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Amazonas Brazilian sling

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Brand: Amazonas / Type: Baby Carrier

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2012 23:31
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      Nice and soft but not a 'workhorse'

      What to say about this sling? It is a good sling, but not quite 'workhorse' material. I think it's better for smaller babies than into toddler-hood. I used this carrier once or twice and found it really hard to get it comfy, though I did find it easy to wrap with and it grips in place well.

      It advertises that:

      "The wrap-round sling or carrying cloth is the most versatile type of baby-carrier. Usable from birth right through toddler-hood, your baby can be carried on the front, hip or back in various positions to suit the needs of you and your child."

      In truth it is a very versatile baby-carrier. As is every other woven wrap. So it isn't something that is unique to the carrier.

      Yes, you can use it on the front, back or hip. Again, you can do this with other woven wraps too. So again, not unique to this particular sling.

      Suitability from birth right through to toddler-hood? Possibly, but I wouldn't be happy to recommend it past 18 months, though a lot of people stop using slings before then. There are better and much more supportive woven wraps out there that I would be happier to use. I used this sling when my son had just turned 3, and weighed 28lbs, so well within the weight limits. But well over the age I would recommend it for.

      The wrap itself comes in 2 sizes: 4.5m and 5.1m I got the shorter once, but after washing it, it shrank to 3.7m which I could only just use! I prefer longer wraps as I find them more comfortable and have more options of different carries to use. I really struggle with shorter wraps.


      When I used this with a demo doll weighing over 8lbs, I found it really comfy. There was none of the 'diggyness' that I experienced with my three year old. I didn't try it for very long but compared to finding it uncomfortable after a few minutes with my son, I really noticed the difference. Unfortunately, the opposite was true when I used it with my son. I carried my son for a total of an hour each time and found the wrap dug into my shoulders a bit, and I ached after each use, which is very unusual for me, so I stopped using it and donated it to the local sling library that I run. I think this is better suited to younger babies, and people who are new to wrapping.


      There are no qualms over safety with this. In a good carry it is perfectly safe, and once you have the hang of wrapping it is very easy to use.


      It's really easy to wash, stick it in the washing machine at 40 degrees or lower with non-bio (not bio) or eco-wash balls and you're sorted. Just stick it out on the washing line after you're done. You cannot use fabric softeners or tumble dry with this one though. Fabric conditioners reduce its lifespan, and the tumble dryer will do the same - plus I think it may have contributed to the shrinkage, despite only putting it on a low heat for 20 minutes max just to make sure it had dried properly. It can go a bit stiff after washing, but soon softens up again the more it is used. However, the material is slightly rough anyway, I think this may be down to how it is woven though.

      Value for money

      It retails at about £40, I got this second-hand for about £35 so it had been 'broken in' quite a bit before I bought it, however I the material was still 'rougher' than I expected. And given that it shrank, I found it harder to use. I have a hard time recommending this to those who would like to use slings well into toddler-hood, however for someone who doesn't see themselves using slings past a year then it is probably worth the money as it should last the entire year, though I think it may depend on how heavy your baby is. Though for about £10 - £20 more you can buy a woven wrap that will last longer, and personally I find provides more support.

      Would I recommend? I put undecided for this.

      For someone who wants to use slings for the first year, I possibly would. But for someone who sees themselves carrying longer I would steer them in the direction of other slings that are more supportive, and good 'workhorse' type slings.

      Clearing up the baby wearing jargon:

      * Workhorse sling: A sling that can be used over and over again without wearing down, can handle carrying older babies/children and will last a long time.

      * Demo doll: a weighted mould-able doll that is used for demonstrating how to use slings and for people to practice with before trying with their baby.

      * Wraparound sling: a sling that is one piece of material, tied in different ways to carry your baby.

      * Sling library: A library usually ran by volunteers in which you can hire out a sling, usually for a small fee to see if it is right for you before buying your own.

      * Carries: How you choose to tie your sling to carry your baby.

      * Diggyness/Diggy: This is pretty self-explanatory. It just means that it digs into your shoulders, a bit like a rucksack can sometimes.

      ** Also posted on ciao under the same name **


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    • Product Details

      The Carry Sling from Amazonas is a cross-woven wrap-round sling, available in 4.5m and 5.1m lengths.

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