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Zorbit Honey Tree Pooh Sleeping Bag

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Brand: Zorbit / Linen Type: Baby Sleep Sacs

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2013 16:42
      Very helpful



      We couldn't do without it

      When my baby was born I hadn't heard of sleeping bags for babies and I didn't realise how useful they are at all. A friend bought me this Winnie The Pooh bag and I wasn't really sure what it was or what use it would be and put it aside for a few weeks. When the haze of those first few days past and I was able to function a bit better I looked at the sleeping bag and realised it could be really good so gave it a go. From that day onwards Millie had a sleeping bag until she was too old to fit in them anymore!

      === What is a baby sleeping bag? ===
      A baby sleeping bag is a relatively new invention and I think it is either something your baby loves or hates. It is like a blanket which covers them on both sides and zips up so that they are secure within it. There are straps which go over their shoulders and attach to little poppers and this means that your baby is well covered and no amount of rolling or shuffling will make them go underneath it. They come in different 'tog' ratings which relate to how warm they are. They are mainly 2.5 tog or 1tog. 1 tog is what you should use in the summer when it's warmer and the 2.5 to is a thicker sleeping bag so you use it when it's colder. Some sleeping bags come with advice on how many layers your little one should have depending upon the temperature of the room. I found this really useful!

      === Why are they good? ===
      They are good because they make sure your baby stays at the same temperature through the night unlike if they have a blanket. A blanket can be kicked off which would then make your baby cold or it could also mean that your baby could end up with the blanket over their faces. The sleeping bag can't end up over your little one's face as it's very similar to wearing a pair of dungarees but with just more room in it! They are also good because they tend to be able to be used for quite some time. The ages in the sleeping bag are usually more than clothes so they usually span about 6 months 0-6 months, 6-12 months and so forth. This means you will get lots of use out of it. They are very practical, you don't have to get up in the night to check if your baby has kicked their blankets off or your baby wont become uncomfortable if the swaddling blanket has become unwrapped, with a sleeping bag your baby will have a constant layer on them.

      === Winnie The Pooh ===
      The sleeping bag that I was bought by my friend was this lovely Winnie The Pooh one. It was the pink version so a bit different from the picture as it had pink detailing on it not blue. It had green spots on the majority of the bag, all down the front and the bag with a little picture on the chest area of Winnie The Pooh. It was in 2.5 tog and so was quite thick but very soft in the inside. It fastened with little poppers on the shoulders and had a zip down the size which would unzip all the way down one side and across the bottom so it gave enough room to be able to open it up for a nappy change and then zip up again.

      It was really cute, I thought it was far too big at first but then a blanket is too big too isn't it, it's not the exact size of the baby but bigger and this has the same idea, it doesn't matter that it's large, your baby still can't end up getting stuck in it or anything because it's secure on their shoulders. She looked a bit lost when wearing it when she first had it on but before we knew it she soon filled it and then one day she no longer fitted in it anymore it was then out of nowhere came this enormous urge to just cry! I couldn't believe she was too big for it already and time had gone so fast!

      === Sleepless nights ===
      We did have sleepless nights despite Millie wearing this but I am sure that it helped her to sleep. If she didn't have this on she didn't sleep as well. There were a few occasions where this sleeping bag and her spare one were both in the wash and she had to sleep without it and we found that it was harder to settle her on these evenings and we would swear it was because she wasn't all settled in her sleeping bag. When she wore her bag she knew it was time for bed and associated it with part of the bed time routine. We would give her her evening feed whilst wearing the bag so she soon learnt that the bag represented sleeping time! Having the bag meant we didn't have to keep checking her for whether she had kicked a blanket off so we were able to sleep feeling more at ease. The bag gave her comfort but us too. The little information leaflet that came with it was really useful too, it told us what she should be wearing whilst wearing this and that helped us to know what to do and feel reassured.

      === Conclusion ===
      This is a lovely little bag. I don't know how much it cost but they tend to be anywhere from £10-£30 and I think that even paying £30 is a good price because you get a lot of use out of it. We had two bags and they lasted us 6 months and we used them every single day. They really helped Millie to feel comfortable and to sleep well and it also helped us to not have to keep checking her and to reduce the chances of anything terrible happening. It washed really well, it didn't bobble up or lose it's quality over time despite how many times it was washed so this is really good quality.

      If you haven't got a sleeping bag then I recommend them especially this one as it was just so cute!


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