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Heinz Farley's Rusks Reduced Sugar

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6 Reviews

Brand: Heinz / Age: 4 months

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    6 Reviews
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      30.03.2012 23:39
      Very helpful



      A reduced sugar rusk that my daughter still likes

      I like to make as much of my daughters food myself as possible, however there are certain things I buy simply because I do not have the time to make them from scratch such as they rusk biscuits. I have come across various recipes in the weaning books suggesting making your own rusks, but to be honest, I can't see myself ever making them, when I could just buy the farley's range. I tend to keep rusks in the house for two reasons. Firstly, I have a little snack pack of rusks that I like to carry in the my bag for my baby girl to suck on if we are out and about and she is hungry. Secondly, I tend to give my daughter some form of dessert after her dinner in the evening such as a yogurt, custard or a rusk biscuit and fruit.

      There is no doubt that if you try a rusk yourself, they are pretty sweet, which is obviously why my daughter loved these from the start! However, I was a little concerned at the amount of sugar that would be in a rusk to make it that sweet, and so when my first box of rusks had finished, I decided to give these Farley's reduced sugar rusks a try instead. One pack of these rusks costs just over £1 in most major supermarkets. I actually bought a value pack which includes two foil sealed packs of these rusks.

      On the front of the box, it states that these rusk biscuits are suitable for all ages, from four months onwards, and in fact, when I first weaned my daughter I would have given her a rusk biscuit and pureed carrot (as suggested in the Annabel Karmel book). Rusks may have the reputation of being a biscuit, but they are a 'source of iron and calcium', include '5 added vitamins, as well as no artificial colours or preservatives. On the side of the pack, it also claims that these rusks are suitable for vegetarian diets, have no GM ingredients, are egg free as well as being very low in salt. One rusk will also provide 20% of a baby's daily iron requirement.

      When I first opened one of the packs of these reduced sugar rusks, I was only wanting to give my daughter half of a rusk alongside some stewed apple and yogurt as a dessert after her dinner, and so I ate the rest of the rusk myself. I immediately noticed the difference in the taste of these rusks in comparison to the original rusks. The reduced sugar does affect the taste a lot in my opinion, and to be honest, I wasn't really that keen on them, however, my daughter doesn't seem to be one bit perturbed and she gobbles these biscuits up, either as finger food or as part of a dessert, so they must still be sweet to her!!

      All in all, these reduced sugar rusks wouldn't be my first choice and to be truthful I would prefer the original version, however since my daughter doesn't seem to be worried that these biscuits don't taste half as nice, and so I will continue buying them, as if she still likes them, then they are obviously much better for her!


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      14.05.2010 14:55
      Very helpful



      A useful snack for anyone with young children to have around.

      Farley's rusks are a staple food in my house, as I've got 3 children aged 9 months, 2 and a half and 4. For anyone that had these a a child, they tast and smell pretty much the same as they always did, sweet and comforting.
      I personally buy the reduced sugar ones in an attempt to keep my kids sugar intake down, I can't say it affects the taste of the rusk - they taste fine to me.
      I love the versatility of rusks. They can be eaten on their own as a fairly subtantial biscuit, mashed in with milk, or my personal favourite, mashed in with banana to make a kind of porridge that all of my children have loved.
      I have given rusks to all of my children from about the age of 6 months. I like that I don't have to worry about them choking as they are far too big to stuff in their mouths in one go, plus the edges kind of crumble when gnawed on my gummy mouths, so no big chunks come off.
      The can get extremely messy when given to a small child and any residue sets like concrete on skin aftewards, so it's not the most mess-free of snacks!
      Each rusk contains vitamins and iron, so you can be happy that your child is getting some goodness from them as well as a tasty snack.
      In most supermarkets they are priced around the £1.80 mark for a packet of 18, although they are regularly on offer for £1 a box, so I always stock up then as they are usually in date for about a year.
      A useful, convenient very portable snack.


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      30.01.2010 02:40
      Very helpful



      The jury is out!

      For anyone that regularly reads my reviews they will know that I have no kids but recently I have come into heavy contact with these. My first instance with them was actually due to me having very bad ill health. I have no problem in admitting that I have an eating disorder and was struggling to keep anything down me at all and it was actually my Doctor that told me to try these out! Then I looked after my friends son who had a box of the very same rusks as me and so I fed them to him too!

      The Packaging:

      Light peachy coloured box and the front and the back of the box are pretty much identical to look at. I'm told they are Heinz Farleys Rusks 'Reduced Sugar' and there is a picture of a rusk on there and a teddy bear and I'm told they are suitable for all ages '4 - 6 months onwards' and then I'm told that they are a source of Iron & Calcium, 5 added vitamins, contain no artificial colours and that they also contain no artificial preservatives in them. Other information on the sides of the boxes include being told a bit about the product, nutritional and ingredient lists are shown, the size of the box is stated (which in this case is 150g) and contact details for Heinz are given. Nice, informative packaging this is and the rusks inside are in an easy to open foil bag (in this case in two sealed bags of 9, obviously to retain freshness for longer).

      The Rusks:

      Round and thick in shape they are sort of beige and slightly rough in texture and rather like biscuits. These can be eaten in many ways and of course from 4-6 months, whether you mash them up with milk, yogurt and when slightly older a bit of fruit puree or something and then when around 9 to 10 months as a finger food. Lets not forget that although these are rather obviously directed at babies/toddlers/children they can be consumed by anyone of any age if desired (like me)!

      Taste wise well me and my friends little boy had very different ideas when it came to these rusks! I found them incredibly bland and boring. They turned to mush instantly if used like biscuits and then in milk sort of went like a weird porridge and was scummy and soggy within in seconds! They tasted of wheat, had little sweetness to them at all although what there was did taste natural and for me were not salty enough. Saying that although they contained little flavour in my opinion they did leave an odd tinny after-taste in my mouth after eating them. To say I found these repulsive is an understatement to be perfectly honest with you.

      However as I say my friends little boy has a very different opinion to mine. At 12 months old he eats these for breakfast, apparently loves them as a treat with custard and will munch one between meals from time to time too. With plenty of slobber though... he turns them into mushy messes with ease but he loves the taste of them!


      Let the kids decide for themselves and like I say my friends son adores them and to be fair I am a qualified nursery nurse and I'm yet to find a young one that doesn't appreciate rusks. However for me they do satisfy a hunger to a degree but are so boring to me and my taste-buds. I wouldn't fight a child to eat these anyway lol.

      Can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists etc priced at about £1.89 a box and of course in different varieties (usually in a box of 18 rusks).


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      04.09.2009 00:41



      I didn't give my son any coloured food or dairy solids until he was 6 months old, although i started giving him solids from around 10 weeks old, which ii totally agree with. neither did i give him jarred premade foods until then. however, he rejected farleys rusks time and time again. i have tried farleys rusks with my daughter and she disliked them instantly. i have discovered that if i put them in her bottle, she will drink the whole bottle, but will be constipated for up to 3 days after. i am now regretting giving her taste foods as she will not accept baby rice any more. she enjoys fruit - pure fruit and i have decided to stick with this. my son has only recently like farleys rusks and he is now 7!


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      26.05.2009 21:57
      Very helpful



      A Great Baby Product.

      Farley's Rusks are simply delicious, not just for the little ones but for all ages!

      - Heniz Farley's Rusks -

      They are a round biscuit designed to help 4-6 month old babies to wean.
      The Rusk is plain in colour, like your average digestive and around the same size, if not a little bigger and thicker.
      On the outside they look like a crunchy biscuit, maybe something you wouldn't give to a baby with no teeth!
      But once you place it into your mouth they begin to melt making them very easy to swallow. Obviously I had to try the Rusks first to make sure they were fine!

      Using the Rusks as a first food is really easy as you simply pour a little bit of formula milk / whatever milk you use over the Rusk, crush it up and leave it to soften. This process didn't take long at all and for it to soften it took about 1 minute.
      When I first did this I thought it looked a bit revolting. They say never judge a book by it's cover and I thought I better give it a try.
      I was surprised, it actually tasted very nice and the taste of the Rusk really came through over the warm milk.
      You can also use sterilised water instead of milk.

      As a finger food, these are great! They are very easy for little fingers to hold and as they nibble on the Rusk they start to melt, which can cause a fair bit of mess, but that's all part of the fun!
      When using Rusks as a finger food they encourage self feeding and hand eye coordination.

      The taste is rather hard to explain, but it has a long after taste which can make you want more!
      For children around the age of 3 years+ they make a lovely biscuit, because they have stronger teeth they are able to gobble the Rusk up before it can melt properly.

      - Ingredients -

      The Rusks have a long list of ingredients but Heinz have added no flavours, preservatives or colours to it.
      They do contain Gluten & Wheat, but if your little one can't have those Heinz make Farley's Rusk Gluten Free, so they won't miss out!
      They have no milk in, but are made in a factory which uses milk.

      Heinz have added Vitamins, minerals, Iron & Calcium into the Rusk which help baby's growth and development.

      These are the reduced sugar version, and contain 30% less sugar than the original Farley's rusks.
      Per rusk there is 3.4g of sugar.
      I have never used original Farley's Rusks so I can't compare the taste.

      - Packaging -

      They come in a medium sized cardboard box, and the design is almost the same as the picture above. It is very eye catching and something you will spot quickly.
      When you open the box there are 2 foil wrapped packets which contain 9 rusks each. So a total of 18.
      After you open a packet just twist the foil and it keeps the rusks nice and fresh!

      - Where To Get Them & Price -

      You can buy them anywhere, I have seen them in petrol stations before! I usually get them from Boots or Tesco.
      In Tesco they are currently on promotion at £1 for a box of 18 which is brilliant value for money!
      The Usual price is approx £1.99.

      - Overall -

      Overall this is a brilliant product from Heinz, and great for all ages.
      You can wrap them up and use them on the go or use them as part of a balanced meal.
      The only bad point I can think of is the mess they make, but that happens with any food and little ones!

      5 Stars - Recommended.


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        11.07.2008 17:13
        Very helpful



        Excellent snack or part of cereal for any child.

        Farleys Rusks....how brilliant!!

        When my mum first recommended giving my child rusks i didnt know what to think, i had not really heard of these before but she was adamant that they were really good.

        My baby first started to reject his milk at quite a young age as he wanted food instead, he would simply push the bottle out of his mouth and would gargle it, I knew he needed his milk and therefore needed an option to get his milk into his body sneakily!! This is when i tried the rusks, i broke them down with the rest of his milk and make it into a 'cereal' type mixture. He loved it.

        After a few months he was well on his way with food, and i thought i would try giving him a rusk as a snack (as my mum suggested it). I was a bit scared at first, as i thought "what if he chokes" but he didnt, he totally loved it. He held the rusk himself and as all babies do, he placed it straight into his mouth. The rusk just disolved as he chewed it with his tiny tiny little teeth.

        The downside was that he did make a god awful mess with it, but he really enjoyed them and still does now. The reduced sugar ones are really good as you always worry about giving your baby too much 'naughty' stuff but they seem like a good option compared to the full sugar rusks.

        I would definatley recommend these to any parents.

        Watch out for asda as they often have offers i.e. half price etc, you can stock up on them as they have a long life.

        Have fun!!...my baby did!! lol


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      • Product Details

        18 reduced sugar original rusks. Biscuits for babies and toddlers.

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