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Organix Goodies Organic Fruit & Cereal Bars Apple & Orange

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Brand: Organix / Age: 12 months

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    3 Reviews
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      07.07.2012 13:18
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      Handy in a pinch

      Why did I purchcase this product?

      I purchased these oaty bars whilst out and about with my son from the local Boots as I had forgotten our snack bag. I normally make these oaty bars myself but found that these made an adequate (if expensive) substitute which my son seemed to like. I generally tend to give my son an oaty bars with his packed lunch at nursery but try to give my son savoury things such as rice-cakes at snack time as the sugars aren't great for the teeth.

      How much and what did I get?

      The box contains 6 x 30g brightly coloured foil wrapped bars and normally retails for £2.49. The packaging itself is quite cute with cartoon children and brightly coloured fruit depictions which is always attractive to little ones and their parents. When buying food for toddlers you always have to be careful of things such as added sugar and salt because the last thing you want is a child on a sugar rush in a public place or your little one cranky due to increased thirst from the salt in certain adult snacks (also their little kidneys cannot process salt as well as ours). The packaging states that all the ingredients are organic (the bars are made up of: oats/raisins/sunflower oil/apple juice concentrate/ coconut/orange oil and all of these ingredients are certified organic) and that there is no ADDED sugar which is important considering the amount of sugar that's already in the bar 7.7g from the juice and fruit (which is still quite alot but everything in moderation).

      What did my son think?

      Well my son has become a delightfully picky toddler but has always liked oaty bars (veg and fruit homemade versions) and these went down a treat. I myself even tried one and was quite pleased that they weren't overly sweet as I do not want my son getting anymore difficult during this phase in his young life.

      What did I think?

      Well in a pinch these bars are ok but I wouldn't make a habit of buying them as they are expensive for what they are (oats/raisins/fruit juice/fruit oil/coconut). I generally make these myself (see recipe below) and it works out much much cheaper as the organix bars cost 41.5p each whereas my homemade oaty bars work out at less than 10p each as I buy the ingredients in bulk and always have them in my home - unless someone drinks the last of the juice leaving an empty carton in the fridge and doesn't tell me.

      Would I buy again?

      As previously said only if i was in a pinch. I personally cannot justify spending so much on oaty bars and I like to be able to vary the recipe to my liking.

      Oaty bar recipe


      2 cups of oats
      1 cup of dessicated coconut (if your child has a nut allergy then substitute coconut for more oats - I did this before and it was fine)
      a glug of extra virgin olive oil
      Fruit juice (I've tried apple, apple and mango, orange, grape, tomato) - just enough to cover the fruit/veg
      1 cup of dried fruit (I've tried raisins, cranberries, apricots) or grated fresh veg (carrot/courgette)

      1) Pre-heat oven to gas mark 6
      2) In a small bowl add the fruit and/or veg and pour in enough fruit/veg juice to cover - leave for 30 min
      3) Once the 30 min is up use a hand blender and roughly blend for about 3-5 sec - you don't want the mix too smooth
      4) In another bowl add the oats, coconut and mix with a spoon
      5) Make a well in the middle and add a generous glug of olive oil (I don't measure- sorry) and then pour in your fruit/veg mix and then combine with a spoon - you may want to add more oats if too wet or more juice if too dry depending on the ingredients you use
      6) Turn out the mixture into a rectangular baking tray (mine is about 10"x6") and pat down the mix into the tray with the spoon
      7) Place the tray into the middle of the oven and bake for about 20-30 min*** until the oaty mix comes away from the sides and is firm on top but still springy.
      8) Take the tray out of the oven and allow the baked oaty mix to cool whilst in the tray and once cooled turn out onto a chopping board, cut into bars and either eat, wrap in clingfilm and freeze or place in a tupperware container and eat throughout the week. I find that the bars last in a tupperware container in the fridge for about 5 days but we've never managed to not finish them before then.

      ***Sometimes you'll need to cook for slightly longer depending on the mix you use just keep an eye on it and you honestly cannot go wrong.


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        16.06.2010 16:41
        Very helpful



        A great snack for sweet-toothed toddlers

        These naturally sweet and fruity bars are a firm favourite with my 18-month old daughter who adores these as a snack.

        The fantastic thing about these bars is that although they are very sweet (I know, I've tried a bit!), they don't contain any sugar. The ingredients are 100% organic and are as follows:

        Organic Oats (44%), Organic Raisins (34%), Organic Sunflower Oil (10%), Organic Apple Juice Concentrate (6%), Organic Coconut (5%), Organic Orange Oil (less than 1%)

        These bars are called Goodies for a reason - other than the oil, these are all healthy ingredients. The bars are suitable for 12 months and upwards and are great to encourage independent eating. Other bars in the Organix Goodies range include Raspberry and Apple (another MissD fave), Carrot Cake and Cocoa & Raisin. They retail at around £2.40 for a box of six, meaning each bar comes in at around the 40p mark - not the cheapest, but then you pay for the quality of the ingredients.

        The bars themselves are a good size at 30g each and individually wrapped in brightly coloured foil wrappers. The texture is quite rough and crumbly, so be prepared for crumbs - although MissD is quick to snap these up if she can! I rarely leave the house without a Goodies bar, as it's the perfect size to slip into a bag, and is ideal for a little treat when on the move.

        As my daughter starts to develop a taste for sweet treats, it's very reassuring to know that there is a sugar-free alternative to some of the rusks and baby biscuits out there that do tend to contain sugar.


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        01.11.2008 17:31
        Very helpful
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        Tasty snack for toddlers

        Organix state "we are dedicated to making yummy, nutritious foods for your children. ............... they all come with our No Junk Promise, which means no nasty additives, preservatives or added sugars" and these cereal bars are part of their 'Goodies' range for toddlers.

        They are available in boxes of 6 priced currently in Tesco at £1.88. They are suitable for children 12months+.

        Organic Oats (44%), Organic Raisins (34%), Organic Sunflower Oil (10%), Organic Apple Juice Concentrate (6%), Organic Coconut (5%), Organic Orange Oil (less than 1%)

        Nutritional Information:
        Per 100g Per Serving
        Energy (kJ/Kcal) 1644/392 493/118
        Protein (g) 6.3 1.9
        Carbohydrate (g) 62.1 18.6
        of which sugars (g) 30.0 9.3
        Fat (g) 16.6 4.9
        of which saturates (g) 4.3 1.3
        Fibre (g) 7.8 2.3
        Sodium (g) Trace Trace
        Salt (g) Trace Trace

        Allergy Advice
        Contains Gluten, Contains Oats, Free From Lactose, No Added Sugar, Organic, Suitable for Vegetarians

        I saw these on the shelf in Tesco a few months ago and as my son was just about a year old decided he could try them.

        Well I can't actually comment on the taste myself as they are always eaten, evey last crumb and not shared with me!! So I can only assume that means they are tasty!!!

        He has tried the other flavours as well and I've not managed a taste of any of those either!

        I find that they are quite handy to keep one in the change bag as well as one in my hand bag so if we're out and he's hungry I know I've got something tasty for him to eat.


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      • Product Details

        6 soft and fruity organic fruit and cereal bars.

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