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Safety 1st Digital Thermometer

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Brand: Safety 1st / Health Aid: Thermometers

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2010 18:36
      Very helpful
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      A useful item but too slow

      I think a thermometer is an essential item when you have a small child or baby. While a fever is the body's natural way of fighting infection as this makes it harder for bacteria or virus to survive but in babies and young children this can be dangerous.

      The NHS advise that a normal temperature taken under the arm is approximately 36.4 It advises that you should seek medical treatment for a high temperature with or without further symptoms in babies. in children is defined as high at over 38 degrees in babies under three months and 39 in babies between three and six months. If you do have any other symptoms or the child's temperature has been high for a few days then it is also advised to seek medical attention.

      I did previously own a strip thermometer but was told but NHS direct on a call that these were not accurate enough and after my son decided to check if his bear was still poorly it became completely useless.

      I have been using my neighbour's safety first thermometer for the past few times my son has been ill. The safety first digital Thermometer is available from Boots at a cost of £4.99. The thermometer does have a clear protective cover which is ideal for storage and makes it easy to transport around.

      The thermometer does look like a long plastic stick with a slightly wider handle at the top which encases a digital screen to read the result and a small button to activate the thermometer. It has a metal end which is where the body temperature is read. This thermometer can be used orally or under the arm. It is recommended that it is always taken in the armpit in children under five.

      I have always used this under my son's arm holding in place in the armpit area. It beeps when switched on and at three he does understand that it is important that he sits still while we check his temperature. I do find that it seems to be so much slower when he does have a temperature which is the time I really want to be able to settle him. It does state reading in sixty seconds but up to 90 seconds under arm. It then beeps again when the reading is complete. The window is simple and easy to read. While my son is old enough to understand the procedure and does keep his arm still I would think for a younger child or baby this would be a struggle.

      I do think that the results have reflected how warm he has felt and do have faith in this thermometer.

      I do strongly recommend that anyone with a small child or baby does purchase a thermometer but not this particular thermometer due to the length of time it takes to get an accurate reading. I have recently ordered my own thermometer and have not purchased this model as I have been able to purchase a similar thermometer that takes ten seconds to read for the same price off Amazon.


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        30.08.2010 21:31
        Very helpful



        An affordable digital thermometer, ergonomically designed for three temperature methods

        Please Note: This is an up-dated and re-edited version so please do not go be previous low ratings!!


        As a child I suffered intermittent seizures, as did one of my children. Both the children's dad and paternal grand-dad suffer epilepsy; though both my daughter & I suffered fits due to high temperatures. I have always kept some form of temperature gauge in our first aid box to monitor the children's temperatures in times of sickness that entail symptoms of high temperatures. When my daughter was expecting her first baby, I wanted to invest in a three-in-one temperature gauge to cover the progressive ages of the baby.


        I came across this thermometer whilst googling! It's exactly what I was looking for because it covers rectal, oral and auxiliary temperature measurement; covering the differing ages of children. The thermometer is a recognized and respected brand.


        Through saving for her own home, my daughter and her little family lived with me for the first eighteen months of my tiny grand-son's life. When I came home from work one evening, my daughter was anxious because the baby had developed a cold. As the evening progressed, the baby felt overly warm, this is the first time of using the baby 1st thermometer. Before taking a sabbatical, as an HCA in the city's hospital, I took temperatures daily.

        It is advised by medical professionals to take rectal readings until an infant reaches three months; the most accurate method of monitoring temperatures for this age group. I proceeded to take my grand-son's temperature as laid out in the clinical instructions of my nursing manual. Although I didn't need the enclosed instructions of the thermometer, this is still fundamental to keep for other members of the family.

        As previously mentioned, this thermometer is designed to take rectal readings; has a flexible tip with a distinct level indicator that prevents the gauge being inserted more than an inch.

        >>PLEASE NOTE<< Accidently inserting this device further could perforate the baby's rectum. If unsure or anxious of performing this delicate procedure, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

        I prepared the white thermometer by cleaning the flexible silver tip with an alcohol wipe used for such clinical purposes. But, a small amount of general liquid soap and warm water will be effective in cleaning the gauge. I completed this task by rinsing with cool water. I spread the end with very little petroleum jel to accommodate easier insertion of the monitor.

        I then held my grand-son on my lap, with his little tummy resting on my legs whilst letting his tiny legs dangle over the side of my thigh. But one can place their baby on her/his back, on a changing mat/table; may present more comfort in the tummy-up position as infant used to lying this way for nappy changes. I find constantly talking in a gentle reassuring tone assist in calming the baby.

        The thermometer will be instantly ready by simply pressing the orange button on the front of the device. With my free hand, I spread baby's buttocks, then using the ergonomically designed comfort-grip handle, gently inserting the tip to the length of the monitor's indication level; 1.3 to 2.5cm into his rectum. As soon as the thermometer beeps, it is ready to be removed and read.

        >>PLEASE NOTE<< Reading your babies temperature by this method can stimulate her/his bowels, so there's no need for concern if you find the baby's responded by having a bowel movement! Simply clean the thermometer as in the preparation procedure.

        Even although this thermometer can take a swift forty second rectum reading, I never managed to obtain a this as my-grand-son protested, I would too! Therefore, I simply gave him a cuddle and took a reading via the axillary method. The large digital display furnished me with an easy to read temperature.

        This is a very safe method whereby you won't need to be anxious over insertion levels. Although,I prefer the rectal method on a baby due to the accuracy; armpit reading is much less presice than rectal and tympanic readings.

        >>PLEASE NOTE<< Armpit reading can present up to two degrees lower than rectal readings. Paediatricians' advice parents not use this method for babies under three months of age.

        I undressed my grand-son from the waist up, cradling him next to me. My daughter occupied him by bobbing his favourite cuddly toy in front of him. As he wanted to reach out for the toy, my daughter held his bottle to feed him; this relaxed my grand-son enabling me to continue the procedure. It's worth trying several methods to distract baby to enable careful reading.

        I ensured my grand-son's underarm area was dry by using a soft flannel to wipe the area. I simply placed the tip gently against his armpit, making sure full contact was made with his skin; holding the baby's arm gently but firmly against his side. The reading was ready in one minute; as soon as the thermometer beeped, I was able to read the temperature. The very handy feature of the memory helped us monitor my grand-son's temperature changes.

        We continued to use this thermometer as my grand-son got older. I used it to take an oral temperature when he was four as he found the axillary method far too ticklish!

        >>PLEASE NOTE<< Oral thermometers are advised not to be used until a child is at the age of 4/5 years old; anyone who's tried to take a reading via this method will appreciate that it's basically impossible to get an effective reading from the infant! But as the child gets older, she/he will be capable of holding the thermometer in the mouth safely, keeping it under the tongue for the needed time.

        I continued to keep the thermometer in its protective storage case when not in use. It has a long-life battery that we have never needed to replace. Initially purchased via my local chemist for £5 it is widely available through retail outlets & online.


        Yes, as this thermometer has three methods of comfortably taking temperature readings from birth onwards.

        No! Because I personally feel that there are more practical thermometers now available such as pacifiers and tympanic (ear method). The pacifiers enable an oral reading for babies. There are now tympanic available that can be used from birth. These give out readings within one second! Some brands even have a fever alert. I will be purchasing a tympanic thermometer for my daughter and myself for the grand-children. It is one of the most accurate methods of reading temperatures because it measures the body's core temperature.
        Because of the latest multi-functional tympanic around, I give the Safety 1st Digital Thermometer 3 stars.


        In children under the age of five years, a fever is a temperature over 37.5C or 99.5F.
        In children with the age of five years and over, a fever is a temperature of 38C or 100.4F.

        A normal temperature is approximately 37C or 98.6F. But this varies due to the individual; mine is 36.5 C. Such matters as one's age effects their personal norm. Furthermore, even the time of day, area where the temp is monitored & activity can all affect an accurate reading.

        If a fever is apparent and/or one has health concerns, it is wise to seek medical advice:
        NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or one's GP.


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        The flexible arm provides optimal comfort. Fast, accurate reading. Beeps when ready. Includes memory and storage case.

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