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Cow & Gate Omneo Comfort First Infant Milk from Birth

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Brand: Cow & Gate / Product Type: Baby Milk

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    3 Reviews
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      15.11.2010 19:52
      Very helpful



      This is definitely worth a try, but stick at it as it can take a few weeks to work properly.

      Cow and Gate Comfort Milk: Stage 1 from Birth

      == Introduction ==
      I gave birth to my daughter 8 weeks ago, and had already decided that I wanted to bottle feed not breast feed and had chosen Cow and Gate as my milk of choice, the Green pack Stage 1 milk at £7.24 for a 900g tub. By the time my daughter was a few weeks old, she had terrible constipation, and had even been put on Infant Gaviscon by the doctor due to spit up and gastric reflux.

      One day I went to my local Asda supermarket, and went to the milk section to get my weeks supply of milk, and spotted the Cow and Gate comfort milk- upon reading it said the milk was specially formulated to help with constipation and colic. Colic was something we hadn't had to deal with (touch wood!!!) but the constipation was driving us ALL mad it was so frustrating not been able to help her, I'd tried everything putting an extra 10ml of water in her formula, giving her a 3oz bottle of cooled boiled water each day, and nothing was helping with her tummy problems, the doctors had said not to worry all babies have to put up with it and she would "grow out of it"- not much consolation at 3am when you have your daughter screaming in pain as she tries to do a poo!

      The milk said on the side to only be used under medical advice, and so I asked my Health Visitor about it the next time I spoke to her- she said it was fine and they only say that on the milk to ensure if a mother uses it incorrectly and the baby gets sick, they cannot then sue Cow and Gate for mis-selling the milk.

      So we thought we would give it a go- the milk is 70p more than the normal Cow and Gate milk, and is priced at £7.94 for a 900g tub, but we thought it was well worth it if it worked!

      == And did it?! ==

      After using the milk for 2 weeks and seeing no difference, I was starting to get annoyed, the milk didn't seem to be working, my daughter was still having tummy problems, though her gastric reflux had gone and she was no longer using the Infant Gaviscon- the constipation was still bothering her. I was about to change her milk back to the normal Cow and Gate, but decided to give it another week (considering I had an unopened tub!), and low and behold, by the end of the week, my baby was pooping like a trooper!!! Upon reading the side of the tub, it did actually say that although sometimes a change can be seen straight away, it can take a few weeks to take effect...so stick with it for a few weeks!

      My daughter is now much happier, her tummy is nowhere near as hard as it was and she is sleeping much better without waking in the night with terrible tummy pains. We were spending a fortune on Infacol and Gripe Water to try and ease her pain which was doing nothing for the tummy problem itself, but now this milk has made a real difference.

      == How does the milk work? ==

      If I am entirely honest, all I know on this is what the tub tells me...which isn't very much!!! There is reduced lactose, which will help with babies who may have a slight intolerance to lactose, hydrolysed (partially digested) whey proteins- I have no idea how they do this, and it sounds positively vile, but if it works then hey! And a "special fat" all of which help with the "dietary management of colic and constipation".

      If this makes much sense to you then great, but for me, it isn't a bother to me "how" it works, so long as it DOES work!

      == Do I prepare the milk any differently? ==

      In a word, no!

      The milk is prepared in exactly the same way as any other formula milk, all the same conditions apply (I won't go through them as most new mothers know how to prepare bottles, and the pack comes with full instructions of how to make and prepare bottles for newborns and upwards). But this is exactly the same as all other milk, there is nothing different about this milk other than the consistency is slightly thicker, and Cow and Gate do advise you use Vari-Flow or Medium flow teats to allow the milk to flow freely (I simply cut crosses in the tops of my teats!).

      == Will my baby eat more/less milk? ==

      Again in a word, no. This milk is not hungrier baby milk, it is Stage 1 milk for newborns. So your baby shouldn't be taking any less milk, though if they have been spitting up a lot before with normal milk, they may seem to be taking less but spitting up less too...this isn't anything to do with the milk filling them up more, but because the milk is thicker it stays down easier, so spit up is less frequent! Sadly, Cow and Gate don't seem to do a Hungrier Baby version of the Comfort milk, which is a shame, as my daughter seems to be getting ready to want the Stage 2 milk, but I am worried about taking her off the Comfort milk and getting right back to where I began!!!

      == Nutritional Information ==
      (per 100ml of prepared feed)

      1.5g protein
      7.1g carbohydrates
      3.5g fat
      0.8g fibre
      20mg sodium

      Vitamins Present:
      A, D, E, C, B6, B12,
      Thiamin B1
      Riboflavin B2
      Niacin B3
      Folic Acid
      Pantothenic Acid
      Vitamin K

      Minerals Present:

      "Others" Present:

      (Amounts are present on tub)

      == Availability ==
      The milk is available in the big Supermarkets: Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's. But not in the smaller Supermarkets like Cooperative and Spar where I have been.

      The milk is usually £7.94, this doesn't seem to fluctuate across the market, and if it does it is only a penny either way.

      == All in All ==
      The milk is definitely worth the extra 70p a tub, as for me it really did work. It is not guaranteed to work for all babies with constipation, and you should seek medical advice before using the milk simply incase there is an underlying condition causing the bad tummy, or an intolerance to dairy which means your child may need soya milk instead of cows milk.

      But once given the all clear that there is nothing underlying, and it is just "one of those things" definitely give Cow and Gate Comfort a try for a couple of weeks, you may well find it is changing yours and your babies life!


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      20.10.2008 10:50
      Very helpful



      a great way to help the baby settle

      I was advised to buy this milk by my Health Visitor as my son was 6 weeks and he had colic. He was on the normal Cow and Gate milk, I used Cow and Gate with my other 2 children and had no problems.
      He would scream constantly in pain, especially on an evening. He would have a dirty nappy, very runny, at least twice an hour.
      As soon as I had started giving him the milk, he was a different baby, he was a lot more calmer and settled and sat still on my knee.
      The milk is more expensive than the normal Cow and Gate at around £8.97.
      The packaging has slighty changed now to the image shown above.
      The comfort milk has probiotic care, and other nutrients that are found in breast milk.This helps with comfortable digestion.
      It is a thicker formula than the other milks, so the baby tends to swallow less air whilst feeding. I did have to change my teats to ones with a larger hole.
      The milk is also iron enriched, is gluten free and low sodium and it is a nutritionally complete infant milk.
      I am so glad my Health visitor advised me to change milks, I wouldnt have thought of trying this otherwise.
      Helped my sons colic dissapear.


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      03.09.2008 22:04
      Very helpful




      We started using this when our daughter was around 6 weeks old as she had terrible colic. We had been using C&G premium milk before we swtiched.

      I had been told an easy digest milk would probably make it easier for her so decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. The colic improved quickly...not a lot just enough to make me happy that I was doing something right. she seemed a lot more settled on it than she was on the premium, she slept better, the crying time was shorter.

      I was still using stage 1 teats and it took me a while to figure out why it was taking her so long to drink it. Once I figured it out there was no stopping her.

      she is 8 months now and is on the second stage comfort milk and is still doing great - she sleeps 6.30pm - 8.30am!!!

      Its pricier than others on the market but its worth it


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    For comfortable digestion.

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