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Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Very High Protection Moisturising Spray

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Brand: Garnier Ambre Solaire / Type: Suncare - SPF50+

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2013 21:42
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      a good sun spray for my little one

      ~Garnier Ambre Solaire~

      Ambre Solaire is a range of sun care products offered by Garnier. There is plenty of sun care products to choose from in this range including different factors, for different types of coverage and then you have to choose whether you want to buy a cream, lotion or a coloured spray. Part of this range includes a number of sun care products designed to be used on children and one such product is the 'Resisto Kids - very high protection moisturising spray' which is a factor 50+ product. There are other variations of this available included a coloured spray for an easier application.

      Garnier state that this sun cream has been designed to protect childrens delicate skin from sun damage. It contains a sun filtration system known as Mexorly and also UVA/UVB filters. It also contains Vitamin E and cactus nutriflavones to help restore skins moisture levels. Other important factors include being water and sand resistant. This spray is hypoallergenic and perfume free so is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is recommended that you apply this to your childs skin 15 minutes before exposure to the sun and then reapply every 1-2 hours and after swimming to keep the protection levels high. It can be applied to the face but not directly.


      This sun cream is presented in a white, plastic bottle with some colourful designs on it. It features a spray top which is easy to use and a fiddly to reapply, plastic lid. Once attatched, it provides a good seal to ensure there are no potential leakages from this product. There is quite a lot of information on the back of the bottle which I recommend that you read including what to dress your child in for the best protection from the sun and also when to avoid being out in the sun if possible. The bottle can be recycled and this product should be thrown out after being open for 12 months.

      ~Where To Buy~

      Garnier Ambre Solaire products are widely available from stockists including Asda, Tesco, Wilkos and Boots. Prices vary but the full price in Boots is £13.99 for a 200ml bottle but is currently reduced to 1/2 price. Asda are much cheaper for the same size of bottle - just £5.00.

      ~Our Experience~

      Scotland has recently witnessed some rather hot weather that we weren't really prepared for - well, I wasn't if I'm being honest. I like to ensure that my sons skin is well protected during warmer weather so recently made a purchase of this Resisto spray. My son attends nursery three days a week and they often go outside. The nursery stated that the children MUST be wearing factor 50 or they wouldn't be able to participate in outdoor activities hence my purchase.

      Garnier was recommended to me which was good as there were so many different options to choose from! They are expensive so I was pleased to pick up a bottle for £5.00 from Asda. My son has sensitive skin and has reacted to cheaper sun care products so I like to stick with what we know is fine for his skin. Since buying this spray, we have had to use it on several occasions as the weather has been surprisingly good. For nursery, I ensured he was wearing adequate clothing and his sun hat too - you can never be too careful!

      As my son is in nursery two full days and one half day per week, I had to sign permission forms for the nursery to be able to apply his sun spray through the day. Once my son goes to school, I am confident that he will be able to apply it himself. I always do the first application at home and then take the bottle to nursery for his teachers to put it on him around lunchtime. The bottle comes home each day as Boo needs it to be applied if going out with us or his grandparents too.

      This is a very easy to apply sun spray. I personally favour using the spray over a bottle of sun cream as it is less messy. When you use the bottle for the first time, the pump spray does need to be pushed down a number of times before any spray is released. The spray top releases a decent amount of creamy, milky lotion which feels cool and refreshing when sprayed onto naked skin. My son finds it quite tickly and is generally happy for me to apply this to his skin - not that he has much choice anyway!

      The lotion spreads smoothly across skin and I don't feel the need to apply loads of it to get a good, even coverage. It doesn't feel overly sticky during application. Whilst some may prefer a coloured lotion, I am able to tell where I have applied this too on my sons skin as it feels a little bit tacky at first. The lotion aborbs fairly quickly. This lotion has a pleasant, natural smell despite being free from perfume - it is clean and slightly sweet but doesn't linger long.

      My son hasn't experienced any irritation from wearing this sun lotion. It is gentle enough to use on his face and around his neck. I just spray a little onto my fingertips and applied it that way. Once absorbed, my sons skin doesn't look overly shiny or pale due to the white sun lotion. I apply it on all exposed skin including legs, arms, the top of his chest and the back of his neck as well as his gorgeous little face.

      In terms of how well this sun lotion protects my sons delicate skin, I am happy with the protection that it offers. I am careful about keeping him in the shade where possible but when out running about with other children, playing at the park or out walking with Mummy and Daddy, he is exposed to the sun so this sun lotion has proven to be invaluable with keeping his skin protected. His dry skin is left feeling soft and moisturised too which is an added bonus in my opinion.

      I don't take any risks and top it up every few hours and my son hasn't experierenced any sun burn despite being out and about in the heat quite a lot recently. Temperatures have been above 25 c on some days and even in the evening, it is still very warm and protection is still needed. Whilst we haven't been abroad to test this out in the sand, we have had water fights and he has been in the paddling pool in Grans garden and his skin has remained protected from the harmful sun. I can understand the need to keep protection high but it concerns me that Garnier ask you to apply after being in the water when this claims to be water resistant. I take no chances and do as I am told! He has even got a slight tan too! It doesn't take long to apply or reapply this through the day and it is a task which I do not mind doing if it protects my little ones precious skin.

      I find the bottle to be a practical size for taking out with us and have used it on myself too in the past week or so. I find it kind to my sensitive skin and appreciate that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and cool. I like to wear strappy tops so my main areas I needed protection from the sun were my arms, shoulders and my face. This high factor sun spray provided the protection I needed. I normally burn even with sun lotion on but have developed a lovely, light golden tan over the past week which I am pleased with.


      I would recommend this sun spray to anyone with young children. It provides a high level of protection, is easy to apply and not too messy either and can be topped up without any hassle. I have every confidence in the protection that this offers my sons skin. We have used it on a number of occasions so far and the bottle is still quite full so I do not anticipate us having to make another purchase this year. My son is only little so doesn't need a lot per use for full protection. You can't put a price on sun protection but if you can get a premium product at a reduced price (like I have with this purchase) then definitely take advantage of it. One 200ml bottle lasts well.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        05.08.2011 01:41
        Very helpful
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        An effective reliable sun cream for kids with very high SPF so you can get on having fun.

        Like any mum, I know it is important to protect my children and their very thin and delicate skin from the sun. It is important to me to buy a good high factor sun cream, and when they were very tiny, I never opted for under factor 50. Nowadays, I might apply a slightly lower factor if we are going to be out for just a short while, but this is one of my favourites for going out on long days out as a family, and we have never experienced sunburn, thankfully. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can also lead to some nasty skin cancers later in life, so I want to avoid any damage as long as I am in charge.

        My youngest in particular, is not fond of having sun cream applied, as he doesn't like to stand still for long, so it is very handy that this comes in a spray bottle, and I can operate it one handed while trying to keep hold of him with the other hand.

        It is designed with children in mind, so as well as being high factor 50 plus and having UVA and UVB protection with photostability, it is also hypoallergenic, free from any fragrances, and is water resistant.

        A 200 ml bottle is currently available in Boots for £13.27. You might be able to find it a bit cheaper than this in a supermarket. I always think that it is really expensive to buy sun cream, but a little of this does cover a large area of a child's body, and it has actually been in use for longer than the 12 months it is supposed to be ok for after opening with no deterioration in the product. I am careful though to check it is still ok, and I will buy another bottle before we go on holiday to make sure, using this one up for shorter outings.

        Applying this sun cream is quite easy. Some high factors are really hard to rub into the skin. I have seen my friend take her kids out looking like little ghosts because the cream has not rubbed in and it has left their skin so pale. I spend some time making sure all exposed areas are covered. In all our time of using it, I have only been let down once. After a day on the beach, I noticed my eldest boy had a small patch on his shoulder which was a bit pinker than the rest of him. While not actually burnt and sore, we had re-applied the cream part way through the day and obviously missed this bit.

        Although this is said to be waterproof, the advice on the bottle also suggests that it should be re-applied after swimming, perspiring or towelling. We generally apply this just before we go outside and find it works straight away, and on a normal day out where we might not need to reapply, but a day on the beach involving time in the sea and playing without a shirt and we do re-apply.

        As an adult, my only annoyance with this cream is that when you spray it, I actually end up with it squirting on me and onto anything nearby. This includes spraying on their arms and it reaching the wooden floor a few feet below. So make sure you don't spray it near anything that might be difficult to remove it from. I tend to make a sort of cup shape with my hand round where I am spraying so that it goes onto the palm of my hand. I can then rub any excess onto my own skin or wash it off. (It requires a soap to wash it off. )

        I have worn this myself, and found that is was quite clogging to my skin. While it held up well to exercising in hot weather, my skin has not fully recovered from it a year later. While I appreciate the need for adults to wear sun cream too, I feel there might be a less clogging option for myself such as a lighter cream or a gel. I do feel this is more suited to younger children who are not as likely to then suffer from congested skin.

        I do have to make sure my children are washed well after each use because they have both suffered the odd pimple after wearing it and then running round. Better that than sun burn though.

        I think you need to buy the best sun cream you can for kids, because you can guarantee that once you are out and playing, they will burn quicker than you think without it, and also they are even less likely to want to stay still than before you went out. I go with get them once well, and then top up best you can.


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