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Nurofen Digital Ear Thermometer

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2 Reviews

Nurofen / Ear Thermometer.

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    2 Reviews
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      19.12.2010 20:35



      Bought this in a hurry when kids unwell. You'll need the manual to operate it. Not much use after 1 yr when you want to use it and can't find the manual! Really you just need something that tells you the temperature when you press a button - this is not it. When checked against another digital (probe not ear) thermometer it read conistently lower - even normal when they obviously had a fever. This might simply be because I haven't figured out how to use it properly (worryingly I'm a doctor and a bit of a tech geek) or isn't far enough into the ear to read properly.The in-ear thermometers used in hospital cost hundreds of pounds - there is a reason for this!Not recommended.


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      26.11.2010 12:45
      Very helpful



      Handy piece of gadgetry

      I'm not altogether convinced that home thermometers serve any real purpose for us parents apart from peace of mind. I was in two minds for so long about whether to buy one or not, but when I saw this Nurofen Digital Ear Thermometer reduced to £10 in my local pharmacy I just decided to buy it.

      The reason I have been toying with the idea of buying one for a while is because my youngest was ill for most of last winter with frequent high temperatures and other ailments, so I would be in and out of the Doctors every few weeks, and most of the time I was coming away with paracetamol and the advice to give her plenty of fluids and rest.

      However, there were a couple of occasions when her temperature was in the 40s and this of course required other remedies, (and a lot of panicking from me!) So I decided this year if I was armed with my own thermometer I could make a judgement myself about whether she needed to see a Doctor or not, based on her actual temperature, and thus not waste anyone's time. Obviously if she was particularly unwell I would still take her to see a Doctor just to be on the safe side!!

      I decided to go for a digital ear thermometer because this is what the Doctors mainly used and apparently it's one of the most effective methods of taking your body temperature.

      I'd not read any reviews about this particular thermometer so I was just basing my purchase on the good name of 'Nurofen' and hoped that it would do a good job. It required a little bit of setting up before I could use it, I had to set the time and date. And the instructions for this were quite simple, but for some reason I just could not figure it out, I did eventually set the correct time, but the date is completely wrong and I have no idea how to change it. But to be honest this does not bother me because I'm not fussed about a thermometer telling me the time or date, I just need it to read temperatures accurately!

      So to take someone's temperature you just have to insert it in their ear and press the start button. It beeps once the temperature is done and will give a clear digital reading. This is all very simple and on the occasions when I have taken my children's temperatures, it has all been straight forward and the kids have co-operated very well. I think this is mainly due to the speed with which the reading is taken; it only takes about 10 seconds for the reading to register.

      I have experienced my daughter having her temperature taken the 'old way' from a doctor using a mercury thermometer under her arm, and I had to restrain a wriggling screaming child who was clearly unwell while this old thermometer took it's time taking her temperature, not a very nice experience!!! So these digital ear ones are clearly the way forward!

      So I have been quite pleased with the way the thermometer functions, it seems to take accurate readings, although I have so far not had a high reading from either of my children. I've had it for about 4 or 5 months now, but both kids seem to be doing quite well with regard to illnesses this year, although they have both had coughs and colds. But perhaps with me being able to take their temperature at home I have not felt the need to take them to the Doctors, whereas I may have done last year! So it is definitely a little bit of reassurance for me.

      A feature which is advertised on the box of the thermometer is the 'simple traffic light system' which refers to three faces on the front of the unit, one green, one amber and one red. And these faces will light up while the temperature is being read; so far I have only seen the green face light up. But if your temperature is high the amber face will light up, and if it is dangerously high then the red one will light up.

      The thing I find strange about this feature is that the face only lights up while the thermometer is processing, once it beeps and the digital display shows the reading, the face light is turned off. So if you want to see what colour you are you have to keep your eye on the faces while the thermometer is in the ear. I would have thought it would make more sense for the face to stay lit when the reading was given, so you can see the temperature and then see if it is in the danger zone or not. It's a minor point, but I think it would be more helpful to parents, especially parents of poorly children!

      It also has a 9 memory function, and I have no idea how to use it, or what the purpose of this is, but I presume that it will keep a log of when a temperature has been read, and if you had the time and date set correctly you could look back and see how often in the last few months your child has had a high temperature. But if I'm honest this is a not feature I use, would want to use, or even know how to use. If my child is ill frequently I write it on the calendar with other information as well, and it is much easier to look back on your child's illnesses that way than scroll through a list of temperatures.

      The thermometer also boasts a 'room temperature thermometer' which at first I thought was pointless and annoying because it means the unit can never be turned off (to preserve battery life) because the room thermometer comes into action when the ear thermometer is not in use. The display just automatically switches over to room thermometer mode.

      But I have since found this feature quite useful because I keep in it our kitchen, on its little stand and just knowing what the temperature in your house is, is actually quite nice. Our heating thermostat is broken so we never have any idea what temperature our heating is set at, so now I just take a quick peek at this and if it's above a certain level I make sure I switch the heating off. More often than not it's 14 degrees in our kitchen in a morning - a definite indicator that the heating needs to be turned on! So although it is not something I would require in an ear thermometer, it's a handy addition which I quite like.

      Overall I am pleased with my purchase and think it is good value for money. It is certainly a lot cheaper than some of the rival brands on the market (Calpol for instance!). It's small, easy to handle, lightweight and works quickly and reliably.

      I would recommend it to parents who want a little peace of mind when their children are unwell.

      The battery is supplied with the unit but for your information it requires a Lithium CR2032.

      The only place I have seen it available is in Lloyds Pharmacy, also on lloydspharmacy.com
      Currently priced at £13.99


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