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Fisher Price Musical Teether

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3 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Teething Rings & Gels

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    3 Reviews
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      27.11.2010 10:47
      Very helpful



      A pretty pointless teether

      My mum bought my daughter the Fisher Price Musical Teether when she was about 3 months old. At the time of buying them, my mum didn't realise they were a teether toy, on the shelf they just looked like a keys rattle and as they were on offer for £2.00 she picked them up. If you have read my other reviews you will know that my daughter didn't suffer at all when she was teething so we had no use at all for a teether other than as a toy so this was just simply used as a toy.

      There are three keys on this teether which are attached to a small semi circle (a sort of keyring) underneath a chunky plastic unit. The unit is blue and has three yellow buttons for your baby to press - on these buttons there is a different picture on each - a house, a car and a heart. The keys are blue, purple and red and each of them have the teether attached to them. The blue unit is attached to a green ring which enables the toy to be clipped to your baby's pram or something like that.

      When pressing the buttons a little tune will play - the car plays a horn noise, the heart plays a little giggle and the house plays a short tune. In my opinion the giggle is actually really creepy and I wasn't keen at all and I don't think my daughter particularly liked it either as when she sussed out which button played what she rarely pressed that button!

      I was shocked at how heavy this little toy actually is, my young daughter found it quite difficult to lift up at times and this is a real disappointment. I was a little worried that she may drop it on herself as it would have really hurt if that had happened.

      The positives with this teether are that it is brightly coloured and this stimulates the baby, and the actual teething parts of the toy are very good. It is a high quality toy, my daughter did drop it from her pram on quite a few occasions but this didn't affect the toy at all and in fact it stayed in excellent condition.

      The negatives with the teether are that the sounds are very hard to hear, at first we thought this was due to the fact it may need new batteries but it was exactly the same after replacing them. Also the tunes are very short which is a little disappointing to be honest. It is way too heavy for a baby, it is quite boring and I would say a standard teether would be much better!

      The price of the teether seems to be around the £7.00 mark which I think is way too expensive and after having the teether I realise that I wouldn't pay more than £2.00 for it (in all honestly I wouldn't even buy it). Batteries are included with the toy, but if you need to replace them it takes the button cell batteries.

      This certainly wasn't a toy that my daughter has had much enjoyment out of and I think she only played with it as much as she did because it was clipped to her pram and she had nothing else on there! I found this a bit of a disappointment, even more so as it is a Fisher Price toy so it is a real shame. I just found this to be a really boring toy, although I appreciate the fact that it is prodominantely a teething aid.

      I give this two out of five stars.

      Thank you for reading my review :)


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      07.09.2009 10:46
      Very helpful



      A great toy/teether which my little girl loves

      After my little girl deciding to start sucking her thumb rather than use a dummy the Tommee Tippee Teether dummies that I have been using became useless, she flatly refused to chomp on them so I started looking around for an alternative.

      After strolling into my local town one day and visiting the toy shop I spotted the Fisher Price Musical Keys Teether, as it was a toy as well as a teether I decided to purchase it and give it a go.

      What Is It?
      The Fisher Price Musical Teether Keys is a musical toy combined with three keys that your child can chew on whilst going through that horrible teething stage. The toy is approx 24cm long (when lied flat) it has a bright green ring at the top which enables you to clip the toy to pushchairs etc so there is less chance of you loosing it.

      The ring is attached to the main body of the toy by an orange webbing type material (this is very strong and unlikely to break), the main body is a bright blue colour which has purple bumps around the outer edge. All of the main body is made of a hard plastic. It has three buttons on the front which when pressed make sounds which is followed by music.

      One button has a car on it and when pressed it makes a beep beep sound then plays a tune for a couple of seconds, the next button has a house on it which when pressed makes a doorbell sound and again a couple of seconds of music (different from the car music) then finally you have the heart which makes the sound of a child laughing and again followed by music.

      On the bottom of the blue body you have a half ring which is black and white stripes (also made out of a hard plastic), attached to this half ring you have three teether keys (also attached with the webbing material), one key is mainly bright blue and has the chewy teether bit attached, there is also a bright red key and a bright purple key.

      Each key relates to one of the buttons, so you have the blue one which has a car on molded into it, this is the same car that is on the button and the plastic holder is the same colour as the car on the button, you have the red key which has a heart molded into it which matches the heart on the button and again the teether housing matches the red heart, finally you have the purple key which has the house molded into it and the housing is the same purple as the picture.

      Is it any good?
      Answer is yes. My little girl was a bit small for it at first so never used to chew on the keys but she loved playing with the toy itself and because the keys where a bit big she used to chew on the green ring instead. Now she is a bit bigger she is always chewing on the keys.

      This toy now goes everywhere with us, she absolutely loves it. Having the green ring on the top is great because she can hold the toy herself and when she is in her pushchair etc we can clip it on so she cant loose it.

      I feel there are three downsides to this toy these are the volume, the length of the music and the weight. The toy very quite and the tune only plays for a couple of seconds, the main body of the toy is chunky and heavy so be warned if your child clouts themselves in the head with it they will cry (mine has done this several times).

      On the other hand though it's a very colourful toy, the buttons are very easy to press and it's very sturdy so when it gets thrown about it does not break. There are also no sharp edges on this toy everything is nicely rounded off so your child can't hurt themselves whilst playing with it.

      This toy cost me £5.99 from my local toyshop, I have since seen it in Mothercare for £7.99, I think this is definitely a toy I will be buying for friends children as a gift.


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        28.08.2009 10:12
        Very helpful



        give it a go!

        My elder son received this Fisher Price musical teether keys from his godparents. It was in a small box. It works with batteries that were included. We use it for 19 months now and it still works with the original batteries. There are 3 button cell batteries in it.


        There are three keys on it, one to the car, one to the house and one to the heart. The keys are of different bright colours to stimulate the baby. The material of the keys is hard but not rigid, so it's suitable for teething babies. The keys are linked to a black and white key ring (actually a half) with a strong textile stripe.

        The blue unit on the key ring has three buttons on it. If you push the button with the car, you hear the horn of the car then a little music for 3-5 seconds. The button with the house sounds like a door bell then plays another little music. The button with the heart makes a short laugh then a third short music is played.
        The blue electrical unit is linked to a light green ring by a red textile stripe. This green ring is not closed so this little toy can be fixed easily almost everywhere.

        The toy actually is 200 g heavy. The manufacturer took care to be a safe toy, there are no sharp edges. It has a great finish. According to my experience, you have to take care that your baby not to hit himself/herself with this toy, as it is quite heavy, and can hurt.


        - The toy is very colourful and has really bright colours, so this stimulates the baby.
        - The different materials and shapes also stimulate the baby.
        - The sounds make them wanting to discover the toy for a while. They are looking for the source of the music.
        - It is easy to push the buttons.
        - It is of high quality. My sons dropped it down several times and it still works, actually it can't be seen. After 19 months use still looks like new.
        - The battery lasts long.


        - The sounds are so quiet that you can hardly hear.
        - All the three music played are too short, last only for 3-5 seconds.


        I shouldn't complain to the volume of the music, there are a lot of loud toys in the house and sometimes I have a headache when my kids play with one of these loud toys for an hour or so. Listening to the same music several hundred times can be very-very boring for an adult. Children enjoy it for a secret reason...
        I say that 7-8 pounds is not too much, if you don't have a toy that can be fixed to your buggy, buy it. I see that it doesn't preoccupy my sons for a long time. Occasionally they play with it for 5 minutes then throw it away. They have enough toys, so I don't worry.


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