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Neocate Infant Formula

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Brand: Neocate / Product Type: Baby Milk

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2008 16:56
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      Great product if you get it early enough

      Neocate is not just any normal formula and it is only available on prescription. It is used for babies who are either allergic or intollerant to milk, lactose or have multiple allergies that means they can't use a normal formula which is based on cows milk. Neocate is therefore known as a hypoallergenic formula.

      ******Neocate - what is it?******

      Neocate is a hypoallergenic formula but this is only one of the names for it. It's easier to describe taking it from the neocate website so no terms are confused.

      The 4 bullet points below are from the Neocate website (www.neocate.com)

      * Hypoallergenic: the Neocate formula is much less likely to cause allergic reactions than other infant formulas.

      * Elemental: the ingredients in Neocate are broken down to their simplest and purest form so they are easier for the body to process and digest.

      * Amino acid-based: Neocate contains free amino acids , the building blocks for all protein. Free amino acids are "man made" and do not come from animal or soy protein. Therefore, Neocate is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

      * Nutritionally complete: Neocate provides all of the essential nutrients needed to grow, provided it is assumed in adequate amounts.

      The formula from my point of view.

      It is essentially the same as a normal baby formula in the form and the way it is made. It comes as a fine white powder and is made by mixing a scoop of formula with an ounce of water. Obviously each baby is different so the amount of formula they would take varies greatly.

      ******My experience******

      We first came into contact with Neocate when my daughter was a few months old and we'd discovered that any dairy i took into my own diet would cause her severe upset as it was passed into her when breastfeeding. I continued to breastfeed as it took a lot of fighting for the doctors to listen to us and to refer us to the dietician at the hospital. However, the only way i could continue to breastfeed her was to cut all dairy out of my own diet, which isn't ideal by any means.

      I started trying soya products to replace milk but within a couple of weeks we noticed these were upsetting her too and subsequently we had to eliminate these from my diet along with the milk. This caused me to have an extremely limited diet and as a chocoholic it was a major struggle!

      When we were finally seen at the hospital (we noticed at 10 weeks it was milk and weren't seen until she was about 6 months) the dietician gave us a tin of neocate and informed our own drs surgery to give us a prescription for a larger amount of tins as they are quite small compared to usual baby formula tins.

      I came home with a smile on my face as i thought i could gradually move her onto the neocate and stop breastfeeding so i could have a normal diet again. However, i was sadly mistaken. My daughter didn't like the taste of the neocate and in all honesty i can't blame her - it smells vile and i'm sure it tastes even worse. I can't help but think if we'd have got the referral earlier and been seen quicker, then my daughter would have been younger and may have reacted differently.

      We were told we could use half measurements to get my daughter to take it - ie 1 scoop to 2 oz of water - but she still wasn't interested and would scream and scream until we gave in.

      ******Side Effects******

      As with every formula, neocate has its own side effects that everyone using should be made aware of. These aren't serious side effects but are unusual enough to be classed as such.

      When we were given the neocate we were warned about the stools we were likely to get in her nappies. A normal babies are a brown but neocate has the tendency to turn them a very dark black. This depends how much neocate your baby goes through and as my daughter will only have it with her breakfast we have never experienced this.


      It is prescription only and depending on where you live will depend how readily available it is. This doesn't mean that some parts of the country will give it whereas others won't, but it means it's a case of postcode lottery. Neocate is expensive and doctors are extremely reluctant to prescribe it (i don't know if that's the case everywhere but it certainly is here) so it depends on your doctor.


      It's free on prescription but i've been told it costs around £25 for a 400ml tin - a lot more than your average baby milk. We use about a tin a month but i can imagine a newborn would use a lot more than this.

      ******Why this over soya formula?******

      I thought this was probably worth a small mention, though i am in no way in the medical profession. Babies with milk allergies are prone to allergies to soya, so switching to a soya formula would probably cause more harm than good. Soya has also been linked with infertility in men when they have it as a forumla. I'm in no way saying don't use soya, just do the research first.


      If you get this early enough you will notice an instant difference in your baby if it is a milk/lactose allergy or intollerance. If you suspect this then push your doctor, the sooner you get it, the higher chance your baby will take it. It's definately made a difference to us with her breakfast, if only we'd had it sooner.


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    • Product Details

      A nutritionally complete amino-acid based powdered infant formula, withlong chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP), DHA and ARA.For thedietary management of infants with cow milk allergy, multiple foodprotein intolerance and other conditions where an elemental diet isrecommended.Important: for use under medical supervision only.

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