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Hipp Organic First Tastes Apple and Banana

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Manufacturer: Hipp / Age: 6 months

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    3 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 22:26
      Very helpful



      Another great Hipp jar!

      When I decided to wean my daughter at 4 months I bypassed baby rice and porridge and went straight to fruit purees and then eventually veg purees. If you decide to wean early you are restricted to what you can offer before 6 months. I went to the supermarket and just bought a wide selection of different fruits in jars. In Tesco these jars which contain 125g are 65p each or 10 for £5.

      Hipp products are organic. This puree is suitable for stage 1 weaning which is for babies aged 4 months and over. The ingredients are 77% apples and 23% bananas.

      You can heat up this puree by standing the jar in a bowl of warm water, or you can heat it in the microwave. My daughter doesn't like her fruit warm. As she is teething she likes it straight out of the fridge.

      The puree itself is a pale yellowy colour. It smells predominently of bananas. The puree has a really nice consistency, it is smooth but it is firm enough not to just slide off the spoon. My daughter really enjoys this. Initially she only ate a few spoons so I used to take the amount she required out of the jar and then refrigerate the rest where it can be kept for up to 48 hours. When I tasted this I found it a little bitter, it tastes heavily of apple and only slightly of banana but it is a good combination.

      As my daughter got older she began to eat a whole jar and she now has this on ocassion for breakfast with a piece of toast or I will offer her this as a dessert.

      I would give this 5 out of 5, it is simple and quick and easy if like me you don't have enough time to puree endless amounts of fruit.


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      08.01.2010 13:57
      Very helpful



      It saved my mornings.

      When I wake up at the same time as my kids do I hardly have time to prepare them breakfast. I want my coffee and they want their breakfast as soon as possible. These days I put 2 bottles of fruit purée on the radiator and I prepare my coffee. In the meanwhile my sons are in their highchair. I start to drink my coffee and I start feeding them. They don't like the cold fruit purée for some reason that's why I put it on the radiator. It won't became warm or hot just not cold.

      First impressions
      Hipp Organic Apple & Banana Puree is a 100% organic fruit puree in a little jar with metal lid. It is quite easy to open it and it can be re-closed if your baby doesn't eat all of it. There is big Hipp Organic logo in the middle and fruits on both sides of it. Below the logo you can see the apple & banana puree label. This is a stage 1 food which means that you can give it to your baby from the age of 4 month.

      Ingredients and nutritional information
      The ingredients are organic apple (77%) and organic banana (23%). It contains antioxidant ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C. I think while the fruits were pureed they lost some of their Vitamin C content and that is why the manufacturer added it to the food. This jar of baby food contains 68 kcal energy.
      This puree is perfectly smooth so it is easy to swallow. There are no GM ingredients, gluten, added sugar, added milk products in it. It is suitable for vegetarians. It is preserved by heating so it doesn't contain any preservatives.

      Price and where to buy
      I bought this jar of baby food in Sainsbury's for 60 pence. The jar contains 125 g of fruit puree. Hipp organic apple and banana puree are available in most of the supermarkets.

      My opinion
      This quantity of fruit puree is not enough for my sons for breakfast but it is enough for me to gain some time to drink my coffee and prepare something else as well. When they are more patient I warm a little water, add Hipp Organic Baby Rice to it then I add a bottle of fruit puree or I put the prepare rice and 2 different fresh fruits into my blender and make a smooth puree of them. Usually I give them fruits for breakfast with rice or other cereals.
      I think Hipp's apple and banana puree is a great product which saved my mornings several times. It has apple scent and it is quite sour to be honest. You can feel the banana a little bit which makes the apple puree sweeter a little bit. It is very delicious and when you prepare it with baby rice it is much sweeter. You can use this puree to make a sandwich out of two biscuits or you can add 2-3 biscuits to it when you want to make something different food out of this.


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        09.11.2009 21:07
        Very helpful



        Good for baby - any left and it's good for you too!

        ** Baby food? - we thought you were older that that! **
        Tis true - I am past my early motherhood stage but I have an experience of Hipp baby food to share nonetheless:

        My lovely nine year old daughter recently succumbed to a violent stomach migraine which after four days and nights of hourly vomiting, left her in hospital on re-hydration and all kinds of other fancy drip-ware. I'll spare you the full sob story as you are really here, I assume, to read about baby food, but just to put my review in context: my little girl (Bee for short!) lost a great deal of weight very suddenly and was unable to tolerate food for nearly a fortnight. Understandably at this age it was somewhat distressing (even if we did draw the curtains round the bed; pin sheets across the chairs and pretend we were camping!!) and Bee for a short while developed a fear of eating solid food.
        The hospital were great and drip fed her essentials and offered complan type substances but Bee struggled with the thought of anything with texture as she feared a re-run of the previous harrowing week. This is when I had my idea - baby food! Balanced nutrition with interesting enough tastes plus recognisable contents to get back to normal eating gradually.

        And so off I waltzed off to the nearest supermarket and had fun in the baby aisles once again! (Admittedly a friend of mine had recently had a baby and I was feeling rather broody again - I quite enjoyed seeing the myriad of products on offer) Having read nearly all the labels in the shop I settled on:
        HIPP First Organic Apple and Banana.

        ** WHY? **
        Firstly this baby food is free from a great deal of things - I was looking for as pure a product as possible in the same way as I would be if my daughter had been sampling her first foods as a baby.
        This jar is:

        GM Ingredient Free
        Milk Free
        Soya Free
        Wheat Free
        Egg Free
        Gluten Free
        Nut Free
        Suitable for Vegans
        Suitable for Vegetarians
        So having established what's not in it, what is in it?

        Organic fruits (100%) [apples (77%), bananas (23%)], antioxidant ascorbic acid.
        So, that's fruit plus vitamin - gotta be good news. In my case it was important that Bee knew she was eating apples and bananas in order to get used to the fact that her body was accepting these normal healthy foods again. In the same way, as a parent if you include everyday fruits in your child's weaning you are more likely to take them as normal and continue beyond weaning.

        The fruit is well and truly pureed - no chance of any lumps that might shock a newly weaning baby or cause a reflex gag in Bee. Hipp suggest that when your little one is ready you can mix the puree with a little baby rice "for a more adventurous meal"! In this way you can develop the texture gradually and prepare for the next stage of more lumpy fare. (After all school dinners will be lumpy enough - better get used to it!!) This is a stage one baby food - the Hipp website has a handy table of products for each gradiated stage of weaning
        http://www.hipp.co.uk/products/stage-1-for-start-of-weaning /jars/apple-and-banana-puree

        and the jar itself bears a bright 1 sign to ensure you are purchasing the correct product.

        ** Taste? **

        Unusual to be able to ask the consumer's opinion on the taste of a baby food but in this case we could. Bee described it as very fruity! She could recognise the apple flavour and the scented fruit of another kind.(Interestingly enough she does not like bananas in the raw but really enjoyed them here - must be a texture thing!) She described the taste as sweet in a not too sugary way.
        I remember feeding fruit purees to my babies and wondering if I was giving them a sweet tooth. My health visitor said that babies were naturally fairly sweet toothed since breast milk is sweetish and that these were nothing like manufactured sugar. Bee confirmed this but said that they were very pleasant. Of course, I had to try it too and must admit it was rather tasty!

        ** Price? **
        125g jar of Apple and Banana set me back 60p each. In my case this was a few pounds very well spent but it could build up to quite a price if you used these every meal time. The jars are incredibly well sealed though and the lids go back on the empty jar well, so they would be ideal for out and about feeding or as an extra in your handbag (for you or tot!!)

        ** Availability? **
        Most supermarkets now stock the full Hipp range. Once again the website comes up trumps with a list of retailers and even has help for when you are abroad.

        ** Why this brand? **
        There is something about the HIPP brand that makes you feel secure. The emphasis on organic means that you are not pumping your tot with nasties as far as possible and, though this can't continue all their developing lives, at a stage when you and they are especially vulnerable this security counts for a great deal.

        The jar design is attractive; lots of information supplied and a lot of effort has gone into making accessible recipes you will feel comfortable with.
        Other Hipp food products include:
        mixed fruits; breakfast; savoury and dessert jars from 6 months to 15 months.
        Bee, you'll be pleased to know, soon recovered both strength and appetite and has returned to her normal healthy and varied diet. She laughs at the though of us eating baby food in our hospital tent .... and every now and again we treat ourselves to a jar of apple and banana baby puree on top of our ice cream...... but don't tell anyone!


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