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Rockin' Baby Pouch

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Carrier Type: Sling / Carrier Position: Front

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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2009 15:06
      Very helpful



      If you want to get out the house quick with a baby these are brillant!

      My son is going to be 2 in April 2010 but for the first 6 months or so I used one of these baby pouches instead of a pram for carrying him around.

      ***What is a Baby Pouch***

      A baby pouch is basically how it sounds, a little warm comfortable pouch for your baby to sit or sleep in. Newborns want to feel close to there mothers so it is only natural, and if you are breastfeeding you may find it a discreet way to feed without it seeming obvious your baby is feeding.

      What I loved about my pouch was the funky designs, I had a purple and teal colour it was reversible so in effect I was getting 2 for 1. They come in certain sizes so unfortunately not one size fits all. XS,S/M,/XL. If you take a look at http://www.rockinbabysling.com/sizing-chart it shows you the specific sizing which would be ideal for your body.

      ***Carrying Positions***

      The pouch is amazing when you think you can get 5 carrying positions:-
      1*Cradle Hold -suitable newborn-9months
      2*Snuggle Hold-Newborn to 12mths
      3*Front Carry -Newborn to 12mths
      4*Hip Carry- 6Months to 40lbs
      5*Back Carry-12mths to 40lbs.

      I mainly used the Cradle Hold from when my son was a newborn and the Snuggle Hold. You can see the holding positions here http://www.rockinbabysling.com/carrying_positions

      ***My Experiences***

      I used my pouch from when my son was a couple of weeks old but you can use it from newborn. I found it handy as I had a 2 year old when my son arrived, and once my C-section was more comfy I found it really easy to use this pouch when doing the housework or seeing to my other son. If I just wanted to pop to the shop without getting the "Phil and Teds Double Pushchair Out" (Which I have also reviewed if you fancy a look). As it is really time consuming getting a pushchair ready especially for 2 children.

      I found this pouch brilliant for short outings, but I would not recommend it for days out, it's just the convenience of being able to get out the house quickly, especially when a newborn needs feeding every couple of hours, timing is key!.

      I was always worried when looking at the pouches on the internet that they would be really uncomfortable but they are easy once you get the positioning right, and it feels really nice to have your baby with you. Babies love being close to there parents.

      It's basically just zipped up, there are 2 different levels of zips so you can make it tighter or slacker. It's hard to explain without you actually seeing how it is done up but its really easy.

      ***Overall Opinion***

      If you are pregnant or already have a small baby I would recommend getting one of these, they cost about £30-40 and I got mine from http://www.bigmamaslings.co.uk. They have lots of colours and people compliment and always say how nice they look. They are quirky and unusual and I have never seen anyone with one! Only the main baby Bjorn carriers which are boring.

      Also they keep there value really well, you can resell on eBay for about £20-30 depending on the demand and the condition and style.

      A definite must for any mum to be.

      I only used mine for the first year, I Stopped using mine when my son got too heavy as it really does hurt your back when they get to a certain size so although it is suitable for toddlers I would not recommend for children over 1 just due to how heavy they get.

      If you want to see all the detailed information have a look at http://www.rockinbabysling.com/ they also do something called a sling too but I have no experience with using these and liked the look of the pouch better.


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      07.10.2009 14:04
      Very helpful
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      Great thing to have but try before you buy

      The pouch sling is a more compact sort of baby carrier than the wrap slings or the Baby Bjorn-type structured carriers.

      The one I bought was a blue paisley colour and really pretty, and you can see how it's worn in the picture. This is just the first type of carry, suitable for newborns, and it's a really comforting sort of hold for a tiny baby. The baby's close to your body and can hear your heartbeat and it's also really convenient for discreet breastfeeding - you can whip out a breast and latch the little one on, and so long as you're a bit careful nobody's any the wiser. It's also great for taking tiny babies out and about - it keeps the baby's head covered so there's no outside noise or dirt coming in and it also keeps the grubby hands of well-meaning admirers at arm's length, as it were.

      The problems we had were unexpected - we had to buy two because mine was too small for my husband. They're size oriented, and you measure from one shoulder to the opposite hip to get the right size. He did get a cow print one and really loved it. The second problem was most serious: the baby, for no apparent reason, hated the pouch sling and complained loudly whenever she was put in it.

      They're not cheap (mine was £25 and that was a bit of a bargain), so I'd advise taking the baby and testing various slings before buying one - there are often local sling meets for you to go to and they're a good place to make mummy friends too.

      I know a few people who have them, and most people find them great especially for newborns. There are four other ways to fasten it once the baby gets a bit older and has head control, but we only managed the cradle carry so that's all I'm reviewing here.


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      Fashionable, comfortable fabric that folds up small and packs away for convenience when your on the go. Can be worn in five different ways.

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