit all the way around the top of your baby's cot and part of the way down the sides keeping the areas where your child is most likely to hit their head on the cot sides covered and padded giving extra protection.  

      Care Instructions
      The Duvet - When it comes to Jayden's bedding I like something that is easy to clean and care for without any complicated washing instructions, this duvet is ideal.  The Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet can be machine washed on a regular 30 to 40 degree wash and can also be tumble dried which is extremely useful as when you need to wash the duvet you can get it washed and dried quickly.  

      The Bumper -
      As with the duvet the Tiny Tatty Teddy Bumper can also be machine washed on a regular 30 to 40 degree wash and can also be tumble dried making keeping this item looking in excellent condition and clean is quick and simple.  

      Price and Avaliability
      The Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet and Bumper are available from a variety of place however the design does vary a little, the exact design we purchased came from the Tesco website, I haven't seen this item being sold in store.  

      When we purchased this set it was sold for around £40.00 however I have since looked this item up on the Tesco website and you seem to only be able to purchase the two items separately, the bumper is being sold for £20.76 and the duvet is £24.77, however the price really does vary depending on where you purchase it from and it can vary quite a lot, for example I have seen this set on Amazon (with a slightly different design) being sold for just over £90.00 which personally I think is very over priced.

      What we paid I feel is a fair price, the Me To You product which Tiny Tatty Teddy is a part of are not the cheapest of things to buy, however I feel that this set is worth the money as it is of such an excellent quality and hardwearing so you will get your moneys worth out of it.  

      My Opinion
      We have been using the Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet and Bumper Set for a little while now, to start with when Jayden was first born we would only put these in his cot during the day when he was not in there to make his room look nice, however now he is bigger we have started to use them.  

      I generally tend to use them when he has a nap so for short periods of time rather than all night.  Jayden's quite fidgety in his sleep and will do several laps of his cot so having the bumpers helps to protect his head on the cot bars as he turns and moves around.

       At night we put Jayden in a sleeping bag most of the time, however this is not needed in the day so we use the Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet, this is ideal as it is thick enough to keep him warm but not so thick that he gets over heated in his clothes that he is wearing.

       The duvet and bumper are lovely and soft to touch and the amount of padding is just right, with the duvet I wouldn't use it during the really cold winter months on its own as it would not really be thick enough, however for most of the year it is of an ideal thickness.

       The set is reasonably priced, it is made and finished to a high standard and is of an excellent quality making it hardwearing and durable during regular washing and drying.

       The cute Tiny Tatty Teddy design is ideal for any nursery and the colour combinations makes it unisex.  I have been extremely pleased with the Tiny Tatty Teddy Duvet and Bumper Set and would definitely recommend it to anyone, it is a lovely addition to any nursery.  


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