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Mothercare 5-a-day Farm Water Filled Teethers

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mothercare / Type: Teething Ring

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    2 Reviews
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      01.09.2010 22:41
      Very helpful



      Really pleased with this buy!

      My daughter spent a lot of time trying to eat anything in sight when she was first born. My brother-in-law bought her some bath ducks which had little rubber rings and as soon as she opened them she ate the rings instead. That's when we decided to look for some different teethers for her.

      The Mothercare water filled teethers come in a 2 pack and look a bit like gingerbread men. They have a hole in the middle of them to make them easier for little fingers to hold and a smiley face to make them look appealing. They have pictures of fruit and veg on them which I assume is to encourage babies to like them. One of them is a nice bright yellow, but the other is a dull brown. They can be put in the fridge to cool the water to make them soothe sore gums more. They are suitable from birth.

      My daughter loved these teethers as they were soft and she could chew on them quite happily. She preferred the yellow one possibly as it was the brighter colour. They were exactly what we were looking for when we went shopping and for £4 we were very pleased with them. My daughter was not so interested in other teethers, even ones with things to do on them, but these were perfect for her.


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      31.07.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      simple teether

      Mothercare - 5 a day farm filled water teether

      **WHAT IS IT**

      You get two water filled tether's for your baby to play with to help soothe their sore gums.

      They can be used from birth and are ideal when your baby starts teething and has tender or ore gums. The teether can be cooled in the fridge before use.


      These tether's come in plastic packaging that you can see through so you see the teethers you are buying before you buy them.

      On the back there is cardboard and on the front of the cardboard it is mostly white with orange writing. The mother care logo is on the left hand side. The right hand side it tells you that the product is stage one. This means that it can be used from birth.

      It lets you know what the product is with small pictures of a bee, carrot and broccoli. The back of the cardboard gives you further detailed information on the teethers in white and orange writing.


      There are two water filled teethers in a pack and are in the shape of gingerbread men with a hole in the middles. This means that it is easy for little ones to hold.

      One teether is pastel brown with a picture of an orange and a strawberry on the hands. The other teether is yellow with a picture of a carrot and apple on the hands. Each teether is clear on the back and has a smiley face on the gingerbread man.

      The good thing about these teethers is that there are two of them so you can chill one in the fridge while the other is being used so you will always have one available that is cooled.

      The teether stays soft even when it is chilled and are ideally shaped for tiny mouths. Also they are shaped for tiny hands to hold once they are able to grab them. A baby can safely chew on these teethers to help soothe their gums.

      **HOW TO USE**

      Make sure to wash the teether after each use with warm soapy water and make sure to rinse them properly. You can not use any other forms of sterilisation apart from cold water sterilisation only. This is annoying as it would have been handy just to put it into the steam steriliser I use to sterilise everything else.

      Do not use hares or abrasive cleaning materials. The product complies with EN71 regulations. Do not attempt to refill the water inside. Only cool them in a domestic refrigerator so they do not get damaged. Also do not store in direct sunlight or near a source of heat as this could damage the product badly and make it not safe to use.

      **MY OPINION**

      My daughter who is 10 weeks old chews away on these teethers however she is not fussed with the coldness to start off with. She does get used to it and then loves to chomp away especially on the hands, feet and head.

      As she is 10 weeks old she doesn't hold the teether for a long time herself and hasn't started putting things in her mouth yet. I then have to hold the teether for her to chew on it and most times she will hold onto it as well while I am holding it for her.

      As she gets older I feel she will easily be able to hold these teethers herself as they are shaped well for tiny hands to hold.

      These teethers cost £3.99 from Mothercare which I feel are good value for money. The only thing is that they are simple teethers and are only filled with water so older babies could get bored easily with them and throw them away. Some more expensive teether toys have different things on them to entertain a baby for example a rattle or different textures to feel.

      It is an average product that are a good job and do the job they are supped to do and that is soothe you babies gums. It is a simple product that isn't expensive so they are good if you want to soothe your child's gums when they are a young age at a cheap price.


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