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Asda George 3 Pack Sleepsuits

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bodysuits

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    4 Reviews
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      21.10.2013 15:22
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      I first spotted Asdas 3 packs of sleep suits early in my pregnancy with Jamie before we new weather we were having a girl or a boy so although these are available in pink or blue I opted for there beige and white set of 3 so they would be unisex no matter what we had.

      These sleep suits work out really cheap, a lot cheaper than I have ever purchased them for before so I wasnt expecting them to be very well made or of good quality but when I took them out of the pack they were a lot thicker than I had expected them to be but the real test would be the fit and washing them.

      I washed them up before Jamie was born and they didnt go thin, bobbley or loose there shape at all so was really impressed with this, after she was born I was even more impressed that these fitted really well too as some cheap sleep suits are baggy and wide but these were perfect.

      After using these for 6 weeks they were still in good condition, they had not lost there shape in the wash and the only bobbling on them was from where we rub her back to bring up her wind which has happened to a lot of our sleep suits despite some being rater expensive.

      I liked these so much that i have since brought the pink set for her to wear also and found these to be just as good in quality. I would thoroughly recomend these to anyone with a baby as they really are good value for money.

      I have found that not all Asda stores stock these so it may be easier to buy them online, it is just £5 for the white set available in sizes tiny baby right up to 2 years. Beige pink or blue are £7 a pack and are available in the same size as the white.


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        25.04.2013 14:43
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        5 stars

        When my grandchildren were first born I bought sleep suits from Mothercare but upon looking around I realised that they were a lot more expensive and so began to buy supermarket own brands. I bought a pack of 3 sleep suits from Asda recently and am very pleased with them.

        The packet I bought were in baby blue and had a character called Max on. They were in size 6-9 months and had enclosed feet.

        They are a very good size, I found that sometimes Mothercare sleepsuits were larger than expected but these ones are more of a suitable size, my grandson who is a size behind fits in these perfectly fine. They are not too baggy around the neckline either unlike some other brands. They fit really nicely, sometimes his little feet don't quite reach the end but that is fine as it's better to be like this than feel squashed in and have the feet too tight.

        The poppers are easy enough to fasten although when my grandson is trying to roll around I struggle a little with my fingers but that is the same with any brand.

        They wash very well and I find if I tumble dry them they are nice and soft which must be comfortable against my grandson's skin. They have been washed several times but still remain in good condition, they haven't shrunk or faded at all.

        They do not have little grippers under their feet but that is fine as my grandson isn't walking yet.

        When I bought these it worked out that each sleepsuit was £3 each (the pack was £9) which is much cheaper than Mothercare.

        I think that these are fine, they are comfortable and have remained in good quality so far and are a nice fit with a lovely character on them. I think it's worth the money especially as they grow so fast that before I know it these will be put aside and he'll be in the next size up! I will definitely buy more from Asda again.


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        07.11.2012 02:58
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        Really good sleepsuits from George at Asda.

        ~*~*~ Asda George 3 Pack of Sleepsuits ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a pack of three baby sleepsuits from George at Asda. They are available in three colourways and are made from 100% cotton. The sleepsuits have little popper buttons running down the front for easy changing.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        These are available in Asda stores that sell clothing and also online at www.direct.asda.com. They come in three colourways as mentioned above -


        They cost £7 for the pack and are available in sizes -

        Tiny Baby
        First Size
        0 - 3 Months
        3 - 6 Months
        6 - 9 Months
        9 - 12 Months
        12 - 18 Months
        18 - 24 Months

        ~ Why I bought them ~

        I have been buying sleepsuits since I had my first child 11 years ago, I chose these George sleepsuits back then as well as others from different stores and I still buy them there today. I bought the last pack of these in 9 - 12 months as I find the larger sizes are more generous than the smaller. They are brilliant value for money and they are very good quality too.

        ~ My thoughts/Overall ~

        I have bought these in all the sizes over the years but with my last son I bought them in Tiny Baby first as I knew my son was going to be quite little, he was 6lb 8oz but looked very ditty and small so the only clothes that fitted him properly were the tiny baby clothes and these were an ideal fit for him, they were nice and snug with no floppy feet and didn't need folding up at the sleeves which made them perfect. As you may imagine with having a new baby clothes do need endless washing which of course leads to endless drying, I washed these in the machine on a 40° cycle and either line dried them or popped them in the tumble dryer and they always came out perfect.
        The tiny baby size fitted him until he was about a month old and then I moved onto first size and so on. They have all been really good quality, they wash and dry perfectly and never loose their shape. As my little one has got older I have on occasion washed the sleepsuits on a 90° cycle and they have come out then looking like brand new.

        The front popper openings make it really easy to get baby changed, the poppers run from the neck and down the legs. When open you can simply lie baby on top of the suit and bring it around them. They are very easy and convenient to use, as babies my children were always in sleepsuits whilst in the house as they are so easy to throw on, let them be sick on them/poop on them etc... And then throw them in the washer and dryer.

        Over the years they have changed the designs of the sleepsuits slightly but they still always look cute.
        In the pack you can expect to find a striped/dotted suit, a pattern covered suit and a white suit with coloured detailing, depending on the colour you choose it could be pink, lemon or blue. As you would expect with me having all boys I have purchased these in the blue colourway every time but the others look just as attractive and nice.

        I really don't have any bad things to say about these sleepsuits, they are soft and comfortable for baby, wash well and wear well.

        The smaller sizes seem truer to size but the larger seem a little on the long side so I tend to buy a size smaller for my son than I would buy in clothing or the legs dangle down! Other than that they are perfect.

        Asda also do really nice two packs of sleepsuits in brighter colours and these are also of the same excellent quality. These are usually priced at a two pack for £5.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        20.09.2012 11:14
        Very helpful
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        Good quality sleepsuits that wont break the bank

        * Please note that the sleepsuits in the picture are a slightly different pattern to the ones I purchased, Asda has since updated the design a little *

        Before Jayden was born I stocked up on quite a lot of clothes for him including the essentials such as sleepsuits, I purchased different sleepsuits from a variety of shops including Tesco. BHS and even Asda. We only have a small Asda near our house and I don't really shop there that much I tend just to nip in occasionally for a few bits if I have run out and am passing. On one of these occasions I decided to have a quick look at the baby section as I noticed that they had a small range of clothes such as vests, sleepsuits and the basics. I spotted the Asda George Pack of 3 Sleepsuits, I thought the Tilly and Ted motif on them was extremely cute so decided to buy a pack.

        The Asda George 3 Pack of Sleepsuits come in a clear plastic sleeve, this has a small hook on the top and also a strip at the top which you pull apart to open the sleeve, this can also be resealed by pressing the two sides of the strips back together, a bit like a sandwich bag. There is a card at the bottom of the sleeve with the name of the product on it, I'm not too sure if there was any other information on it as I disposed of this a while ago. Inside the sleeves the three sleepsuits are neatly folded over a piece of card which holds them in place, it also means that the sleepsuits slightly overlap each other but you can also see all three of them and see what the different patterns on them are. The packaging really is nothing fancy and is quite basic, however I do quite like the fact that you can see all of the sleepsuits whilst inside the sleeve so you can see exactly what it is that you are buying.

        The Sleepsuits
        As I have mentioned you get three sleepsuits in this pack each has a different design, the main colours of these sleepsuits are white and grey (however Dooyoo show blue ones, I am assuming Asda have since updated the design since I bought mine) The theme of my Asda George 3 Pack of Sleepsuits is a little bear and rabbit called Tilly and Ted, one sleepsuits is plain white with a little motif of Tilly and Ted towards the top on one side, this is in grey with Tilly facing forwards and Ted sitting next to her facing the side. The second sleepsuit is covered with smaller motifs of Tilly and Ted either sitting together or separately, this is in bands around the sleepsuit, there are also bands of small stars going around the sleepsuit and also what looks like a swirly pattern, however when you look closely it actually says Tilly and Ted written in swirly writing, again this is all in grey on a white background. The third sleep suit is a white background with thin grey strips covering it, this does not feature the Tilly and Ted motif at all, the trim around the neck and the sleeves are just plain white and are not stripy.

        All three sleepsuits fasten in the same way with smaller poppers, the go the whole length of the sleepsuit and then down each leg meaning you can open the sleepsuit out fully when putting it on or taking it off of your baby, the poopers are silver on the inside but white on the outside so they blend in with the colour of the sleepsuit and do not stand out. The Asda George Sleepsuits are made from 100% cotton so are lovely and comfortable for your baby to wear with no hard seams on the inside which could rub your baby's skin as they move in their sleep. The sleepsuits are not overly thick, however the fact that they are quite light means that they will not restrict your baby's movement during the night, the sleepsuits are ideal at keeping your baby covered, they literally cover them from their neck to their toes so if your baby kicks their covers off in the night their skin is still covered by the sleepsuit and will help to keep them warm during the night

        Care Instructions
        The Sleepsuits are very simply to care for, the washing instructions come on a small label which is stitched on the inside of each sleepsuit, this states that you can wash them on a normal 30 to 40 degree wash, they can be tumble dried on a low heat and should be ironed on the reverse, the label also states that to help the environment you should line dry them. The only other instruction is that you should wash them with similar colours. I personally just put mine in with my regular washing and have been pleased with how they have washed, they are very easy to look after and need no special care.

        Price and Availability
        Obviously the George Pack of 3 Sleepsuits are only available from Asda as they are part of their own clothing range, this pack of sleepsuits cost just £7.00, personally I thought these were excellent value for money, some sleepsuits I have seen have been a lot more expensive and you get less in a pack and as I literally only put Jayden in these at night it doesn't seem worth paying a huge amount of money for them, also I find that on occasions he dribbles his milk around the neck of them when he has his bottle before bed and this after a while stains a little so again I do not want to be wasting a huge amount of money on them so personally I feel this is a very fair price for them.

        These sleepsuits come in a range of sizes so there is something to suit all sizes, these include
        * Tiny Baby
        * First Size
        * 0 - 3 Months
        * 3 - 6 Months
        * 6 - 9 Months
        * 9 - 12 Months
        * 12 - 18 Months
        * 12 - 24 Months
        I purchased Jayden the 0 - 3 Month size and this was quite large on him at the time, however he was quite small and probably could have done with one of the two smaller sizes, however it did mean that he had plenty of room to grow and he has only just out grown them so he has had a lot of wear out of them and has certainly got his moneys worth.

        My Opinion
        I have been using the Asda George Pack of 3 Sleepsuits since Jayden was born and I have been very pleased with them, I purchased them in the smallest size and when he first came home from hospital they were quite big on him as he was a small baby, however this meant that he had plenty of room to grow. The sleepsuits are finished to a high standard and the fabric is lovely and soft against Jayden's skin meaning that it does not rub him as he moves around in his sleep.

        I like the way that these fasten as it means putting him in them and taking them off of him is easy, I can open all of the poppers and lay the sleepsuit out flat, place Jayden on top of it and fasten it around him, the fact that the legs un-popper too also makes nappy changing easy as I can just open the bottom half of the sleepsuit and change him without waking him up.

        The sleepsuits wash extremely well, they do not shrink or loose their shape at all, I do think that they are now looking a little shabby however they have been worn and washed on a regular basis for the last 5 months, also he has now more or less out grown out of these in length so I am not too worried about the appearance of them now, but they remained looking nice whilst he was wearing them and they were definitely well worth the money.

        I would highly recommend the Asda George Pack of 3 Sleepsuits, I have been so impressed with them that the other day I actually went and purchased him some more in the next size, however these are in a different design as Asda have since updated the designs and patterns of their sleep suits.


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