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Hipp Organic Mixed Fruit Juice 4mth+

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Brand: Hipp / Product Type: Baby Juice

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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2009 10:52
      Very helpful



      Hipp is a brand I trust for my baby!!!

      I have to say that I have been feeding Hipp Organic Mixed Fruit Juice to my baby since he was 4 months old and I still continue to feed it to him, 7 months on. I love the fact that it is:

      1) Certified Organic
      2) Diluted pure juice
      3) Rich in Vitamin C
      4) No added sugars
      5) No GM ingredients

      Besides this, my baby loves this juice as it is not as tart as other fruit juices, which makes your baby scrunch his face up. Believe me when I say I have tried quite a few fruit juices for babies and this is the only one I prefer.

      The packaging is very distinct and at £1.45 for a 750ml bottle it is not cheap, especially considering that once the bottle is opened, one should replace the cap and consume within 3 days. But I like to think that I am feeding my baby only the purest and best product available, especially in his first year.

      The juice is already diluted as it has 60% fruit juice and 40% water, so it is ready to drink saving you the hassle of diluting it.

      Another good tip, is to mix a little of the juice with fruit puree to give the puree a liquid consistency so that your little one can drink it, as opposed to trying to spoon the puree into his mouth and it ends up all over the highchair.

      I also tend to mix this juice with fruit puree and yoghurt to create a smoothie for my little one, and he loves it. Its a change to just plain juice all the time.

      One should always be aware, though, as the packaging states: "Baby fruit juices contain natural occurring sugars and fruit acids which can cause tooth decay." So one should always get the balance right and feed baby just as much water as you would juice and make sure that you brush his teeth if he has any.

      I have also found that besides the juice quenching my baby's thirst, it also prevents constipation (which babies tend to suffer from during the weaning stages)

      I discovered that when I fed the juice chilled to my baby, the coolness helped soothe his gums when he was teething and this helped make his food easier to eat. I bet most mums know, how difficult it is to get any food down their little one throats when they are teething.

      Unfortunately, I have not seen any offers on this product in the supermarkets or Boots, however, I did stock up on a few, when Sainsburys had their 1/3rd off all baby food and drink, saving me about £0.48 per bottle!


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      24.10.2008 14:34
      Very helpful



      Just buy normal juice

      I am utterly mystified as to the purpose of this product.

      It is fruit juice. This one is a mix of juices, or you can get plain ones too, such as plain apple juice.


      It's not any different to the juice in the normal fruit juice section is it? It comes from fruit, which they squeezed to get the juice out...

      The only difference is that it costs more. The one they sell in my local tescos now is a 750ml bottle with 40% water added in. So about £3 a litre. Versus £1 a litre for plain normal organic apple juice, which the rest of the family can drink too.

      You don't need to buy your baby special juice, just because it is available in the baby food section. Hipp are trying to con us!

      To start with, you're best off giving your baby water to drink. They like it. Teach them that it tastes nice!

      If that doesn't work, put a little bit of apple or orange juice in their beaker and dilute it a lot. 1 part juice to 9 parts water at least. And that is fine.

      Sorry, this has turned into more of a rant than a review!


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      25.08.2008 00:57
      Very helpful



      Tasty treat for young ones

      I do like to make my own food and drink for my baby. However, I do buy some preprepared food and drink from supermarket for occasions when I'm short on time.

      I always choose products made by Hipp who have been making baby products for over 50 years and use only organic ingredients.

      This fruit juice drink is aimed at babies from 4 months old and over to round off mealtimes.

      This drink is sold by all supermarkets and comes in a 500ml glass bottle as pictured above.

      The juice is a blend of various fruits and can be given to the baby undiluted, although some people choose to dilute it with water to reduce the natural sugar content.

      The juice is very sweet tasting, perhaps even a little sickly, but my baby seems to love it.

      It can be purchased for around one pound fifty pence, so in that respect, is more expensive than making your own juice or indeed, just giving them water.

      The ingredients and nutritional information are shown below

      Organic apple juice, organic red grape juice, organic aronia juice, organic blackcurrant juice, vitamin C.

      Nutritional Information


      Energy 220kj / 52kcal
      Protein 0.2g
      Carbohydrate 12.6g
      of which sugars 12.0g
      Fat 0.06g
      of which saturates nil
      Fibre 0.1g
      Sodium 0.001g
      Vitamin C 30mg


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    • Product Details

      Ready to drink mixed fruit juice.

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