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Mothercare Nasal Aspirator

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Mothercare / nasal aspitator

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2010 20:19
      Very helpful



      When it comes to sucking, this sucks!

      Being the youngest of three children, my newborn baby has more exposure to various germs and viruses, so it is probably not surprising that he has come down with his first cold at just six weeks old. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to have upset him too much and he is still feeding and sleeping without any problems.

      I was a little bit concerned (because of his young age) that his nose might become blocked and affect his ability to feed or to breath easily so decided to buy one of these nasal aspirators from Mothercare, just in case. A nasal aspirator is a rather impressive title for a simple device that allows parents to suck out snot from their baby's nose!

      I'd never actually seen one beforehand and I was expecting it to resemble a simple plastic pipette. Mothercare's own brand aspirator seems a little over-engineered for the purpose it is designed for. It comes in a hard plastic case and consists of two separate plastic conical tips and a rubber bulb surrounded by a metal ring. The smaller of the two tips is designed for babies younger than three months old and the different tips simply twist into place on the metal ring. After use, the tip can be cleaned out easily and is also suitable for cold water sterilising.

      Setting the contraption up is straightforward as easy to follow instructions are supplied. Once the correct sized tip has been attached, you are advised to squeeze the rubber bulb and '...gently place the tip of the aspirator into the baby's nostril and tilt it to the side.' Each tip has an indent near the top, an over-insertion guard, so that over-enthusiastic parents can't push this in too far! This is a reassuring feature as I could be confident that I wasn't going to cause any damage to my son's squashed little newborn nose. Once in the nose, the instructions say that the bulb should be gradually released. The idea is that a vaccuum is created and that any mucus will be gently sucked out of the baby's nose into the plastic tip.

      I gingerly followed these instructions and inserted the newborn tip into my baby's nose while he was asleep. Fortunately, this didn't seem to bother him at all and he remained fast asleep as I attempted to suck out his snot! So far, so good - the only problem being that this contraption doesn't actually seem to create any vaccuum whatsoever. When it comes to sucking, this sucks! It did manage to collect a small amount of snot, simply through being inserted into the nasal cavity but it doesn't actually suck anything out as it is supposed to.

      We've been lucky so far and my little one's nose is still clear but that is certainly not thanks to this product. Having paid £6.99 for this, I'm very disappointed as it simply doesn't do the job it is designed for. Although parents will try anything to ease the discomfort of their young children, I wouldn't recommend bothering with this!


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