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Jellycat Bashful Blue Bunny Booties

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Brand: Jellycat / Type: Booties

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2012 23:21
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      A very cute pair of baby booties

      When Jayden was born one present he received was a pair of Jelly Kitten Baby Booties in the shape of rabbits, I had only purchased him one pair of slippers to wear so was pleased when he received a second pair and these were extremely cute, although a little big to start with, however he has now grown into them and is getting more use out of them.

      To be honest I cannot remember what sort of packaging the Jelly Kitten Baby Booties came with as it was thrown away more of less straight away, however from what I can remember they were attached to a card of some sort with the name of the product written on it.

      The booties are made entirely from a baby blue furry fabric with an oval shaped cream fleece type material sole to them. As I have mentioned these booties are in the form of rabbits, on the front of each bootie is a pale blue furry rabbit head with large floppy ears, it has little black eyes stitched into the furry fabric and a pink nose, on the back of each bootie is a small white fluffy rabbits tail, this is stitched in place and sits on the heel meaning that your baby's foot forms the body of the rabbit.

      When the booties are on your baby's feet they come up to just above their ankle, the middle of this part is elasticised which helps to keep them on your baby's feet especially when they are kicking their legs about. The inside of the Kelly Kitten Booties are made from the same cream coloured fleece type material as the sole, however this cannot be seen once the booties are being worn.

      The Jelly Kitten Rabbit Baby Booties have no sort of padding in them, other than the rabbits head, however the two layers of furry material (on the outside) and the fleece material (on the inside) will help to keep your baby's feet lovely and warm. The fabric is extremely soft both on the inside and the outside so there is no worry of them rubbing your baby's feet and making them sore.

      On the inside of the booties is a small label with the care instructions on it, however this is made from fabric so is equally as soft as the booties themselves and will not cause your baby any discomfort or harm, they will not even know that the labels are there.
      The Jelly Kitten Booties are definitely designed with your baby's comfort in mind the insides are very soft with no hard seams visible that can dig into your baby's skin. Caring for the booties is very easy, whist they are hand wash only and cannot be put in the machine with your normal wash they do not really take a lot extra effort to wash. I had to wash Jayden's booties recently and I simply put them in a warm bowl of water with my regular washing powder and ensured that they were thoroughly clean, I then rinsed them with clean water and put them in another bowl of water this time with fabric softener, again after I had had them in there a little while I rinsed them with clean water and hung them out to dry. I was quite surprised at how little time it took them to dry especially with the padded head of the rabbit, however they dried reasonably quickly and looked as good as new, the furry material looked fluffed up and much brighter after a wash and I was pleased with the outcome.

      The Jelly Kitten Rabbit Baby Booties are available from www,designerkidsandbaby.co.uk and cost approximately £10.00 I thought this was good value for money as they are finished to a high standard and are of an excellent quality. The booties are hardwearing and are something that will last your baby quite a while, they are unlikely to fall apart after just a few uses or a couple of washes.

      Jayden could not wear his booties to start with as they were too big, however he has since grown into them and has had a lot of use out of them, the elasticised ankles helps to hold the booties on his feet especially when he is sitting in his bouncer as he will kick his legs and manages to pull anything off of his feet, whilst he can still get them off with the elastic around them it is much more difficult for him and I am not constantly having to put them back on him.

      I find that Jayden often has cold feet and has done since the day he was born, whilst this is normal for him I do not like the thought of his feet being cold, however the Booties really do help to keep his feet warm, I can comfortably put these on him over socks or just over his bare feet and within a few minutes his feet are lovely and warm. The booties are of an excellent quality and finished to a high standard so in my opinion are well worth the money. Whilst these booties are practical in that they keep your baby warm they are also extremely cute. I would highly recommend these to anyone.


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