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Red Gingham Shirt Body

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Brand: Next / Type: Bodysuit

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2012 21:48
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      A nice litle shirt for babies

      As well as stocking up on all the baby essentials I would need before I had Jayden I also did quite a bit of clothes shopping too. One place which I did buy quite a lot of stuff from was the Next website. During one of my many browses through the website I spotted the Red Gingham Shirt Body, it was extremely cute and a bit different to some of the other stuff I had seen. They had the shirt in the size I needed so I just couldn't resist buying one.

      The Red Gingham Shirt Body is basically a red and white checked shirt but in the style of a baby vest or body suit. The top half of the shirt has all the regular features of a normal shirt, it has a collar which is of a reasonable thickness so that it sits flat, this is handy for a small baby who spends a lot of time laying down or leaning back. There is a small pocket on the top right hand side of the shirt, this has a small white stripe sewn on it with 3 red stars, also on the front of the shirt are 3 red buttons which work and are used to undo the shirt and help with dressing and undressing your baby, the buttons finish at approximately your baby's tummy so you can open the shirt quite wide which gives you more flexibility.

      The Red Gingham Shirt is long sleeved, the sleeves have proper cuffs which are fastened with a single red button to match the ones on the front of the shirt, again these buttons are functional should you need to undo them to help with getting your baby's hands through.

      Whilst the top of the product is in the style of a regular shirt the bottom half is in the style of a baby's vest or body suit, the leg holes both are edged with a bright red material to match the red in the checked pattern of the shirt, this fabric is a stretchy softer material compared to the actual shirt itself making it more comfortable for you baby to wear, these soft trims means that the fabric will not rub on your baby's skin, the trims go all the way around each leg and between the legs. The shirt fastens between your baby's legs with 2 small poppers, the same as those on regular vests. The legs and bottom of the vest are large enough to accommodate your baby's nappy and the poppers easily fasten up around it without having to stretch the fabric.

      When I purchased the Red Gingham Shirt Body I did wonder about how soft the main part of the shirt would be, I wondered whether it might be a bit rough and also a bit stiff and restricting, however this was not the case. Before I put Jayden in the shirt I did wash it through with fabric softener in order to soften the fabric up, once I had done this the shirt did not feel hard or rough at all, in fact the fabric felt as though it would be quite soft on Jayden's skin. The shirt is made from 100% cotton excluding the trims, this makes the fabric of the shirt breathable, again useful for a small baby that is laying down or sitting leaning back most of the time.
      The shirt comes in a variety of sizes including
      * Up to 1 Month
      * Up to 3 Months
      * 3 - 6 Months
      * 6 - 9 Months
      * 9 - 12 Months
      * 12 - 18 Months
      I purchased the 0 to 3 Months size as I wanted it to last a while, I thought if I purchased the 0 to 1 Month size Jayden would out grow it quickly. When the shirt arrived it did look quite small so I thought it would be ideal size wise.

      When Jayden arrived I had to wait just over a month in order for him to wear it as it was far too big for him. Although it was suitable for new born babies Jayden was a small baby despite his weight being within the normal range, this was a problem I had with most of his clothes, however he has now grown a little and although the shirt is still too big for him it does fit him well enough to get away with it. Although the shirt states that it is suited for a baby up to 3 months old I really think it is going to last him longer as the sizes are also quite generous, I have found this with a lot of the Next stuff I bought, compared to some of the other new born items I purchased the Next Red Gingham Shirt Body was slightly larger.

      As I have said I purchased this item from the Next website and it cost me just £9.00, I thought this was very reasonable. The shirt is of an excellent quality and is very well made and finished. The shirt will get worn and washed quite a lot so it needs to be hardwearing and of good quality to withstand this sort of wear, I feel that baby clothes do get a bit of a hard time so it is important that they are of a good standard to withstand the constant washing. The shirt can be washed with similar coloured items and using a 30 or 40 degree wash.

      I would definitely recommend the Next Red Gingham Shirt Body, it is of an excellent quality and very reasonably priced. The shirt is easy to put on and remove from your baby, the wide opening down the front of the shirt and the cuffs which unbutton all help when it comes to dressing your baby in this item. The fabric is soft and flexible and is not restricting as I originally thought it might be and the edged leg holes also make it more comfortable for you baby to wear. I have put this shirt with a pair of jeans when I have dressed Jayden in it and have to admit he looked both incredibly cute and smart in it, the fact that the shirt buttons up like a vest means you do not have to worry about your baby's body being exposed and them getting cold, with a pair of trousers the shirt looks just like a normal shirt tucked in, as the shirt was a bit big on Jayden it meant the shirt didn't look like it was tightly tucked in. This shirt would be ideal if you were taking your baby to a slightly formal occasion, it looks smart yet is comfortable for you baby to wear all day. I would definitely recommend this shirt to anyone and would certainly consider purchasing similar products in the future.


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