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Babylicious Carrot & Parsnip With Potato

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Manufacturer: Babylicious / Age: 4-6 Months

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      Some good & bad points but overall I won't be buying their meals. Snacks are fine.

      Now and again every mum gets a bit lazy or over-run by the housework and childcare. Its days like these when you rely on pre-made baby food.

      My youngest is almost at the stage now where not everything needs to be mashed or chopped into little bits so I'm out of the baby foods stage. But when I was there I always kept some jars and/or pre-made and frozen baby purees in the house for ease.

      As some of you may know I buy the Asda brand nappies. I went to Asda to get a few packs and whilst there I saw that the baby event was on. I wondered up and down the baby aisles looking at the deals available. At the end of one aisle there was a small freezer display. It caught my eye as the packaging was colourful. On closer inspection I saw that it was all pre-made and frozen baby foods.

      Stage one: First tastes (puree)
      Stage two: Easi-chew
      Stage three: bigger toddlers with hungrier tums

      There was a leaflet available and looking through it the foods gave the impression of being really healthy and like home-made foods.

      No added ...
      Salt, sugar, preservatives, colourings, antioxidants, fillers & bulking out agents, or GM ingredients.

      I grabbed a packet of carrot & parsnip with potato to give it a go.

      Later in the day I was in a rush and hadn't made anything for the baby. I pulled the packet out of the freezer and got started. Pulling the little tray out I noticed that it was like an ice cube tray. There were 10 cubes. One didn't look like enough (baby was 8 months old at the time) so I popped two out and let them defrost. They weren't thawing fast enough for my liking so I put them in the microwave for about 10 seconds, gave them a stir and was ready to go. Looking at the package it says that most babies will want 2-3 cubes per meal so about right really.

      My little man seemed to enjoy the food which is always a plus. I went back a few weeks later to buy a couple more to keep in the freezer only to find that the baby purees only came in two flavours. The one I bought and plum & pear with banana. What a let down! I stood there for a bit looking at the freezer display. The next step up looked a bit more advanced then my little one but it came in more flavours.

      Cheesy Pasta with tomato and basil
      Sweet and sour vegetables with rice

      Creamy Salmon and broccoli
      Vegetables and cod in a parsley sauce

      Tomato and chicken risotto
      Chicken casserole

      Lancashire hot pot
      Fruity lamb casserole

      Cottage pie

      These come in double packs. Two pots of 150 g each. I bought the Creamy Salmon and broccoli & vegetables and cod in a parsley sauce. Maybe the taste wasn't to his liking but both pots were rejected.

      About a month later I found myself in Asda again and I thought why not give a different taste a try. I picked out the cottage pie & lasagne. Surely he wouldn't treat this one with such disgust! I was wrong. Normally he'll give something a few bites before indicating he doesn't want anymore but this time he even went as far as to pull out the first bite. Lovely I know!

      I sent my other half out for some bits from the shops one night and he took it on himself to pick out some baby foods he thought looked good. He's come home with two pots from the Kiddylicious range. This range is suitable for children from about 10-12 months of age as it has bit chunks in it.

      Tastes available in these 200g pots are:

      Pasta with broccoli, cheese and tomato
      Potato topped tuna & sweetcorn pie
      Tomato chicken and rice with vegetables
      Fruity chicken curry and rice
      Lancashire hot pot
      Cottage pie
      Spaghetti bolognaise

      The ones we tried are Pasta with broccoli, cheese and tomato and Tomato chicken and rice with vegetables. The pasta went down ok. He didn't seem too keen and also didn't finish the whole pot but at least he didn't totally reject it. Different story for the chicken!

      I really liked the idea behind the Babylicious and Kiddylicious foods so I was disappointed when they didn't go down so well at home.

      Snack time! I got caught out with no snacks one day and ran into a local shop to grab some things. I got a drink and two packs of dried fruits which is something my little man has a thing for. I hadn't noticed that these were part of the Kiddylicious range until I opened the pack. I had picked up the apple crisps and the banana crisps but there is also pineapple available. My son loved them and munched away quite happily. I tried a bit and found it really sweet but according to the pack it still follows the no added nasties rule and is one of his 5 a day.

      I've found the fruit crisps in various grocery stores but the frozen foods I have only ever found at Asda. Check out www.babylicious.co.uk for other retailers near you.

      All in all not a full recommendation from me but there are some good bits and everyone has different tastes so what one baby hates the other may love.

      © Oioiyou 2010


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