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Cow & Gate Baby Balance Creamed Cottage Pie

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Brand: Cow & Gate / Age: 4 months

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2010 10:53
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      my daughter wasnt keen but yours might be

      My daughter is now 7 months old and has been being weaned for about a month now. This is unusual for me due to my other children were weaned at 4 months. My new daughter however was not interested in food and I left her happily drinking her milk. They do advise now not to wean your children until they are 6 months old so I didn't see this as a problem.

      I recently bought a wide range of cow and gate little jars for my daughter to get her used to new flavours. This one in particular she has not been keen on at all. I thought that creamed cottage pie would be a favourite of hers but I was wrong. I like the full dinners range because these are the kind of dinners that I cook for them when I put them on my food.

      This creamed cottage pie is part of the meat range that cow and gate do. These are shown with a red top with a picture of a leg of meat on the top. I like the fact that they have different colours for the different meats or vegetarian range because it makes it easier to see what you are buying. These jars are part of the baby balance range that they do, I like this because they state that they are developed as part of a balanced diet for a baby.

      These jars are 125g which is perfect for first weaning your child because they only tend to eat half a jar for dinner and tea, once they are fully weaned they tend to eat the whole jar which is plenty for an 8 month old. They are part of the stage 1 range that is made very smooth with not lumpy bits which ensures that they are easy for your baby to swallow. They are made with baby grade ingredients so that are specially grown for babies and hand picked so that your child is only having the best. They are also approved by babies and mothers this is a comforting thought because nothing is better than recommendations when it comes to my children. TThey also have baby nutritionists that ensure that the right ingredients are going into your child's food to help them with their development.

      This jar is made with beef and is light brown in colour. It doesn't smell as nice as some of the other meals and after testing the heat of it I wouldn't say that it tastes very nice either, so I can understand why my daughter wasn't keen on it. There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives in the food, no added salt milk, lactose or egg and it is also gluten free, I think this is good because children who have dairy allergies or are lactose or gluten intolerant are able to eat this safely.

      The ingredients in this are sweet potato, peas, courgette, carrot, potato, Swede, onion, beef, white beans, wheat starch (gluten free) cornflour and is cooking water is also added into this. It does contain wheat so ensure that you read all the ingredients if your child does have any allergies. I think this is a good range of vegetables for your child's diet and re assures me that my child is getting the best.

      There are some feeding instructions on the side of the jar which is good information for first time parents and would find this useful information if I was unsure about feeding my child.

      I think this is a lovely healthy jar of food which have a lot of bonuses to it. I think cow and gate are a recommended brand that really try to help your child's development. Unfortunately my youngest daughter is not keen on the flavour of this but my eldest daughter did when she was being weaned. I would recommend this to parents with new babies but their may be some trial and error to find the foods that your child likes. These are usually available on special deals in supermarkets and when one takes the deal off the other usually runs one so shop around.


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      18.02.2010 15:51
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      Great for babies

      Cow and Gate Creamed Cottage Pie

      Baby Food 4 moths plus


      Baby grade vegetables; Sweet potato, Peas, Courgette, Carrot Potato, Swede, Onion
      Cooking water
      White beans
      Gluten free wheat starch

      (contains wheat)


      This meal can be given to the baby cold or warmed up. To warm up in the microwave it takes approximately 15 to 20 seconds though always watch temperature so not to burn the babies mouth! You can also heat this up by putting the jar into a jug of warm water. Do not reuse already heated up food.

      As this food can be given hot or cold, it is an easy way to take out to give to baby. Most places will warm it up for you though if not, the cold option is there.


      Even though this is for baby, for the process of this review, I have tried it.

      Baby Opinion: I have fed two babies this jar food and both have eaten it well. The 'yumyum' noise coming from their lips shows to me that they are enjoying it. It is difficult to give a more thorough baby opinion on this!

      My opinion: As I would have expected, it does not actually taste anything like the adult version of this meal though it is not a bad taste. We have mixed it with soft potato before and both baby and myself seem to like this. I find that or cheese added to it enhances the flavour. Of course, this baby food is not designed for us adults!

      Both baby and I do agree that it tastes better warmed up!


      This baby food does not have a strong smell, though Im not overly keen on many of the jar food main meal smells. Smell does seem to match the taste to a big degree.


      The food comes out quite thick so if baby does not like that, some extra water may be added to make it thinnner and easier to eat. Warm water is best for this. The food is also very smooth and glides down well.


      The food comes in the usual glass jar which contains 125g. The label goes across the middle and looks rather appertising though when you look past this into the seethrough glass, the actual food does not look overly tasty with its bold yellowy colour. Luckily the look does not match the taste!


      This jar costs approximately £0.40p depending on where you shop which is an average price of baby jar foods and well worth it for ease and convenience.


      This is a great baby jar food and have brought this many times for two different babies. Cost is right, baby likes it and I certainly dont hate the taste even though it isnt for me!


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    • Product Details

      Pureed vegetables with beef.

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