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Hipp Organic Vegetable Lasagne

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Brand: Hipp / Age: 6 months

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    3 Reviews
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      08.08.2011 21:27
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      Unexpectedly Yummy

      As we are going away for a long weekend this week (Pontins, eek! Review on return!), I thought I would buy a few jars of baby food to take with us as opposed to transporting home made food. I feel much happier about serving a jarred product rather than a meaty dish made at home, even though it has been stored in a cool bag - you can't be too careful with tiny tums!!

      Whilst at Tesco today I noticed Hipp Organic 190g jars - for babies 7 months plus were on offer. 8 jars cost £4.80, this equates to 60p per jar. This is quite a good offer as the usual price of individual jars is 92p! No wonder I normally try to do without!
      The jars are easily recognizable on the shelf. Clear glass, with the Hipp logo on the front and a green twist off lid - also bearing the Hipp logo.
      They are slightly smaller than other similar products such as Heinz - containing 10g less I noted!
      In spite of this, they still work out cheaper.

      When the lid is twisted off a slight aroma of cheese/tomato is evident, similar to a mascarpone sauce.
      The food can then be decanted into a bowl and served at room temperature or placed in a bowl of hot water to warm through - microwave heating is not advised as this may cause hot spots within the mixture.

      Unlike other baby foods I have tried, this has a nice thick creamy consistency. My son has sampled a few of late (we have been out and about quite a lot!) and I have found that other brands are quite watery - worsening as baby eats, making it almost impossible for the food to stay on the spoon. This certainly isn't the case here.

      All ingredients within the food are organic - unless otherwise stated. After scrutinizing the label, I found that in this particular food salt and water are from non-organic sources.
      The lasagne is made up of 48% vegetables, lasagne pasta durum wheat 21%, skimmed milk, cooked rice water, hard cheese 3%, cream, rapeseed oil 0.9%, vegetable stock and herbs and spices.
      The product contains Omega 3 and does not contain any GM ingredients or preservatives. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

      The food itself is quite palatable, tasting mildly of tomato and cheese, no overpowering flavours. What I like about this dish is the shape and texture of the pasta - it is cut in to very mini pieces, obviously as it is mimicking lasagne it is completely flat, it is also quite soft. I have found that my son hasn't been to keen in pieces of short cut spaghetti and really struggles with mini pasta shells (however long I seem to cook them!).

      Bearing in mind he has a cold at the moment and has been off his food recently my little one wolfed down half a jar of this for dinner, leaving half for lunch tomorrow, result - only 30p per meal.
      I think I'll be popping back to Tesco and stocking up on a few more, I'm hoping for a few pub lunches over the Summer!!


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        15.07.2011 16:49
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        I fed my son the HIPP Organic (Stage 2) range of baby foods when he was between the age of 7 months and 11 months. This review is specifically for Hipp Organic Vegetable Lasagne.

        ========Buying the Lasagne========
        Each jar contains 190g of the vegetable lasagne which, for my son, was enough for two portions. My son never has been a big eater and so half a jar per meal was plenty for him. Each jar, from Tescos, is 92p which (yes.....it takes a mathematical genius to work out!!) means 46p per meal. Although the Cow and Gate version of this meal is available in some supermarkets for around 70p for 200g, and hence cheaper, I have never seen it in Tescos and my son particularly liked the HIPP version and so I was willing to pay a little extra. You can buy the HIPP range of baby foods in most supermarkets - and the vegetable lasagne seems to widely available.

        ========The Organic Benefit=========
        In addition to this, one of the benefits of using HIPP products is that they manufacture all of their baby food products from organic ingredients which, with all of the pesticides that are used in farming these days, is something that gives me peace of mind. I tend to buy organic for myself and so I like the idea of buying organic for my baby too. Unfortunately, with organic produce comes extra pennies! It has been certified organic in line with EEC regulations.

        The ingredients are as follows:
        Vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, celeriac, onions), cooked lasagne (durum wheat), skimmed milk, cooked rice, grated hard cheese, cream, rapeseed oil, vegetable stock [salt*, rice flour, vegetables (with celeriac), yeast extract, vegetable oil, spices], herbs & spices (basil, oregano, pepper).

        =========The Meal Itself=========
        The lasagne is suitable for babies who are over 7 months old. Prior to this, an infants digestive tract is just too immature to deal effectively with the ingredients and so it really shouldn't be given to babies prior to this stage. HIPP say that they steam the vegetables slowly so that all of the nutrients and flavour are maximised. The vegetables and pasta are then combined and creamed together in a tomato and cheese sauce
        The lasagne doesn't exactly look like lasagne as it's all creamed together in a jar, but it does have all of the ingredients of lasagne. It comes in a jar with a screw top lid which has a built in safety mechanism where the centre of the lid will pop out and be able to be depressed one the lid has been opened. However, the lid can be screwed back on so that it can be stored in the fridge if you don't use the whole jar at once. In order to heat, I put half the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds and blasted it. It was always a little warmer than I actually wanted it, but I found that it cooled down quickly and so it was better to start off at a slightly higher temperature.

        The look of the lasagne was typical baby food.....orangey and mushy, with little bits of very soft food within it. The smell was not particularly distinctive either - but it wasn't unpleasant and didn't smell unlike baked beans with a hint of mild cheese. The most important thing to me was that my son really liked it....and he is a fussy eater! I have tasted it myself and to me it just tastes incredibly bland but creamy, but my son does seem to have a preference for this over many other flavours. Like I've said previously, usually half a jar was enough for him - but he does have a small appetite. However, by the time he got to 11 months old he seemed to have grown out of this type of food.

        I didn't notice any ill-effects from giving my son this food. He put on weight well when eating the HIPP range of foods and his stomach tolerated it well. I can recommend the HIPP range and this vegetable lasagne seems like really good quality.


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          07.07.2009 21:33
          Very helpful



          Veg Lasange in a jar - for babies

          **THE COMPANY**
          HiPP Organic first introduced their foods to the UK in 1995, but have been making baby foods since the end of the 19th Century. The company guarantee the following in the manufacture of their baby food products:

          Certified organic ingredients
          No harmful pesticides
          No GM ingredients
          Good home-cooked tastes
          No artificial colours or preservatives
          Free-range meat
          No antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones

          HiPP Organic Vegetable Lasagne comes in a glass jar containing 200g of chopped lasagne pasta, vegetables in a cheese and tomato sauce. Hipp Organic recommend this meal for stage 2 of weaning, that is for babies of 6 -7 months+.

          It smells very tomato-ey, quite strongly, but not at all unpleasant. That is the only 'flavour' my nose can detect.

          The lasagne pasta appears to be quite roughly chopped and the pasta and the odd small chuck of tomato is what adds texture to this meal.

          This is one meal that my son really seems to enjoy. Thinking about things he has been a bit off his usual tastes lately and is now really enjoying mostly tomato based meals, so this is ideal. It tastes a little bland and tomato-ey for my tastes - but then its not made for me.

          **OUR VERDICT**
          I always try the little mans food before I feed it to him and as I have said, this is a little bland, not one I am going to nick from under his nose. However, my son thoroughly enjoys this meal and makes a right bloody mess while eating it.

          We will keep buying this.... it is around 55p - 65p in supermarkets and can often be picked up on 10 for £4.50 / 10 for £5.00 offers at Asda / Morrisons / Tescos.

          My son first tried this meal in Ikea Cafe a couple of months back and it has been a regular on our shopping list since. We also stock up when we sometimes eat at Ikea. If you spend £2 in their Cafe you get a FREE jar of baby food.

          One problem with this is that is does stain bright orange. I tend to only feed this to him when we are at home with one of his more stained bibs on, so as not to spoil any of his clothes.

          These jars are very handy as they do not require refrigerating (only once opened and can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours) and can be eaten either heated or at ambient room temperature.

          Review also on ciao - theshinyone - July2009


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        • Product Details

          Chopped lasagne pasta and mixed vegetables in a creamy tomato & cheese sauce.

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