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Hippychick Waterproofs All-in-One Suit

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Brand: Hippychick / Type: Waterproof romper / coverall

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2011 22:36
      Very helpful



      A great all in one waterproof for children that can be adjusted depending on size and clothes

      As a parent one of the things I sometimes find is that occasionally I come across a baby or child product that when I use it I then think what I ever did before I owned it. The Hippychick all in one waterproof is one such product. I had dithered about buying an all in one last year when my son was 2 but I never seemed to get round to it. This year after putting his duffel coat into the wash for the third day running I decide I needed to take action and bought this blue and black all in one waterproof from Hippychick and I haven't looked back since.

      What is it?
      This is an all in one waterproof suit to go over your child's clothes, it is also breathable and wind proof in the same way that a lot of adult walking jackets and trousers are. In the same vein it also has taped seams which mean that they are very robust and waterproof. Though we bought the blue and back version it also comes in a pink and plum version. The sizes start at 12-18 months and go up to 3-4 years olds. There are also some reflective piped sections on the waterproof to make it easier for your child to be seen on dark and dismal days. The size of 12-18 months and 18-24 months has looped sections at the bottom of the trouser section. My son has the 3-4 year old size so I can only comment on the Velcro fastening at the bottom rather than the looped bits.

      In use
      As my son was about 33 months old when I bought this suit I decided to buy the size 3-4 years old as this would hopefully give him plenty of wear out of it. Initially this meant it was slightly long in the leg but all this meant was there was a bit of gathering of material at the bottom of his legs and the crotch area but never enough to mean you needed to turn it up or that it would prove a trip hazard. Equally the length of the arms were slightly too long but the material just gathers again in the under arm area. Neither of these seems to cause my son a problem in how well he can move about in the suit.

      One of the first things that I noticed about the waterproof was how good a quality it was the Teflon coated nylon feels really robust to the touch but equally it is soft and pliable to the touch. Prior to putting my son in the first time I had a good old play with the Velcro straps and made sure I knew where they all were as it seems to me that the manufacture have thought about every adjust you may need to make and put Velcro there. This includes Velcro adjustments on the waist meaning it can either be baggy over the child's clothes when they start out or nice and snug. The hood adjustment is excellent really there is an adjustment area for how far forward you want to have the hood but also one on either side of the face area meaning you can really get this nice and comfortable around the face area. The bottom of the trousers are quite wide and I find that I can actually at the moment get my sons legs into the trouser section with his Wellingtons on then adjust the Velcro around the bottom to make it nice and secure to avoid the possibility of water coming up through the trouser bottoms. The arm adjustments are slightly different in that here it is a combination of Velcro and elastic that produces the fitting. I always place the gloves inside the elasticated section then tighten with the Velcro. The reason for this is that not only does this produce the benefit of making the suit watertight but it seems to help keep his gloves on which is a feat in itself.

      Getting my son into the suit is very easy really what you do is sit him down and put the feet in adjust the Velcro on the legs get him to stand up and put his arms in the suit and adjust them prior to zipping up the front of the suit what I do is put the hood up this I find means that it is easier then to put the hood up and get it nice and snug and tight around his face. At the back of the zip in the suit there is a fleece backing this is useful as it seems to stop any clothes getting snagged into the zip. My son actually seems to enjoy having this suit put on. I think the reason for this is because he realises that when he has this one mummy is less stressed about him getting mucky or about him splashing around in muddy puddles.

      The suit I have to say is excellent in its waterproof claims having a 3 year old boy who loves jumping in puddles and rolling in puddles given the chance it has stood up very well. When we have taken the suit off after these puddle jumping and rolling experiences he has remained completely dry and clean underneath. The only time some water has got in was the occasion he was rolling in a puddle with a friend and lost a Wellington boot. However the wetness was just limited to the bottom of his trousers and the sock where the Wellington boot had come off rather than the wetness going any further up onto the rest of his clothes. My son also loves going to the park no matter what the weather and has been know to go in the rain given a chance. He has been able to go up and down on the slides on the see saw and all the other attractions there and has end up sliding and sitting on the where the water is and he has still remain dry underneath at the end of this trip out. The only thing I would say is beware of the suit and slides as it seems to make him go super fast on them, which he loves but it does mean you often have to catch him at the bottom to stop him flying off

      The suit is also breathable and this again works very well on these cold winter days he has worn a jumper and coat under the suit and has remained not only warm and dry but sweat free too which I find great as I personally remember non breathable waterproofs causing unsightly sweat marks. This also means that if he was wear the suit on a warm but wet day in the summer he isn't likely to over heat.

      The wind proofing also seems to work and he does remain warm in the suit on the times we have gone for walks in the woods when it has been windy the suit also doesn't balloon in the wind either so the taped seems seem to stop the wind getting into the suit.

      One of the things my son likes about the suit is that it includes a pocket this means that any treasures he finds on a walk such as an acorn can be placed there for safe keeping to be looked at later on.

      The suit itself is machine washable but must be line dried. So far to date we have just given it a wipe down when we have got back home with some clean water and this has proved more than adequate to keep it clean and we just hand it up on a peg and it is dry ready to wear again very soon.

      The suit is also produced in a version which has a fleece lining I personally feel that we made the right choice with the unlined version as we can get layers of clothes on under the suit in the wet wintry days but it can then be used in warmer wet days without him over heating.

      The suit is also very easy to fold up as it is so light and pliable this means that not only is it easy to have in the car for day trips but it is easy to pack it into a rucksack or handbag when you are out if you are worried the weather will turn.

      In regards to the reflective piping this is something that I haven't really been hugely aware of as we haven't been out in the dark but on those days when we are coming home in the drizzly darkness it is a good added safety feature.

      I think this is an excellent suit and I really can't recommend it enough for wet day trips out for keeping you little one dry as they jump in puddles. The suit is fully adjustable meaning it not only grows with your child but shrinks if you have less clothes on underneath. It is easy to keep clean and small enough to pack in a bag. I just wished I had got one sooner and if I had another child I would certainly buy another one for them to use sooner in a smaller size. At £26 from the Hippychick website they are not a cheap buy but the quality shines though and for me it is worth the price as it reduces the amount of washing I need to do and it means my son can play in the rain and muddy puddles to his heart content without me getting stressed.


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