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Heinz Mum's Own Caribbean Casserole Pork

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Brand: Heinz / Age: 4 months

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 09:57
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      My daughter has been so funny about the foods that she eats lately and I found that she would not eat the foods that I cooked her. Due to her being 7 months old she should have been eating foods that had some lumps in it but she just kept spitting it out. I always fed her cow and gate but she wouldn't eat some of the range of food and I really wanted to give her a variety. While I was shopping on line the other week I noticed that they do the Mum's own recipe made by Heinz. I thought that I would give this a try due to they do a wide range of meals that I would usually cook at home with some jars new food flavours.

      I started her on the 4 month jars to see if she would like the flavours of this range of foods. This one that I bought was Caribbean pork casserole. It is for the ages 4 to 6 months which is made smooth so that it is easy to swallow. On the front of the jar there is a picture of a mom with a baby, there is an arrow that is pointing to this picture stating that the recipe for this jar was inspired by the woman in the picture. I like the fact that this range is really created by moms because I think mothers always know what is best for their children. This is a 128g jar which at the time my daughter would eat half of one of these jars and very quickly wanted to eat the whole jar in one sitting because she enjoyed it so much.

      Heinz do a wide range of foods for adults and I think that it is a very trusted brand and that their baby food is as good quality as the foods they do for adults. On the jar it states all the good things about the food which are that it is full of iron for your babies natural defence, it is one of your babies 5 a day vegetable portions which I like due to I try to ensure that they have a balanced diet and this helps them along with that. It is made from baby grade ingredients which comforts me knowing that the ingredients used are grown specially for my child to ensure she is getting the best. It is low in salt and has no added preservatives, flavours or colours, it has no added gm ingredients and is gluten, egg and milk free. This information is the same as what every brand of baby food does but the difference with this range that makes it better in my opinion is that it is created by parents.

      There is also preparation information on the side of the jar that states the same as the other baby foods, that you have to stir it well before use and to heat it in a plastic bowl. You should serve the food at room temperature which I can not do due to my daughter likes it slightly heated. If your child is the same as mine then you are able to heat it in warm water or in the microwave but this must be stir well and the temperature must be tested before feeding to ensure that it will not harm your child. If your child does not eat the whole jar in one sitting as long as it has been emptied into a bowl the remainder of the jar can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours which I find very useful. If your child however didn't eat it all and you have been feeding them from the jar the remainder of the food must be thrown away due to it can create bad bacteria that will harm your child with the saliva they create while eating.

      The ingredients in this are

      Vegetables (36%) (Carrots, sweet potatoes (10%), onions, courgettes) water, apple juice from concentrate (14%) tomatoes, pork (8%), cornflour, vegetable oil, natural flavourings ( contain celery, celeriac), yeast extract, herb extract, iron sulphate.

      I like the ingredients used due to they are most of the ingredients that I would use at home and it has given me ideas on what I can cook for my daughter at home when moving her on to the foods that I cook. It does have an allergy warning under the ingredients stating that it contains Celery, celeriac which is useful information for parents who's children have eating deficiency.

      The nutritional information is as follows

      Per 100g

      Energy 254kj/60kcal
      Protein 2.2g
      Carbohydrate 8.4g
      (of which sugars) (3.5g)
      Fat 2.0g
      (of which saturates) (0.4g)
      Fibre 1.0g
      Sodium 0.06g
      Iron 1.1mg

      The iron level in this is 18% of the recommended daily amount which is good information to know because iron helps your child's development and cleans the blood to ensure that your child is getting a healthy diet. I feel that the nutritional advise is very good on this jar of food because it states that is very healthy and is very good for my daughters development.

      Overall I think that this jar of food is very good. The flavours in this food are very basic and would be easy to cook yourself at home. It is a good size jar it is jut big enough for when you are weaning your child for the first time and once your child has got the taste of eating food it is big enough for a dinner or tea meal until they are 7 to 8 months old. I found that it smells lovely when being warmed as if I had cooked the dinner myself. I have also noticed that it makes me hungry when I smell it. My daughter loved eating this jar and it was perfectly smooth for her to swallow the food. It did not stain her clothes of bibs which is good because there is nothing more annoying than trying to get stains out of clothes. This jar costs between 55p and 59p depending on where you shop. I tend to do my shopping at asda and they have special deals on these jars which are 9 for £4 which is very good in my opinion and I have also noticed that Boots will also do these on a special deal and if you are buying them from here you are able to gain points when buying them which is a bonus if you use your boots points a lot. I think this is a good food that is created by the best people. I feel that they have a good range of flavours and is also good value for money.


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      Heinz Mums Own RecipeCaribbean CasserolePork, inspired by Michele Grigsby, is the perfect product to give to your baby at the first stage of weaning.- Baby Food

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