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Kelty Meadow Baby Carriers

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Brand: Kelty Meadow / Carrier Type: Framed / Carrier Position: Back

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2003 05:25
      Very helpful



      Some time ago when my first child was getting too darn heavy for a front carrier and wasn't stable enough of head to go in a back carrier I started to look for a suitable carrier for him... I searched everywhere and compared a LOT of models and manufacturers In the end I bought a kelty - not this model but the explorer in fact which has now been superceded... Here are a few of the reasons why..It's not because I wanted to get the most gadgety one - but Kelty really are the ROLLS ROYCE OF CARRIERS Now before I go any further I will explain that I am a girl... and I was about to do the carrying ( I believe it's traditional for the bloke to carry the baby in one of these but my husband has a bad back). I wanted a carrier that would take my child and me with enough space for gear because there is never enough space for gear with a baby but I digress... Reasons I bought this for me The fully adjustable frame - this big beast is seriously comfortable even when you are carrying 15 kilos or so... The hip belt is really padded and easy to adjust and takes most of the weight. It's quick release too so you can get it off in a hurry. I suggest that you buy it in a store and get it fitted properly by someone who knows what they are doing - I got mine in Centresport in Leeds and that 5-10 minutes was time really well spent. The stirrups stopped the little devil from kicking me and the elastication meant he couldn't "stand" in them. Serious gear storage.. There's a bag that slings under the seat.. the equivalent of a really big shopping bags worth. in addition to that there is a zip off day pack thingy which is adjustable in size has a couple of useful pockets and you can add even more storage onto the outside if you really need it.. If you can carry this much I'd apply to the TA. Hydration system compatible - yes you can hook up to your beloved water source..! <
      br>Reason I got it for my Son It's safe - I went flying once with this on and my son was completely unharmed whilst I was merely shaken - the 5 point harness system really works... There's an insert you can have to stop smaller kids from sloshing about sideways too.. this was invaluable when DS was younger. You can also adjust the height of the seat in the cockpit. It's good to be able to protect the kids from the wind and rain by using the rain/sun hoods without spoiling their visibility too much. The auto deploy kickstand is super - you don't use it for very long as you shouldn't leave your kid in it - but very useful when travelling on trains buses etc... My Son is a heavy blighter - 99th percentile for weight and I can get this mother on and off without any help - in fact I prefer to do it myself because I know what I am doing if you see what I mean. Concerned bystanders often don't know what they are doing -they are just concerned when they see you hoiking something like this on and off and occasionally grunting like a tennis player whilst I'm doing it. The other thing is that they keep their value - expect to get 60-70% of what you paid for it if you resell. Now that's a bargain!!


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    • Product Details

      Framed Carrier, Back Carry Position, Weight Limit 45 lbs

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