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Omron Flex Temp II Digital Thermometer

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Brand: Omron / Type: Thermometers

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    3 Reviews
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      23.08.2010 16:55
      Very helpful



      Performs a simple task in around a minute, as well as you could want

      Quite predictably, I bought this thermometer during an ill spell last year.

      I must say that it did its job well. After reading the instruction leaflet, I placed the tip under my tongue and pressed the single button on the device. After a short beep, I waited and watched the numbers rise, until a second, longer beep told me that the reading had been taken. The device then displays the reading for at least half a minute, which is plenty of time to double-check that reading against the range of normal temperatures which are also stated in the leaflet. The display itself is nice and large and easy to read.

      Being me, I re-tested my temperature in quick succession and found that the thermometer gave consistent results.

      Unlike the glass and mercury thermometers I had as a child, an advantage to this device is that you really can gnaw on the thermometer with your teeth, safe in the knowledge that it will not break anything. Indeed, the plastic area between the tip and the digital display screen is made out of a soft, slightly rubbery-feeling material which feels firm but not too hard to the bite.

      The thermometer's flat surfaces make it easy to clean after use. It is also simple enough to use running water and avoid the battery area. A nice touch is that the device comes in a protective plastic case, which of course helps to keep it clean during storage. Personally, I always rinse the thermometer after storage and before use, just to make sure!


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      12.08.2010 14:53
      Very helpful



      Good thermometer

      I hated thermometers when I was little. We had that mercury thermometer and it took ages for it to measure the temperature (I think minimum was 5 minutes) and I remember how extremely cold the thermometer was and how annoyed I was since I had to hold still for that period of time!

      Thankfully we now own a digital thermometer and although it is not technologically amongst the most advanced it is still great. And cheap.

      I bought it in a pharmacy store, I did not care about the brand, I just wanted it to be digital, reliable and not to expensive. I was suggested this brand and since we already have a blood pressure monitor from this company at home and with which we are satisfied with I went with it.

      It looks nice - sterile with its white and blue colour. Tip of this thermometer is flexible - this makes the temperature measuring procedure more relaxed, you don't have to worry that you will break it and I imagine that rectal temperature measuring must be easier too. I measure my temperature under my armpits.

      You turn it on (and off) with a press on the button, the numbers will appear on the display, you need to wait a few moments for the thermometer to set itself and you are ready to measure the temperature (wherever suits you - mouth, armpit, rectally - don't forget to clean it after). After the measurement is done the thermometer will beep.

      It does take it's time to measure the temperature - up to two minutes but only if you measure the temperature of the armpits - since they can be cooled down due to environment and they first need to "heat up". So if you measure the temperature under the armpits do not pull the thermometer out after the first beep, leave it there for some time, it will might readjust the temperature a few times.

      If you measure the temperature in your mouth it will be done in about a minute, about the rectal measurement I gladly can't say but would assume it has the same efficiency as in the mouth.

      It has a accuracy of 0.1° which is adequate. It is precise, I always measure my temperature before seeing a doctor and when it's also measured at the doctor's there is not much difference - maximum was 0.3° but this could be due to waiting and my temperature rising.

      If you measure the temperature under the armpits a high temperature means a temperature of 37°, if you measure it under tongue it's 37.8° and rectally 37.5°. As an adult I always go for an armpit option but if you have a small baby rectally is the way to go, although probably the least pleasant it is the most precise method of temperature taking.

      We have this thermometer for a good year now and the battery still holds (the batteries were included). It also has a safety turn off mechanism if you accidentally forget to switch it off, but it turns off after a long period of time - I think it would be enough if it turned off after a minute or even less. Especially since it has a memory of the last reading so even if it would somehow turn off before you manage to check the temperature you are still able to see it.

      If you want digital and at a fair price this one is one to consider. I like it. But would advise you if you have small children to consider the ear thermometers which are done in a second!


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        04.09.2009 08:00
        Very helpful



        A good home thermometer.

        When I was growing up, mum used to check our temperature with an alcohol in glass thermometer. We'd put it under our tongue and wait a few seconds before she'd take it out, peer intently at the tiny scale trying to read the temperature. Today, I shudder at the thought of putting a fragile glass tube in a child's mouth.

        Fortunately, these days we have digital thermometers to do the job much more safely. The Omron Flex Temp II is such a thermometer. Reasonably priced, at around £9, it offers an easy to read LCD screen, alarm to indicate when the temperature can be read, and a memory of the last temperature taken.

        The Flex Temp II looks quite neat and is robustly constructed of hard plastic, with a flexible tip (allowing the thermometer to be bent in the mouth for example. The temperature probe is a tiny metal rod at the end of the tip. When not in use, the Flex Temp II is stored in a clear plastic case.

        To use the thermometer, the small blue button above the display is pressed. When holding the thermometer, this fits naturally under the thumb.

        The display will show the last temperature measured before starting to measure the current temperature. If the thermometer is held in the air, then it's likely that 'Lo' will be displayed indicating that the ambient temperature is below 32C. The small 'c' will flash indicating that the thermometer is attempting to read a temperature.

        The tip is then placed in the region where the temperature is to be measured. Within a few seconds a temperature will be displayed which will then adjust as the temperature stabilises. Stabilisation should take less than one minute. The temperature is shown to the nearest 0.1 degrees.

        Once the thermometer stabilises, the 'c' will stop flashing and four beeps will be heard. There is a problem with this audible indication; it's extremely quiet! If working in a noisy environment (or if your hearing is not excellent), this could easily be missed. In this case simply wait for the 'c' to stop flashing.

        The temperature will remain displayed for 10 minutes until the unit shuts down (it's recommended to switch it off manually when finished with to conserve battery life by pressing the button once).

        The thermometer can be disinfected by immersion in a 70% alcohol/water mixture for 30 minutes (boiling water will damage the thermometer).

        Having tried the thermometer in use, I was pretty impressed, but had no idea if it was accurate or not. I decided to find out.

        I work in a QC Laboratory with access to calibrated thermometers so decided to test it. I decided to check the thermometer at a normal body temperature (around 37C), and at a temperature indicating a fever.

        I mixed hot and cold water in a beaker until the temperature was around 39C. I then introduced the Flex Temp II, and the calibrated thermometer, waited the required time and read took readings. I then added cold water to bring the temperature down to around 37C and repeated the measurements.

        The results were as follows:

        Calibrated Thermometer Flex Temp II Difference


        As can be seen from the results, the Flex Temp II did read a little high, but was accurate to less than half a degree. This level of accuracy isn't brilliant, but expected for a £9 instrument (the calibrated thermometer used to check it cost £200).

        Having performed this measurement, I know that my Flex Temp II is accurate enough (and if I need a really accurate figure, I can subtract 0.3C).

        The Omron Flex Temp II is easy to use, fast, and safe, and I now know that it's accurate enough. The price is reasonable, too. I can recommend this to anyone who wants a digital thermometer for the home.


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