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Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach & Potato Bake

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Brand: Hipp / Age: 4 months

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    4 Reviews
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      02.11.2012 00:01
      Very helpful



      4/5 Stars, will be re-purchasing

      I started weaning my daughter Erin when she hit five months and it's been going fantastically. She's now nearly nine months and she has a range of favourite foods. She's absolutely food mad and not at all fussy and although I make a lot of her food from scratch we've been trying a few of the Hipp jars recently as they're a little more practical when I'm in a rush.

      We've tried too many of the different Hipp concoctions to list but the one that Erin had today was the cheesy spinach & potato bake. I usually steer away from baby food with potato in it because the flavour is usually really bland and the texture can be a little gloopy and thick but this smelt and tasted (I only had a tiny bit!) pretty nice - it did actually taste like real food rather than just a bit of mashed up, sloppy veg. The smell although pleasant was a little bland but it was nice enough.

      I wasn't planning on giving her this today but as she seemed so hungry even after some eggy bread and her milk I decided to give her half a jar. The pureed food comes in a sturdy little glass jar which contains 125 grams. The jar has a twist on lid which is secure and the jar is transparent meaning that the dark green puree can be seen through it. The branding is good - the label has a picture of spinach and potatoes all over it.

      I love the compact design of the Hipp jars as they're easy to fit in my baby bag and they have a secure lid which is handy for when we go out and about. The food is suitable for babies over 4 months and all of the ingredients is organic. I always buy organic because of pesticides etc. Because this contains cheese I was wary about whether or not the cheese was organic as well as the vegetables but after inspecting the label I found that it is.

      This is quite a simple concotion - rice, cheese, potatoes and spinach. It also contains cow's milk, water, rapeseed oil and pepper. All of the ingredients are certified organic and a jar contains 1 portion of veg as well as a source of omega 3. The food is free of preservatives and genetically modified food and it is also gluten free, so all in all it's very nutritious and although it's not quite as good as fresh I am happy to give this to my baby as I know that it's healthy.

      This can be served at room temperate but it can also be heated up in the microwave. I just transferred it into a microwave safe bowl and put it in for 40 seconds - this was enough time for it to be warm but not too hot. I made sure that I stirred it so that the flavours would get mixed up and had a quick taste before giving it to my baby. The taste of potato is the most prominent and the spinach is easy to taste too. I couldn't detect the cheese which seeing as I'm a Vegan was probably for the best lol, it didn't smell cheesy or milky either.

      The faint smell of spinach was pleasant and the bright green colour of it made the food look a little more eye-catching for my baby. The texture is smooth and thick with no lumps of rice or veg and it is definitely suitable for younger babies. At nearly 9 months my daughter likes different textures which this does not provide but she found this easy to eat and polished it off in no time! She immedietly liked the taste and wanted more even once she'd finished half a jar. The food was a little messy and I'm glad that I put her bib on as this would definitely stain clothing.

      Price wise, each jar retails at around 70 pence and I bought this in a long term deal that my local Tesco's has which is ten jars for £5.00. Overall recommended - a quick, healthy and affordable 'meal' which my baby really enjoyed. The only major disadvantage is that it doesn't smell like I'd expected (I expected it to smell really cheesy) and the cheese is undetectable - well to me it was, anyway!


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        22.10.2012 11:53
        Very helpful



        A good quality baby food

        As you may see from previous reviews over the last few weeks me and my husband have started Jayden on solids, I normally make Jayden's food myself, that way I know exactly what has gone in it, however I have also purchased him a few different flavour jars of food to try as I received some vouchers the other week, I decided to use this to try out some different flavours on Jayden. One of the flavours I decided to try on Jayden was Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake, I have already tried him on potato and cheese but spinach is a totally new flavour for him so I thought we would give this a try to see how he got on with it.

        The Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake comes in a small clear glass jar, it has a green and gold metal lid which screws on and off and has the words "The Original Organic Baby Food Co" written on the top of it, there is also a label wrapped around the middle of the jar. The front of the label has the Hipp Organic logo towards the top of it with the flavours of the food written just below inside a green box, the rest of the front of the label is taken up with pictures of cheese, potatoes and spinach leaves, the age that this is suitable for also appears on the front of the jar in a bright pink box so that it stands out against the background. The back of the jar contains all of the relevant product information including facts about the food, ingredients and feeding advise, this is all clearly written in sections so that it is easy to follow should you require.

        The Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake
        The Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake is basically a dark green vegetable puree, it is totally smooth with no lumps or bits of vegetables in it at all. This jar contains one portion of vegetable and it contains no GM or preservatives and is also gluten free, this product is also suitable for vegetarians and contains a source of Omega 3.

        When I opened the jar of Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake it didn't really have much of a smell to it at all, there was a slight hint of spinach but that was it. I have to admit that colour wise this didn't look overly appetising but as long as Jayden liked it that was the main thing, I decided to give it a little taste before giving it to him, you could definitely taste the spinach in it and a slight taste of potato but I couldn't actually taste the cheese in it, it was quite tasty but I wasn't sure whether Jayden would enjoy it but I decided to stick with it and give it a try.

        Feeding Advise
        The feeding advise appears on the back of the jar and contains information about how to prepare the food and so on, this includes
        Stir the contents of the jar using a plastic spoon and put the required amount into a clean bowl
        * Serve at room temperature or stand the bowl in hot water to warm, if you are using a microwave then take care as hot spots can occur
        * Always check the temperature of the food before feeding your baby
        * Once opened replace the cap and keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours
        * Never re-heat baby foods
        * Ensure that the lid and jar are undamaged before feeding to your baby
        It is important to adhere to this advise before feeding your baby to prevent any harm coming to your baby

        Price and Availability
        Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake is available in a variety of shops including most supermarkets, I purchased my 125g jar from Tesco and it cost me just 78p, they are also on offer for 10 jars for £5.00. I do feel that 78p for a jar is a reasonable price however it does in the long run work out cheaper to make your own food, however I do feel that this is reasonably priced.

        My Opinion
        Jayden has not finished the whole jar of Hipp Organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake, we got 2 meals out of this and as I have said I wasn't sure whether this was going to be a flavour he liked as the spinach was quite dominant.

        When he first tried it he didn't seem too sure about it but after a few mouthfuls he seemed to get use to it, I warmed his up in the microwave as I didn't think it would be very nice at room temperature. Once he got into it I think he did enjoy it as he finished it and didn't turn his head away when I offered him another spoonful, I'm not sure this was his favourite flavour, Jayden gets very excited at meal times and if he is eating something he is really enjoying he kicks his legs about and cant wait for the next mouthful, however with this flavour he wasn't quite as excited.

        The jar of food is reasonably priced and I was more than happy to feed it to him in the knowledge that it contains nothing that is likely to upset his tummy, however I do still personally prefer to make Jayden's food myself so that I know exactly what is in his food.

        Overall I would recommend the Hipp organic Cheesy Spinach and Potato Bake as a tasty meal for your baby, however this may not be a flavour for everyone.


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        24.01.2010 22:03
        Very helpful



        A great food for getting your baby to try new things

        Having started weaning our son onto puree recently, we have been trying all sorts of different makes and flavours of purees, to see which he would take to.

        Normally most purees resemble some kind of orange colour, so we decided to try this spinach and potato bake as it looked a bit different, and might be a bit more interesting on the eye to our baby.

        The good thing about the Hipp Organic purees are that you can trace where the food source has come from, so you can ensure that what you are giving your child hasnt been messed with, which is a huge bonus for us. There are so many suggestions and advisaries when it comes to feeding babies, and what is/isnt good for them, I trully believe it is best to be as natural as possible.

        That said, these purees combine the naturalness with the convienience of coming straight form a jar. The jar istel is a air tight seal, so if you are just starting to wean, you migt only want to use half of it, so therefore the air tight seal allows you to keep it for a extra day.

        So, all importantly, did it pass the taste test? After a few nervous pulled faces, our son loved this and soon got used to the taste. He would even lean forward waiting for the next spoonful! Im realy pleased, as althoghh the jar says stage one, it is quite thick compaired to some, and is perhaps more like a stage two puree.

        I find it good that something so healthy-with the spinach bursting iron, and potato-that its actually enjoyable too. Sure it doesnt look very appitising I must admit, but it goes down a treat!

        These jars cost around 58p at our local supermarket, and they are always on offer, so I would recommend yo try something a it different like this, as it might just be a healthy winner!


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        22.10.2008 22:22



        a very tasty recipe plus spinach is good for you!

        This is really spinachy, and with spinach being good for us (not just pop-eye) I like the fact my little boy enjoys this one.
        It contains- Organic vegetables (spinach, potatoes, onions), organic rice, organic skimmed milk, organic cheese, organic sunflower oil, organic spices (pepper), and it provides 69 Kcals per 100 grams.
        Again though this product does some times stain clothes and anything else that it comes into contact with, which is almost everything you own when feeding a baby haha!
        After my little boy eats this, for about 2 days after he has green nappies and quite smelly ones too (sorry if thats too much information). So avoid if you are likely to be sick changing these!
        This comes in a very handy glass jar which is air tight (and has a safety seal button to check it has not been opened before your first use).
        Price is around 50p per jar but many shops have multi save offers available.
        The texture of the food is quite thick compared to some of the other hipp baby food recipes, which I think is good as it gives my little boy a variation in texture but still smooth enough for him to eat manageably.
        Hipp baby food also has the advantage of being organic and you can trace the specific jar that you are using to where it has come from! Which I like the fact of as i'd be able to tell what and where the food had came from.


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      Spinach cooked with milk, rice, potato & cheese.

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