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Heinz Mum's Own Apricot, Butternut Squash & Chicken Risotto

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Brand: Heinz / Age: 4 months

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2009 15:02
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      The range is good just not this flavour

      Baby Jack is just gone 6 months old and has been on "solid" food for some time, he's a big boy and loves his meals so I like to give him a good variety, I do make a lot of meals up myself but like to keep in a few jars and packets of food so that there's not only something quick and convenient in case of an emergency but also because it gives him the chance to sample flavours he might not usually get due to the limitations of my cooking abilities. Because the jars can work out quite expensive per meal I like to buy them on offer and so when I noticed Asda running an 8 for £3.50 offer on the Heinz Mums Own 128g jars I purchased a variety of flavours including "apricot, butternut squash and chicken risotto"

      Heinz Mums own 128g jars are suitable for babies from 4-6 months, they contain no artificial colourings, preservatives, flavours, gm ingredients, additional salt, gluten or egg making them as close to home cooked food as a prepared meal can get and giving parents the reassurance that their little one will only be given healthy and natural food.

      The Apricot, Butternut Squash and Chicken Risotto is naturally one of the savoury options, it's colour and texture is very similar to tomato soup, a bit too orange and quite runny. Taste wise it is quite bland, yes I do end up testing them as I have to check the temperature before offering it to Jack, the dominant taste is the squash and carrot (one of the ingredients not in the title but listed in the ingredients) and I find it hard picking up any chicken or apricot, it's quite a soulless flavour really and provides little excitement compared to other flavours in the range, it also comes across as quite a powdery flavour almost like when a bit too much flour has been added to a sauce and makes it claggy.

      There is little appealing in the smell of the product, it's scent certainly doesn't make it distinct from other jarred foods which is a shame as I know from other flavour in the range, such as lemon soufflé, that the scent can indeed be distinct and appealing, the lemon soufflé version had me wanting a similar dessert for myself that evening but the risotto version had me turning my nose up. The texture of the food is appalling and quite disappointing, I know that 4-6 months is the early stage and babies need to food to be puréed finely at this age but the food was like a liquid, it was difficult to keep it dripping from the spoon, you couldn't get a decent amount with each spoonful and Jack was quite frustrated at not being able to have a proper mouthful each time, it left me trying to spoon it in at breakneck speed just to keep him happy, but half of it ended up dripping off the spoon, down his chin and all over his bib.

      Nutritionally the food isn't too bad, for 100g your little one is getting-
      62 cal
      2.2g protein
      8.4g carbs
      2.5g fat
      0.7g fibre
      Trace sodium
      1.0mg iron (17% RDA)

      I like the inclusion of the iron as it can often be difficult to ensure that your little one is getting enough iron in their diet, their iron stores from birth are usually gone by 6 months so it is important to ensure they are getting it in their diets either by food or follow on milks.

      Serving the food and portion size will be down to the individual, the tastes and needs of each baby will vary. At 6 months Jack will clear the entire 128g however my cousins little boy who is the same age will only have ½ a jar. You can serve it at room temperature although I wouldn't recommend that with this particular flavour, you can also stand the jar in a pan of boiling water to heat it or use the microwave as once the lid is removed there are no metal elements to the product. You can serve using a bowl or simply feed from the jar which is great if you're out and about but unable to take all the feeding equipment you may need. Providing the product has not been heated and you've not fed directly from the jar then any left-over's can be refrigerated and kept for up to 48 hours.

      Now you may have guessed from my flavour, smell and texture description that I'm not overly impressed with the product. It's really quite disappointing as their Mums Own flavours are usually very good and Jack is quite a fan of Butternut squash but the flavour just wasn't exciting enough for him and it was hard to keep up with his demand due to how runny the food was, it's left a nasty orange stain in the bib which not even Oxi powder will shift and we didn't even finish the jar as we were having so much trouble with it that I abandoned it in favour of some mashed banana.

      The jars are usually between 55 and 65p each and occasionally they do come up on offers, they're definitely worth picking up if you're a jar user but just not this flavour. The recipe was taken from a mum called Louise Brown and I'm sure this certainly wasn't what she had in mind when she created it, her home version is no doubt delicious, it's just a shame that Heinz have been unable to transfer it well into the jarred food. Jack is due to move to lumpy food any day now but if he were still on 4-6 month food I wouldn't be buying this one for him again.


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