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Bright Starts Chill n Teeth Teether Tubes

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Brand: Bright Starts / Type: Teething toy

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2011 12:04
      Very helpful



      A lovely set of teethers which are easy to hold

      My daughter is now just over 5 months old and has started teething. I think I should count myself lucky as she is currently not finding it painful and is not getting upset, in fact she seems full of smiles! She is of course trying to chew anything she can get her amount around which includes her bumbo, play mat and her hands. In order to occupy her with something specially designed for teething as well as her being able to grasp and hold things I went out to find a few little things.

      The basic purpose of using a teether is to help relieve the discomfort and stress which teething may give and therefore by using a teether it will hopefully make the teething process go as smoothly as possible and hopefully the baby will be a bit happier which ultimately means that us parents won't be quite so stressed about it all!

      My search lead me to Boots where they have a wide variety of toys, teethers, rattles etc. I ended up buying teethers from a company called Bright Starts. They are known as Chill n Teeth Teether Tubes and I purchased them in the "Pretty in Pink" variety which are quite fitting for a little girl. I opted for them because they were quite simple in design but would hopefully do the job!

      The teethers come in a pack of three in various shades of pink and come in two different shapes; hearts and a flower. They come in quite simple packaging a clear plastic front which is on a cardboard backing. There is the bold coloured Bright Starts logo together with various little information snippets on the product itself. Because the front of the packaging is clear you can clearly see the teethers shape and size.

      What first attracted me to the teethers other than that they are pink is that they can be put in the fridge and that they all have a different texture on the teether which helps enhance a baby's tactile development. There are little bumps (heart shapes) on the heart shaped teethers and on the flower teether there are raised lines which again is interesting for the baby to chew on as it feels a little different. The teethers even though coloured you can see the water inside.

      To cool the teethers you simply need to pop them in your fridge for a few hours (if you want them really cold) or you can leave them as they are depending on what your child wants. My daughter seems to like them either way which is fine by me especially in the warmer months she can have them nice and cold to cool her gums.

      My daughter is only five and a half months old and has just come to terms with being able to grasp at items and to hold them so I was pleased that these teethers are quite slim in width which would make it easy for her little hands to hold them. I must stress that my daughter is only 11lbs in weight and is petite so what is easy for other bigger babies it is more of a challenge for her due to her overall size! On giving her one of the teethers she did look a little puzzled but as I gave it to her she was able to grasp it and hold it well and eventually figured out that she could put it in her mouth!

      I've been using these teethers for a few weeks now and although she can hold the heart shaped teethers better than the flower shaped teether she certainly knows what to do with them and will quite happily chew on the teether whilst holding it successfully with both hands. Because the heart shaped teethers are just the outline of a heart they do end up being bracelets on her slim arms if she decides she doesn't want to chew it anymore!

      I can't really complain about these teethers, they are quite flexible to the touch (an adults touch) and the plastic or whatever they are made from is quite soft ideal for those little hands and gums. I think for any young baby they are easy to hold due to the size, they are not heavy to hold and are incredibly lightweight so as long as the baby can hold things then these certainly shouldn't be a problem. I do like that the teethers have different textures as it is a little more interesting to a baby and I have noticed my daughter chewing on each one differently which I can only put down to the different feel it has.

      A definite recommendation from me and from Miss Peach!

      *~* Useful Info *~*

      Availability: Bright Starts stockists such as Boots
      Price: £3.56 - a proportion of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research
      Colour: Pretty in Pink
      Age Range: 3 months +


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