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Boat Socks Three Pack

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Brand: Next / Type: Bay Accessories - Socks

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2012 22:27
      Very helpful



      Cute socks that are soft against my babys skin

      When I was stocking up on clothes and accessories for Jayden before he was born I purchased quite a lot of things from Next, I do have a bit of a thing about everything being co-ordinated so when I bought him a new outfit I then had to buy all the accessories to go with it including hats, socks and soft pram shoes. At the moments with him being on the small side still the shoes are still a bit big for him despite them being suitable for newborns, because of this he is just wearing his socks. When I was shopping on the Next website I bought him a blue and yellow shirt to wear but of course had to have the matching accessories, so when I spotted the Pack of 3 Boat and Stripe Socks in blue and yellow on their website I just had to have them as they were a perfect match to the shirt I had purchased.

      The Pack of 3 Boat and Stripe Socks do not come in any packaging, from what I can remember they were just all fastened together with a small plastic tag with was simply removed by cutting it. In this pack of socks each pair is a slightly different design, one pair is a bright blue with thin white stripes and a yellow toe area and heel, the second pair are white with thin yellow stripes and a bright blue heel and toe area, the third pair are grey with thin white stripes, a blue heel and toe area and a picture of a little yellow boat on them. As I have said I purchased these socks to go with the shirt that I had also bought for Jayden, however with the grey and white in two of the pairs they will also go with other outfits so he will get a lot of wear out of them. The socks are designed to come just above the ankle, although on Jayden they do come half way up his calf if I pull them right up meaning he does end up with sock marks on his legs. The socks have elasticised tops to them just like adult socks to help hold them in place. I wanted the socks to be soft and comfortable against Jayden's skin, which when they arrived I was pleased to discover that they were, I was quite surprised that the socks were not all made from the same products, for example
      * Both Striped Pairs were made from - 78% Cotton, 20% Nylon and 2% Elastine
      * The Boat Pair of Socks were made from - 71% Cotton, 27% Nylon and 2% Elastine
      Personally I would have thought that all 3 pairs of socks would have been made up the same, however this wasn't really important, the look and feel of the socks were the main things that mattered.

      As well as the look and feel of the Pack of 3 Boat and Stripe Socks being important the next thing was how well they washed after all babies do tend to get themselves dirty and it was obvious that the socks were going to be washed on a regular basis. The socks can be washed in a regular 30 or 40 degree wash and need to be washed with similar colours, other than that there are no special care instructions for this product. The socks have been washed and worn several times now and I have been impressed, the socks are quite brightly coloured and so far despite regular washing they have kept their colour really well and are just as bright as when I bought them. The socks have also all kept their shape extremely well, they have not lost their elastic and the fabric has not bobbled, they really do look as good as new. The fabric is of a decent thickness, it is not really thick so that you can only wear them in the winter, yet it is thick enough to be hardwearing. Jayden is always laying kicking his legs about or in his bouncer kicking his legs meaning the socks are being rubbed on either the carpet or fabric of the bouncer, yet despite this the fabric of the socks remains just as it was when I purchased them.
      As I have mentioned I purchased the Pack of 3 Stripe and Boat socks from Next's website, although this product may also be available in store, they cost me just £4.00 which I thought was very good value for money especially as the quality of this product is excellent. The socks come in a variety of sizes including
      * 0 - 3 Months
      * 3 - 6 Months
      * 6 - 12 Months
      * 12 - 18 Months
      I bought Jayden the 0 - 3 Months, when I first tried them on him they were too big, the sizes are quite generous but also he was small and most things I had bought him were too big, however he is now just over 6 weeks old and the socks fit him much better, I think if your baby is an average size then the socks would fit comfortably, the sizes are generous so I would definitely stick to the size which matches your baby's age.

      I would definitely recommend the Pack of 3 Stripe and Boat socks, they are of excellent quality and easily withstand the wear and tear of being worn by a baby, they can also withstand constant washing and still look as good as new. The socks are reasonably priced and personally I like the combination of colours, I purchased them for a specific outfit I had bought but the colours in the socks mean that they will also go with a variety of other colours as well. I also like the fact that the socks are made from a soft fabric, they are gentle against Jayden's skin and are not rough and rub his skin as he moves around. I would certainly purchase a similar product in the future and would recommend them.


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