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Heinz Cook At Home 3 Cheese Sauce

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Brand: Heinz / Age: 4 months

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    2 Reviews
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      27.05.2011 22:36
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      Cheese sauce For Baby

      I had planned on fully breast feeding my son (born December 2010) until he was 6 months old, I had been able to do this with my first so assumed the second would be a doddle. This hasn't worked out at all, at just under 6 months he measures 82cm and weighs 9.9kg, he is completely off the growth charts in height and is wearing clothing aged 18-24months. To cut a very long story short, breast milk does not satisfy him, or rather it would if I was able to feed constantly - with another child to look after this is impossible.

      It was with a sad heart that I weaned him at four months, preparing all food from scratch, very basic - baby rice with a variety of veg/fruit. After seeing the health visitor last week she advised higher calorific foods suggesting cheese and potato.

      I had been given a variety of jars and packets from a family member, so I thought I would give the Heinz Three Cheese Sauce a try - it is not something I would ordinarily buy as cheese sauce is ridiculously easy to make and I have better things to spend my money on!
      An 85g sachet is currently on sale in Tesco for 83p, working out at a whopping £9.77 per kg!

      The sauce comes in an easy to open sachet, just tear at the top. The sauce is quite gloopy in consistency, and pale in colour, it doesn't look anything like my home made sauce. The contents after warming can then be poured over whatever you deem suitable - in my case potato. The sachet is quite handy in that it doesn't fall over once opened and placed in the fridge!

      The sauce contains three cheeses - cheddar cheese 8%, whole cream cheese 7% and parmesan cheese 5%.
      Other ingredients include water, vegetables (potatoes and carrots) 17% and cornflour.

      I'm not going to any further into the nutritional information as there appear to be some discrepancies between the descriptions available on the Heinz website and that of Tesco eg Tesco claims the product is suitable for vegetarians, Heinz state it is not. I would therefore advise parents to look into this further. My child is not being brought up vegetarian so this is not an issue.

      The packaging boasts that the sauce is free from artificial colours and flavours and that there are no added preservatives. It is also gluten free.

      So is it any good? I tasted it and thought it was vile but then as adults we are programmed to expect more! It mixed well with the mashed potato but unfortunately my little one only would only tolerate a very small amount. I added the remainder to carrot, courgette, potato and baby rice the next day and he wolfed it down, so it could have been a disliking to potato.

      I can't really see any reason for me to buy this product again, it was okay as a one off but I'm not in to processed food, particularly for such a young age.

      If you would like to compare the nutritional information available on both sites, here they are:



      Thanks for reading.


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        25.03.2009 19:05
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        My son adores this cheese sauce on anything!!

        When shopping in Tesco about 3 months ago, I was browsing the baby food aisle as I tend to do every time I go shopping! It was then that I spotted the Heinz cook at home sauces for babies and toddlers.

        I have been advised by my health visitor to avoid using jars and sauces that we usually use in cooking as they can tend to be high in salt and sugars, which can be too high for a little baby to have. So I thought that a sauce that was especially made for babies and toddlers was a great idea. I purchased a 3 cheese sauce for 52p, for an 85g sachet.

        The sachet is plastic and stands on its base; it has the Heinz cook at home logo on it and has a picture of someone cooking, with a pan full of cheese sauce and vegetables around the pan. It states on the front that the sauce can be used for ages from 4-6 months and upwards, so is suitable to use from the start of weaning. You will find this sauce wherever the baby food is.

        On the back of the packet it states that there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, carefully controlled level of salt, so it does contain salt but the amount that it contains is suitable for a baby's tummy. It has no added sugar, is microwaveable and is suitable for a gluten free diet.

        The serving suggestion advises you to simply mix it with or pour over your baby's meat, pasta or vegetables. The ingredients contain water, potatoes, carrots, cheddar cheese, whole cream cheese, parmesan cheese and cornflour.

        The cooking instructions advise you to empty the pack contents into a pan and heat gently until it reaches the correct temperature for you child, alternatively you can heat the pack for approximately 20 seconds. You then simply pour the heated sauce over your child's food.

        The sachet is quite large and tends to be too much for my son to eat in one go, so when I use it I tend to make a big batch and then serve a portion and freeze the rest for another time. Alternatively I sometimes pour out a small amount of the sauce and then refrigerate the rest of it to use another time, once opened you can keep unheated sauce in the fridge for upto 48 hours.

        My son adores this cheese sauce and will eat it with anything; his favourite is potatoes, broccoli and sweet corn with this sauce poured all over it!!! I find that this sauce is great value and is much better than serving a jar as this can be served with fresh vegetable or home cooked food.


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