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Star Child Retro Baby Trainers

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Brand: Star Child / Type: Trainers

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2010 14:20
      Very helpful



      Cute baby shoes for your child that last well and are hard to take off and well made

      These wonderful baby shoes were given to us as a present by my father, as we loved these so much when it came to getting more pairs we choose further ones in the Star Child range.

      Who are Star Child Shoes?
      Star Child shoes are the run by a lady who used to design adult shoes. Initially these were made in her home but the company has now expanded so it has a small factory making these in the UK If you are influenced by fashion and music personalities and what they buy then you should know these have been bought by Liam Gallagher for his children. They make shoes for children from 0-5 years old.

      What are these?
      The pair that we had was in the 6-12 month range. These beautifully shoes are made from lovely light and dark blue soft leather and is hand finished with a star. The top of the shoes are designed to resemble old style trainers with blue flashes down one side and a star on the other. The underneath of the shoes are made from soft brown suede and is designed to be non slip. At the top of the shoes by the bit that goes over the foot (where in an adult shoes the laces would go) there is some elastic behind the front of the shoe this is attached to the rear ankle part of the shoe. It is this section that helps hold the shoe in place on the foot. The dyes used in these shoes are also non toxic so if your little one likes to suck their toes then this won't cause a problem.

      Our experience
      Now when we received these as a gift from a dotting grandfather my initial reaction to these we pure delight as they are so cute to look at and very soft to the touch. The style of these shoes looks perfect on my little boy. I thought it was quite nice for a change to have some boy's items for my son that weren't either saying he was a monster and naughty or made him look like a Victorian sailor boy!

      The size we had was 6-12 months old. My son hadn't really worn shoes prior to this as he just rolled around and sat in his socks or baby grows so these were his first experience of shoes. Given little children's feet and bones are very soft you don't want to really at this stage in their development have to hard a shoe on them as this can make it harder for them to learn to crawl, cruised and ultimately walk, Equally and I am not sure if this an urban myth or reality a hard restrictive shoes can cause problems with how the feet grow. As these shoes are soft leather none of these issues are a problem. Equally as these are leather it is easy for feet to breath as it were in the shoes.

      Putting the shoes on to my son was very straight forward these would slip on to his feet over his socks in the same way an adult would put a pair of slippers on. Initially he was a little uncertain about them and would study them as he had just been used to plain coloured socks so they certainly helped him with his feet finding and getting used to his body co ordination. The elastic at the beginning was quite tight but not so tight that it left a mark on his feet. Over time of wearing the elastic gradually stretched and lost some of its initial tightness but never to the point that these shoes could be either pulled off or they fell off. In fact these are the only shoes that my son could never take off himself and the staff at his nursery were very impressed by this to as they couldn't believe that baby shoes that couldn't be removed by the baby existed.

      As he started to crawl and cruise around in these shoes they were great for providing a bit of friction for him to stick to the some of the wooden and vinyl floors at home and at nursery. He never slipped because of the shoes when learning to walk yes he would bump down but it was always bottom first to the ground as he lost balanced rather than slipping over. When he was crawling these shoes held up well the leather bent nicely to accommodate his changing of foot position. The leather did take on some slight creases to it but because the leather was so soft it never actually cracked or split. The appearance of the shoes even with these creases would still attract attention and comments from other mums and people went out as they commented on how cute these were.

      The leather and brightness of the blues of this trainer remained as colourful and bright as day one even after the occasion spill onto them. They would be easily wiped down with a baby wipe and become as clean and fresh as the day they were bought. My son has never sucked his toes so I don't know if the colour would fade if this happened.

      Overall and recommendation
      I would definitely recommend these to other parents as the shoes are well made and cope well with the rough and tumble of a baby and toddlers life. They remain on the feet unlike some other shoes I have tried. The non slip soles are good when baby is learning to walk especially if you have wooden floors. The shoes still look good after a lot of wear and there has been no cracking or splitting to the leather. As the dyes are non toxic if you child sucks their feet these wont harm them. At £16 for a pair for 6-12 months size shoes I think these are a good buy. We like the trainer style but they do many different versions and for one of our next buys from this company we choose ones with stars on them. The website for the company is www.star-child.co.uk


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