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Brightspark Slings Coorie

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Brand: Brightspark / Carrier Type: Sling / Carrier Position: Front

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2009 21:52
      Very helpful



      Portable, poppable and snuggly but not great for long carries with heavy babies

      When your baby is tiny it feels right to just hold them close. There comes a time, however, when you need to get on with things and holding your baby is just not compatible... and that's when slings and carriers come in. Quite simply, carried babies cry less so anything which helps you to carry them comfortably has to be a bonus.

      The Coorie is so named because it is an old Scots word for cuddle or snuggle and that really is what this fleecy pouch feels like. Dead easy to wear - simply pop it on like a Miss World sash, then pull the outer layer away from your body to make a pouch for baby - the Coorie cradles your baby right next to your heart. When you consider how long your baby spent right there, listening to mum's heartbeat, in the womb, it is not surprising that the sound is a reassuring and soothing one for them. It's a great place to be, and while baby is held cosy and snug mum or dad has two hands free to get on with everything else.

      Good points about the Coorie:

      - relatively cheap (£28 new and often available second-hand for rather less).
      - can be used from birth and will still be useful when your tiny bundle has become a toddling handful.
      - comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit most tastes.
      - folds down small so can be popped into a handbag or pocket and kept handy.
      - incredibly quick to put on; ideal for those pop-in, pop-out occasions such as carrying from car to house or a corner-shop trip.
      - soft snuggly fleece washes and wears very well, and is very quick to dry.
      - safety checked - conforms with BS EN 13209-2 which is the British Standard for Soft Baby Carriers.
      - designed to offer support for baby's head, neck and back and to keep the spine aligned correctly.
      - no leg holes means none of the infamous "crotch dangling" to which some other slings and carriers can be prone - tiny infants have their legs tucked in comfortably while older babies are supported in a good position for spinal and hip development, with knees higher than bottom.
      - spreads baby's weight across your shoulder and back, avoiding aches and pains.
      - easy for breastfeeding discreetly and/or on the go.
      - your baby is in just the right place, close to your heart and near to your face, for cuddles, kisses and chats.

      Anything else I need to know?

      - Pouch slings like the Coorie are one-shoulder carriers and this does not suit everybody. If you are prone to back or shoulder problems then it may be worth looking for a different style of carrier which spreads the weight to your hips or waist and to both shoulders - a mei tai, a wrap or a soft structured carrier such as the Ergo might suit you better. Personally I like my Coorie for times when I just need a poppable carrier handy - in the car for those quick shopping trips, in my handbag for those times when my toddler wants to walk but I'm not sure she'll make it back again and so forth. If I know that we are likely to be using a carrier for more than ten minutes or so then I would probably opt for a two-shouldered one instead.

      - However much your mind may tell you it is safe most people find that their instincts make them put a hand round baby's head when using a pouch sling, which means it is not really a hands free carry. If, like me, you have other little hands to hold, a buggy to push or bags to carry then you might again choose to look at other carriers instead.

      - In order for your Coorie to be comfortable it must be the right size for you. The Brightsparks website has a sizing guide but however accurately you measure you cannot be sure that it will be right until you have tried it. Fortunately their customer service is excellent and I have found that it is easy to get things exchanged or even altered so that you can be sure they are right. This does mean, however, that if you and your partner both want to use the Coorie you will need one each unless you are a very similar size. On the other hand, at least that gives the option of choosing your own colours rather than having to compromise on one you can both use, and fortunately the Coorie is a relatively cheap option as good carriers go.

      - Should your littlest have an older sibling you can get a doll Coorie for them to use. We found that this was a great way for our older children to feel involved and made them much less jealous of the baby having a carrier, because they had one too. The "rainbow carrier" is still regularly used not just for dolls but also cuddly toys, dinosaurs, books...


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    • Product Details

      Coorie is the old Scots word for cuddle or snuggle and these fleece slings are perfect to snuggle up with your little one. Available in three sizes, they are worn diagonally across the body and baby sits in the pouch in front. This is a very easy sling to

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