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Kiddylicious Fruit Wriggles

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Brand: Babylicious / Type: Baby Food

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    3 Reviews
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      04.10.2013 22:51
      Very helpful



      Fruit based snack which are fiddly for little hands and lacking int taste

      My little is nearly 1 and absolutely loves fruit. She loves to eat fingers of Melon, Pineapple of Mango or chunks or Banana and nice big juicy Strawberries, however fruit can be quiet a messy on the go snack and I am always on the look out for fruit based snacks that I can slip in my handbag and that will not require a whole packet of baby wipes to clear up!

      My daughter has already tried and loved all the flavours of the Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts, and they are a regular in our shopping basket when I noticed the Apple Fruit Wriggles I could not resist getting her some to try.

      ~What are they?~

      They are a fruit snack made from Apple and Concentrated Apple Juice pureed and made it wriggle shaped snacks. I have to say they Wriggle appearance was a little off putting, and my daughter found them hard to pick up and grip as they are quite fine. Both my daughter and I prefer the round domed sweet like shape of the Organix Fruit Gummies which she finds much easier to manage.

      Fruit Wriggles are suitable from 12 months and a packet counts as one of baby's 5 a day. They contain no preservatives and no added sugar or salt and are suitable for those Vegetarians as well as Coellacs and those lactose intolerant.


      My daughter did not like the taste and did not want to eat them which is most unlike her. When I tried them I could see why the Rice flour they are dusted with tastes out of place and the Apple taste is not strong and juicy, but rather bland, which is surprising given that is the sole ingredient.

      ~Price & Availability~

      kiddylicious Fruit Wriggles are widely available from supermarkets and online and cost around 59p for a 12g pack. They are currently on offer in Tesco with 4 packs for £2 (as at 4/10/13).


      These were a real disappointment compared to other Kiddylicious products we have tried. Neither my daughter nor myself liked the taste. The dusting or rice flour seemed to dull the natural juiciness of the Apple and made them taste almost bland. My daughter found the Fruit Wriggles hard to pick up and grip as they are quite fine. Both my daughter and I prefer the round domed sweet like shape of the Organix Fruit Gummies which she finds much easier to manage and I would not buy the Fruit Wriggles again.

      This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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        10.07.2012 15:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A healthy alternative to sweets

        Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a selection of various snacks from Kiddylicious for my toddler to try out. Amongst the goodies were some of these 'Fruit Wriggles', a relatively new addition to the Kiddylicious range which are available in both strawberry and apple flavours.

        The 'wriggles' are actually tiny little slithers of processed fruit puree, covered in a light dusting of rice flour which stops the little strands from sticking together in the packet. Unlike some of the other items in the Kiddylicious range, these fruity wriggles look much more like sweets, rather than a healthy fruit-based snack. I think this is why they immediately attracted the attention of my older children (aged four and nine) who were desperate to try out these new 'sweets.' Likewise, my toddler had been contentedly enjoying some of the Kiddylicious apple snacks (which he generally adores) but soon abandoned them in favour of these wriggles, obviously seeing these as more of a treat.

        As well as looking like sweets, these do actually taste remarkably like soft chewy sweets and have a really moreish taste and texture with none of the unpleasant aftertaste that some sweets can have. With a recommended age range of 12 months and over, a child does need to be able to chew confidently to enjoy these treats but they actually take relatively little effort to bite into as they are such slender strips. They have a similar consistency to other fruit-based snack products such as Fruit Winders, which my older boys adore, but I found the taste of these to be much more pleasant with a natural sweetness and taste. The strawberry variety, in particular, went down a storm in my household. We actually had tears when the last packet of the strawberry wriggles were eaten! The apple variety were a little less popular, for some reason the texture of the sweets, particularly the floury coating, didn't seem to go quite as well with the taste of apples. I will certainly be repurchasing the strawberry version, if only so I get to sample a few more, but probably won't buy the apple variety again.

        Unlike some of the other Kiddylicious products, I would say these are ideal as a healthier alternative to traditional sweets rather than as a substitute for fruit. The wriggles are free from artificial preservatives and other additives and don't contain any salt or sugar. They even count as one of a child's 'five a day', making them a guilt-free standby to bribe an unruly toddler or bored child. These aren't a particularly substantial snack so they can quite easily be given between meals without ruining a child's appetite or included as part of a packed lunch.

        I haven't noticed these for sale anywhere locally as yet but, according to Kiddylicious, they are available from are sold in the baby aisles of most Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrison, Boots, Ocado and Waitrose (from August) for 59p per 12g bag (or four bags for £2.) I'll definitely be buying some more for 'emergency use' during our long trip to our holiday destination in a few weeks' time!

        Thanks to Kiddylicious for sending us these products to review.


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          24.04.2012 10:17
          Very helpful



          Handy to have in an emergency

          This is a review of Kiddylicious fruit wriggles which we were sent to try from the Bizziebaby website. We received three packets of strawberry flavour and three apple flavour wriggles.

          What are they?
          Basically, these are healthy snacks for young children. They are described as: "wriggly fruit strings made from the finest fruit and a splash of concentrated apple juice. We also add a pinch of lemon pectin, a natural gelling agent found in fruit, to help the purée hold its shape."

          How they are made
          The fruit is first gently cooked to a nice soft consistency, then magically stretched into wonderfully tasty wriggles. Finally, they sprinkle them with a light dusting of rice flour to stop them all sticking together in the
          bags. Just the thing for little fingers to twist and twiddle - they're yummy, great fun and very, very mooreish (according to the makers).

          Price and availability
          At the moment, Tesco are selling four 12 gram bags for £2.

          Free from...
          The snacks are free from added artificial preservatives, salt, sugar, additives and free from gluten and wheat. I like how they are very precise about what goes into this snack and how it is made. They are also one of your five a day.

          Our experience
          The first time my daughter tried these, she loved them and ate a full bag. I don't know if she was extra hungry then or it was the novelty because the next few bags I opened were left virtually untouched. They were not a great hit in our house and not one I will seek to buy in future.

          My thoughts
          These are a healthy snack for children and a fun texture for them to try. I tasted one and I wasn't that keen on it but it wasn't unpleasant. Sometimes it is handy to have a bag of some easy food for kids when out and about and the plus point for these is that they are not messy. They are coated in a fine white rice so don't get too sticky (when dry).

          Final word
          I like the concept and think most children will eat these if they are desperate but it won't be somethine that is top of their list of treats. We try raisins and fruit on a daily basis but it often gets rejected. Funny that chocolate is always popular but I don't think you should compare a health food snack with chocolate treats! I think these are worth a try but can add up expensive at around 50p per bag if used daily.


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