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Ted Baker Baby Socks

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Brand: Ted Baker / Type: Socks

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2012 22:41
      Very helpful



      A nice pair of comfortable baby socks

      When it comes to buying Jayden's clothes he has to be colour co-ordinated even down to his accessories such as dribble bibs and socks. A couple of months ago I was having a look in Debenhams and discovered a large rail of baby clothes which were in the sale, some of which were Ted Baker and found a lovely t shirt in Jayden's size. The t shirt was an orangy colour however he had nothing else which would go with this so I headed over to the Ted Baker section in the children's department to see what I could find, I came across some Ted Baker Socks which were a perfect match with the t shirt so I just had to get them for him.

      The Baby Socks by Ted Baker come in a pack of two, one pair of the socks are mainly orange and red coloured stripes with the toe, heel and cuff being green, also the name Baker is written on the bottom of the sock in an anti slip material, the green and orange colours contrast each other whilst at the same time complimenting each other perfectly.

      The second pair of socks are a little more subtle, they are mainly grey and covered with green coloured spots, the toe and heel are orange and the cuff is also orange but with a green stripe going around it, on the side of the socks is a small penguin logo, again the name Baker appears on the bottom of the socks in a green anti slip material. The second pair of socks are much more discrete compared to the first, however there is still the contrast of green and orange.

      It was important that the socks were soft and comfortable for Jayden to wear, I didn't want any hard seams on the inside which could rub his feet, especially when he is wearing his pram shoes, however I didn't really think there would be a problem with them being Ted Baker as usually their products are of an excellent quality.

      When I put the socks on Jayden he didn't act like they were uncomfortable, and when I removed them later in the day there was no evidence that they had rubbed his feet at all, the socks even felt lovely and soft when I first put them on him. The cuffs at the top of the socks are what hold them in place, these are ribbed and elasticated just enough for them to stay in place but not so much that they are digging into his legs, the cuffs are also very soft so that as Jayden moves about while he is playing they do not rub his skin at all.

      The materials which make up the two pairs of socks are slightly different and the information states that the orange stripy pair are made up of 78% cotton, 20% nylon and 2% elasteen. The spotty pair of socks are made up of 68% cotton, 30% nylon and 2% elasteen. The difference is minimal and to be honest if I hadn't looked at the information on the socks I would have had no ideas that they were slightly different in this way just by feeling them, personally I think they feel exactly they same.

      The Baby Socks by Ted Baker comes in a variety of sizes including
      * 0 - 6 Months
      * 6 - 12 Months
      * 12 - 18 Months
      * 18 - 24 Months
      I purchased Jayden the smallest size of 0 - 6 Months, he was around 3 to 4 months when we purchased the socks and they were a little big for him to start with, however he is now just over 6 months and the socks fit him perfectly, I would definitely say that the sizes with these socks are generous, however personally I would prefer this as it means Jayden is not going to grow out of them within a few weeks.

      As I have mentioned I purchased these socks from Debenhams and they cost me just £4.00, personally I thought these were very reasonably priced and I had expected them to be a lot more expensive as they are Ted Baker socks. The socks are of an excellent quality and finished to a high standard, in my opinion they are well worth the money. I have seen similar Ted Baker Baby Socks available from other stores which stock Ted Baker products, however I have only seen this particular colour and design in Debenhams and also on the Debenhams website.

      Since buying the Ted Baker Baby Socks Jayden has got a lot of use out of them, whilst I originally purchased them to go with his new Ted Baker t shirt he has since acquired some more tops which go perfectly with these. They socks are of an excellent quality, they are lovely and soft for him to wear and also comfortable, they do not wrinkle down too much and stay in place reasonably well, although I don't think it would matter how strong the elastic was Jayden would still get his socks off eventually.

      I would highly recommend these socks and will definitely consider purchasing them again in different colour combinations in the future.


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