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Organix First Organic Apple & Raspberry Cereal

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Brand: Organix / Age: 4 months

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    3 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 15:42
      1 Comment



      My boy and I both disliked this cereal

      When my son was ready for weaning one of the first things I did was to get excited over breakfast cereal after all my beautiful boy was now showing the biggest sign he was growing up - eating!

      This cereal was the biggest let down for me. It's the only cereal he has refused to eat. I thought being organic I'd try and give him the best start but he cries and spits it out everytime. But I don't like it either. I find it much more difficult to stir it to a nice consistency than other breakfast cereals. I seem to have more powder lumps in it. I've tried warm milk, cold milk, water, adding more and less liquid nothing works.

      The other disadvantage for me is I didn't seal it in a tupperware container only folded down the foil bag in the original box. Doing this with the other cereals is fine, but with this one it went really hard.

      Disappointed will admit I've thrown it away and will stick with other brands. Price wise it's very competitive with the other makes and the packaging stands out on the shelf but very few small supermarkets seem to stock it. I've not found it in my local Somerfield only in the larger Tesco I rarely go to.


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        08.04.2009 11:35
        Very helpful



        A great first weaning product but then move on quickly as expensive.

        When my gorgeous second daughter reached about 51/2 months she started to pay such a huge interest in what I was eating and she would watch me eat my food with her own little mouth gaping wide. I decided I couldn't put off the weaning any long and she was ready for something other than milk.

        The Organix Organic Apple and Raspberry Cereal was the first breakfast cereal I bought for her after she had been on boring baby rice for a few days. The organix brand was the natural choice for me as I was familiar with their products and their 'no junk' approach to baby food and toddler snacks. It is incredibly reassuring to look at only a handful ingredient and knowing what they all are!

        The Apple and Raspberry Cereal is basically baby rice with the Apple and Raspberry fruit and it is stated really clearly on the box that it contains 31% friut. I found it really exciting to give my baby new flavours to try and see her reaction to them and this was a taste that she did really enjoy. The cereal is a first stage product which means it can be one of the very first foods you give your baby and can be give from 4-6months.

        The cereal is a white powder texture with flecks of green and red, it reminds me of a really fine Ready Brek type cereal. To make it up you simply add your baby's milk or water and the great thing is you can adjust the consistancy to suit your baby's progress with weaning. To begin with you will probably want it to be quite runny becoming thicker as your baby gets used to proper food.

        Tastewise I wouldn't choose to eat it for my breakfast but my daughter loved it and the flavours are distinctive and strong enough.

        It is expensive though, a box from my Tescos cost a whopping £1.91 and once their appetitie increases you can get through a box in a few days. It is a great product although i would only really recommend it for really early weaning and once they are ready move on to something like ready brek.

        Organic wholegrain rice flakes (50%), organic apple flakes (31%), organic whole milk powder (10%), organic raspberry powder (5%), organic rice flour (4%), Thiamin (vitamin B1*) trace. *Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is an essential nutrient for growing children. Thiamin has no organic classification.

        The Important Stuff
        Per 100g Per Serving
        Energy (kJ/Kcal) 1575/372 476/113
        Protein (g) 8.2 2.6
        Carbohydrate (g) 79.4 18.0
        of which sugars (g) 29.0 10.7
        Fat (g) 5.3 3.9
        of which saturates (g) 1.0 1.5
        Fibre (g) 6.5 0.9
        Sodium (g) Trace Trace
        Salt (g) Trace Trace
        Thiamin (mg) 1.2 0.2

        Useful Information



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          25.01.2009 13:30
          Very helpful



          Yummy, it smells lovely too and was a big hit with my little man

          This cereal was my son's favourite first stage weaning cereal by far! At one point he was having it for breakfast and supper!

          When you follow the instuctions you make it up to a good consistency (unlike the Cow and Gate cereals which end up far too sloppy) although we found that my son liked it a big thicker than recommended.

          It can be mixed with either baby's milk or water. I did try it with expressed breast milk but my LO was not keen on it (although he did eat it), he preferred it made with hot water. It is ideal as you just measure the powder in a bowl, add the hot water, leave it to cool if necessary and then feed it to baby - no messing around.

          What attracted me to it is the fact that it is organic and also the box is lovely bright pink which makes it really stand out next to the other baby cereals. Made a lovely change from fruit and vegetable purees in the early days.

          It is gluten free so it is fine for babies under 6 months (you have to be careful as lots of dairy products and those containing gluten still advertise being suitable for 4+ months so always check the ingredients!). It smells delicious and tastes pretty good too!

          The only problem I found was that I had to go to Tesco for it as our local Asda doesn't sell it, but that is where I normally shop. But I got my Tesco nappies at the same time so it worked out fine...just stock up if baby loves it as it is not as widely available as other cereals on the market.


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