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Dentinox Teething Toothpaste

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3 Reviews

Brand: Dentinox / Type: Toothpaste / Age: 0-2 years

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 16:13
      Very helpful



      Does the same job as all the rest!

      I am a big fan of the Dentinox brand, especially their teething gel which works like magic for my 21 month old daughter, and their cradle cap shampoo.

      So when I needed some toothpaste for my daughter, and I saw this in the local Asda, I was very keen to try it. It was priced at £2.52 on 'rollback' which is very pricey, but because I trust the brand so much, it didn't really bother me. It normally retails at just under £3, but is often half price at Boots on offer (plus double points on baby items!)

      It comes in a white box with the green Dentinox logo on. Inside the box is also a silicon (rubber) finger toothbrush - more about that later! The toothpaste itself comes in a metal tube which is white, with the green logo and green text which is the ingredients etc. I am not a big fan of metal tubes, particularly around teething babies as we all know that they like to chew EVERYTHING. Also, I find that they often split or nick, which means some toothpaste can leak out and make a mess of the tube. It can also be quite sharp which is not ideal for anyone.

      The tube needs to be pierced with the reverse of the cap which is great as you know it hasn't been tampered with. The toothpaste itself is white with a somewhat chalky texture. As for the taste, it is described as being very mild and minty, but I have tried it and it is actually not very pleasant and not minty at all. It does not have a minty tingle like normal toothpastes. I found it tasted a bit chalky, but it is not too unpleasant, just not nice either.

      The ingredients are the same as other childrens toothpastes, but the good thing about this one is that t doesn't contain saccharine or fluorine, so it is nice and gentle on childrens' teeth but will also do a good job of cleaning them. Fluorine is actually quite a bad thing to have in a toothpaste as it can damage and discolour teeth, so I am glad that it is not in this toothpaste. The paste is thick, probably thicker than a normal adult toothpaste, but this works out well as it makes it easier to stay on the toothbrush.

      My huge bugbear is the toothpaste stating it is a "teething toothpaste" - it is not designed to help soothe the pain of teething at all, it doesn't contain anaesthetic or anything else. It is literally just toothpaste. This annoyed me, as I thought that it would also help with the pain of new teeth, so to me it was a bonus. It's a very misleading title indeed!

      The paste does foam slightly but it is minimal, so it makes it a very quick and easy task without the need for much cleaning up after. My daughter isn't fussed by the taste, she neither hates it nor likes it as it isn't particularly flavoursome.

      There is a small finger toothbrush included in the box, which is literally like a rubber thimble with bristles in the format of a toothbrush. I used it once and then binned it. I found it quite hard to clean, as unless you clean it immediately, it is difficult to remove the semi-dry or dry toothpaste from it. I also didn't find it helpful as my daughter likes to bite lol. The brush is good in theory though and I am sure many others find it helpful as it means you can get closer to the teeth and feel the development of teeth as well. It might also be a little less frightening than a normal size toothbrush for the baby.

      The toothpaste - and presumably the brush - are suitable from 0 - 2 years, or whenever teeth first appear. But after the first tube was empty, I decided to go for Colgate as it is cheaper, has more flavour which means it makes it more pleasant and interesting for my daughter, and does the same job.

      So whilst I love Dentinox and the toothpaste does do a good job, it is far too pricey and the title is just too misleading for me. 3 stars it is.



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      27.12.2010 22:35
      Very helpful




      Well I am writing this review in sunny New Zealand where we have flown for Christmas with our 11 month old Brad. Now not having flown with a baby before I desperately stocked up on everything that could possibly help to keep baby quiet on the plane and I noticed this "teething toothpaste" in our local Boots.

      THe Brand
      Dentinox is a producer of great teething gel that seems to really calm babies from the pain of teething so I was immediately interested in this.

      Price and location
      It is, if you buy it full price sold for a hefty $3.29 (Should be British Pounds but no pound sign - sorry!) but I got it for 1.50 on a special offer in Boots. This is for a tube of 30 ml so it is suitable for taking on a plane - this was my main concern. It is also sold in Sainsbury, Tesco etc.

      What do you get?
      Well Dentinox Teething Toothpaste is a specialist toothpaste for 0-2 year olds made without flouride and specially designed for little milk teeth. As an additional "bonus" you get a "finger toothbrush" for brushing tiny teeth. This was a relief as I realised that I had forgotten to pack Brad (my baby) toothbrush so it was good to have one in the box of paste.

      My expectations
      Well as it was called teething toothpaste and branded by Dentinox and sitting next to the teething gel I thought that this would contain some form of local anasthetic to ease the pain of teething. Correct me if I was wrong but I would just expect this from the name. Great I thought, a new way of applying teething gel that also cleans their teeth - what could be better?

      The reality
      This is just a toothpaste and a very expensive one at that. No anasthetic to numb the pain- just a very mild tasting, white paste to clean their teeth.

      how did the "finger brush" work?
      Well for us not very well. Brad loves grabbing his toothbrush and cleaning his own teeth at home. With the finger brush which you put on your finger - it has plastic bristles that you put a tiny bit of paste on and then rub his teeth. Many of you will probably see the danger in this design - Brad bites if you put your finger in his mouth and boy are his teeth sharp even through a plastic toothbrush. If we tried to brush his teeth with this he would bite down and that would be the end of that - even assuming we could get our finger into his mouth in the first place. Overall vastly inferior to his normal toothbrush.

      For me, misleading name (ok I should have read the box but), very expensive and a useless finger brush.

      Don't waste your time or hard earned pennies -stick to normal, cheaper baby toothpaste!


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        29.11.2010 19:45
        Very helpful



        Toothpaste for 0-2 years, with an inovative toothbrush

        As soon as Freddy's first teeth made an appearance, it was time to start brushing them. After all the poor little mite had gone through so much pain while cutting them, it would be a terrible shame not to keep them clean and shiny. We were well prepared for this event and had stocked up on a couple of different brands of toothpaste along with a baby toothbrush. One of these toothpastes was the rather misleadingly named 'Dentinox Teething Toothpaste', that we had bought when Sainsburys were holding a half price baby event. (Half price products that is, not half price babies).


        Dentinox is a brand that I've had quite a lot of experience of using in the past. I used their teething gel on Freddy as it was the only one suitable for babies under three months. I've also tried their colic drops on my older children (although they weren't really effective) and found that their cradle cap shampoo is fantastic as long as the child doesn't have particularly sensitive skin. Therefore Dentinox is a brand I trust, and has also been on the shelves for at least nineteen years (the age of my eldest), in fact a quick glance at their website tells me they've been around for over 40 years.

        ==The Toothpaste==

        Dentinox teething toothpaste comes supplied in an oversized box, that should not only contain the toothpaste but also an 'over-the-finger' toothbrush. I say should, because our toothbrush was actually missing. Not being one to just let things go, I contacted Dentinox customer services via email, and after asking me to check the box, they sent me not one but two of these toothbrushes which arrived less than 24 hours later. So if you do buy this toothpaste and can't find the toothbrush, then carefully check the box (the brush is almost transparent) and if it is missing then contact Dentinox for a replacement.

        The toothpaste itself comes in a bog-standard metal tube that needs to be pierced with the lid before the first use. I'm really not keen on the use of metal for the tube, as I find that it's harder to get the last dregs out than with plastic tubes. I also find that metal tubes tend to split when folding the end over leaving sharp edges. Although the toothpaste does contain some scary sounding ingredients, these do seem to be the same as other toothpastes, but if your child has any allergies then it's always best to check the ingredient list, which is extremely clear. What this doesn't contain is either fluorine or saccharine. I'm actually glad that it doesn't contain fluorine, as this is already added to our water and excessive amounts can lead to tooth deformity and discolouration.

        Although I really hate the taste of mint but I have tasted this, and it has a very mild mint flavour that neither burns my mouth nor leaves it 'tingly'. This is not a toothpaste that will excite your child or encourage them to brush their teeth, there are no sparkles or fancy colours, it is simply a smooth white paste. What really did surprise me is that even though this is named a teething toothpaste, it doesn't actually do anything to soothe the pain associated with teething. I probably should have paid a bit more attention to the labelling, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have assumed that it contains some sort of local anaesthetic.

        ==The Toothbrush==

        To begin with I wasn't sure that the over-the-finger toothbrush would really be all that useful. After all it is simply a silicone sleeve with bristles in the same format as a toothbrush. But it's actually a really good idea, especially if the baby is anything like Freddy and grabs anything you put near his mouth to push it further in. With this brush I don't need to worry that he's going to jam a toothbrush down his throat. The brush is quite large though, I have podgy fingers and it's loose on me, so it should be able to fit over almost anybody's index finger.

        ==Clean And Shiny Teeth==

        I've been using this toothpaste and brush on Freddy's teeth morning and night ever since he cut his first tooth at about four and a half months old. Using the brush was a little bit strange to begin with, but we soon got the hang of it. As Freddy only has five teeth we only use a tiny blob of the toothpaste and we have only just started on our second tube. Even though Freddy hadn't tasted anything but milk, he liked the taste of the toothpaste straight away, and now he loves having his teeth cleaned and gets quite upset when we're done. Although the toothpaste does foam, this is only minimal so there isn't a lot of toothpaste dribble.

        I much prefer cleaning Freddy's teeth with the over-finger brush against a normal toothbrush as not only can I control how far into Freddy's mouth it goes, but I also feel like I'm far more accurate at cleaning his teeth. I was a little concerned that my finger was going to get bitten (and that it would hurt). But so far so good, and even when Freddy has had a little chomp, it hasn't actually hurt and as a bonus I've been able to check if any new teeth have appeared without risking a tooth mark on my finger.

        Cleaning the brush can be a bit of a hassle, but it's certainly no harder than cleaning a normal brush. I normally clean it by holding it under a running tap and scraping my finger tip through the bristles. I've also sterilised the brush (until Freddy was six months), using a steam steriliser and it survived with no sign of damage. I can't vouch for other methods of sterilisation though.


        This is more a tooth brushing system than just a toothpaste, and I think it does a very good job. Once I'd got over the novelty of using the brush, it became really easy to make sure Freddy's teeth are clean. I like that the toothpaste is mint flavoured, as this will hopefully encourage Freddy to use 'normal' toothpaste when he's older rather than the more expensive, coloured, glittery creations. This is not, however, the cheapest of toothpastes, the full price is a tad under £3, but if you factor in the cost of a toothbrush, the price is quite reasonable. Therefore, I am giving Dentinox Teething toothpaste a healthy four stars out of five, with that one star being lost due to the misleading name.


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