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Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Stick SPF 30

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Brand: Banana Boat / Type: Suncare

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2012 20:54
      Very helpful



      An ideal product for protecting your child in the sun

      My daughter hates having her face wiped, washed etc. Even with the softest of wipe she hates it. A phase we seem to be going through and of course it is a task of everyday life of trying to keep a toddler clean. My concern when going on holiday earlier this year was being able to get enough sun cream to protect her delicate skin on her face without her blowing a gasket. I wanted a product that was easy to apply and mess free.

      After having a search in Boots for suitable sun cream for here I came across the Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Stick which was nestled between the other Banana Boat products. After reading the brief information about it on the back of the packaging it was quickly put in my basket and promptly paid for. I think we have all heard from the brand Banana Boat probably most famous for their bright green aloe vera gel they produce a varied range of products meant to protect you from the sun and look after your skin.

      The Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Stick SPF 30 has been specifically made to help protect the more gentle areas such as ears, nose, lips and face. An ideal product for using on the face when a child hates suncream that is for sure! It has been designed for ease of use enabling you to help cover up those areas of your child's face which can be constantly exposed to the sun. And of course being for children it is hypoallergenic which is great especially when using on the face.

      The sunscreen stick looks just like a pritt stick! It is bright yellow and blue in colour which features the Banana Boat logo together with the product name in bright pastel colours which give it a kiddy theme to it. The sunscreen stick comes attached to a cardboard backing which features the information about the product together with how to use it as well as the long list of ingredients and of course contact information for Banana Boat. The sunscreen stick is slim and cylindrical in shape and will easily fit into a handbag (beach bag).

      To use the sunscreen stick you simply take the blue plastic top off and at the bottom there is a white plastic dial which when turned the sunscreen comes out (exactly the same as a pritt stick!). I didn't know what to expect when I bought it and the sunscreen stick is a very pale translucent almost yellow colour and if Vaseline was in solid form this would probably be what it would look like in solid form. It is fragrance free and it really does smell of absolutely nothing which when applying to a child's face it doesn't really need a fragrance at all.

      To apply once you've turned the dial and you have a reasonable amount of the sunscreen stick showing you simply just rub it on your child's face. It really is that simple. Obviously you need to take more care around the more delicate areas such as the eyes and nose but other than that you can apply direct to the face and then blend with your fingers should you need to. The sunscreen stick softens up once it makes contact with the skin but never becomes too soft or oily. Although my daughter does protest slightly, it is applied that quickly that all the drama that would of come with sun cream doesn't happen making my daughter a lot happier and me a less stressed mum!

      The sunscreen stick isn't oily once on the skin but in solid form it does have a slight oily residue but as long as it doesn't transfer to the skin then it's fine by me. Once on the skin it doesn't take long for it to absorb. Banana Boat do say it can be applied as often as you need to which of course on my toddler's face I do and I never have any problems nor has her face become red with too much sun exposure so this sunscreen stick clearly does work especially in the high temperatures in Majorca!

      I really have no complaints about the Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Stick. It is easy to apply (a few seconds at the most!) and it does last but regular applications will obviously protect your child's skin a lot more than applying it once or twice. For those kids that are incredibly active especially on holiday it is water and sweat resistant making it a good versatile product. My daughter's skin has been looked after, it is delicate and hasn't caused any irritation and on the whole it has protected her face and ears meaning she can be in the sun and be safe.

      Definitely a recommendation for an easy to apply sun care product for kids. It does exactly what it offers - 5 stars from me!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Banana Boat
      Price: £6.99 (Boots Sept 12)
      Size: 15.6g
      Availability: Stores such as Boots
      Misc: UVA/UVB protection, Dermatologically tested, fragrance free


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