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Organix Organic Apple & Mango Rice Pudding

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Brand: Organix / Age: 4 months

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2009 14:04
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      An excellent food to take for your baby when you are out and about

      Like many new mothers I was determined when weaning my son that he would be fed solely on homecooked organic food. However, I soon found that cooking all of his meals from scratch was a time-consuming process and made going out very complicated as most places will not heat up homecooked baby food. So I had to find another solution.

      I had particular trouble in finding fruity puddings to cook for my son. I had pureed apple and pear and also tried mashed banana but wanted to give him more variety and found it too expensive to buy more exotic fruit for him to try.

      So I had a look around my local supermarket and came across these rice pudding pots by Organix. Organix have been awarded a Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Fruit and Drink and I figured that they were worth a try.

      ~~~ Varieties ~~~

      There are many varieties of fruit and dessert pot to choose from in the Organix range:

      Variety Packs (containing 4 pots in 2 different flavours):
      Apple and Strawberry with Apple and Peach
      Apple and Blackcurrant with Apple and Raspberry
      Apple and Vanilla with Apple, Banana and Plum
      Apple and Cherry with Apple and Mango

      Packs containing one flavour:
      Apple and Blueberry
      Pear and Raspberry (interestingly this actually contains 65% apple puree)
      Banana and Mango (again 59% of this is apple)

      Other dessert pots:
      Apple and Mango Rice Pudding
      Banana Porridge
      Summer Pudding
      Banana and Strawberry Custard

      This review is mostly focused on the Organix Apple and Mango Rice Pudding as this is my son's favourite. However I will try to provide some information for the other packs as well since I don't want to replicate this review for each of the other products.

      ~~~ Packaging ~~~

      Each pack contains four 100g pots of fruity rice pudding. The picture at the top of this page looks nothing like the packs that are available in the shops now. Instead the pots are in pairs sitting one on top of the other.

      The packaging has an Organix logo on a green background in the top left of the packet with the weaning stage printed on a red background in the top right corner. There are pictures of apples and a mango at the bottom of the packet with a picture of mountains and sky in the background.

      The most important thing for me when I was considering purchasing this was that the rice pudding is packaged in plastic pots, similar to yoghurt pots rather than the glass jars baby food usually tends to come in. This means that it is less weight to carry around with you if you are feeding your baby when you are out.

      ~~~ Ingredients ~~~

      The ingredients for the apple and mango rice pudding are as follows:

      Organic Apple Puree ........................... 85%
      Organic Mango Puree ............................ 7%
      Organic Wholegrain Rice Flour ................ 4%
      Organic Whole Milk Powder ................... 3%
      Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate ........ <1%
      Ascorbic Acid (antioxidant) ................. Trace

      The ingredients for the fruit pots are similar except they contain 100% fruit and none of the other stuff.

      One thing I have noticed is that apple seems to make up the majority of each fruit pot. However, you can really taste the other fruits over the apple so I suspect that this is because apple makes a good puree base to add other, stronger flavours to.

      ~~~ Nutrition ~~~

      Nutritional values per 100g are as follows:

      Energy .................... 67 kcal
      Protein ........................ 1.4g
      Carbohydrate ............. 17.7g
      of which sugars .......... 12.0g
      Fat .............................. 1.4g
      of which saturates ........ 0.9g
      Fibre ........................... 5.5g
      Sodium ...................... Trace

      Each pot constitutes more than one portion of your baby's recommended 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables. There is no added sugar which makes it excellent as a healthy snack or pudding.

      ~~~ Storage ~~~

      The beauty of these fruit pots is that they do not have to be kept refrigerated prior to use. This means that they are an excellent food to take out and about with you. Once a pot has been opened it can be kept for up to 24 hours in the fridge.

      ~~~ Recipe Ideas ~~~

      Now that my son is ten months he is a bit old to be eating smooth purees all the time so rather than just give him a fruit pot on it's own I have started mixing them with other foods.

      For breakfast I mix half a fruit pot with weetabix or porridge to sweeten up an otherwise bland cereal.

      My son loves mashed banana and can easily eat a whole banana so I quite often mix mashed banana with a fruit pot to make a bigger portion.

      ~~~ Taste, appearance and texture ~~~

      The texture of both the rice pudding and fruit pots is very smooth and is therefore very easy for even a four month old baby to eat. The Apple and Mango Rice Pudding is very yellow in colour and is a much thicker consistency than the fruit pots so I find it stays on the spoon nicely when I am feeding my son.

      The rice pudding tastes sweet and slightly milky. You can really taste the mango as well as the apple. I have also tried several of the other types of fruit pot. They all taste surprisingly sweet, even though they contain no added sugar. They are all nice however the apple and strawberry has to be my favourite.

      ~~~ Pricing, availability and alternatives ~~~

      I have found that by far the best selection of Organix fruit and pudding pots can be found in my local Waitrose. The Tesco near me has a more limited stock of only five varieties however they are currently on offer here at 3 for £4 so I usually stock up whenever I go. They usually retail at £1.69 for a pack of 4 (around 42p per pot compared to 33p on offer).

      Boots do their own range of organic fruit pots which are also priced at £1.69 for four. I have never seen these on offer in Boots although I might have missed it.

      A good alternative is the HiPP Organic range which not only has smooth fruit purees, it also has Puree and Pieces, a range of smooth fruit puree containing small lumps of fruit which is suitable for babies from 7 months up. There are also breakfast pots which have cereal and fruit puree and fruit and yoghurt pots too. HiPP quite often have money off coupons inside the packaging so you can save on your next purchase. These retail for £1.49 for four (37p per pot) so are significantly cheaper.

      I tend to buy whichever brand is on offer although HiPP Organic has the best range of products and is cheaper than Organix.

      ~~~ The Verdict ~~~

      This is by far my son's favourite dessert or fruity snack. I sometimes find the speed with which he manages to devour a whole rice pudding pot quite scary.

      The only downside to this product is the price. At the usual price of 42p per pot it probably is cheaper to buy fresh fruit and make your own however for ease and convenience these win every time.


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    • Product Details

      A blend of apple, mango and rice.

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