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Thermographics Mr Happy Vinyl Wallet Feverscan Thermometer

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Brand: Thermographics / Type: Thermometer

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2013 23:03
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      Handy to have

      For Christmas my parents did me, my Husband and my Son a basket each full of toiletries, one of the items in Jayden's basket was a  Thermographics Mr Men Vinyl Wallet Feverscan Thermometer (Dooyoo shows a Mr Happy thermometer but mine is just Mr Men in general) I had been wanting to get a small thermometer for a while as I thought it would be useful to have for when Jayden wasn't very well, I also wanted a small one so that I could keep it in his nappy bag when we were out and about.  
      The Thermographics Mr Men Vinyl Wallet Feverscan Thermometer came attached to a small card, this has the name of the product on the top of it and the majority of the card was taken up with pictures of Mr Men.  The thermometer was secured in place with clear plastic moulded around it allowing you to see the thermometer clearly.  On the back of the product was a small amount of product information including how to use the Forehead Thermometer.  We disguarded the packaging more or less straight away as how to use the thermometer was pretty self explanatory.  
      The Mr Men Forehead Thermometer is quite a simple devise, it is literally a small shiny plastic strip, it is plain black on the back of it and the front is divided up into small boxes which are what are used to indicate your baby's temperature, there are 2 boxes for a cool temperature which are outlined in blue, there is 1 box for a normal temperature outline in green, 1 box for a low fever outlined in yellow and  boxes for a high temperature which are outlined in red. 
      The temperature boxes are in the centre of the plastic strip with a gap at either end where you can hold the thermometer without effecting the reading, on one of these gaps is the name of the product "Mr Men Forehead Thermometer" written in black and on the other gap is a picture of 2 Mr Men. 

      The Forehead Thermometer is flimsy, but in order to keep it protected and working it comes with a protective case, this case is made from a hard yellow plastic, this is larger than the thermometer and will easily stop it from becoming damaged. 

      The case has Mr Men Forehead Thermometer written on it in black writing with the outline of 2 Mr Men next to it, again in black.  The case has a large lid which simply slides on and off the end of the case, this fits securely so there is no worry of it coming off and the thermometer falling out inside your bag and becoming damaged. 

       As I have mentioned each of the different temperatures is outline with a colour, however each of these temperature squares also states what the temperature is at the top, these include
      * Cool - 35 C (95 F)
      * Cool - 36 C (96.8 F)
      * Normal - 37 C (98.6 F)
      * Low Fever - 38 C (100.4 F)
      * High Fever - 39 C (102.2 F)
      * High Fever - 40 C (104 F) 

      When it comes to using the Mr Men Forehead Thermometer it is simple all you need to do is place the plastic strip on your baby's forehead, within a few seconds your baby's temperature will be indicated by a shiny green colour filling the corresponding box, the colour then fades within a few seconds of removing the strip from your baby's forehead and is then ready to be used again and stored in the protective case. 

       My Mum bought this thermometer from Tesco and it cost £2.99 personally I think this is fairly priced as you can buy some quite expensive thermometers to check your baby's temperature with, and whilst these are probably more accurate than the cheaper versions this was ideal for what we wanted.

        I just wanted something quick and simple to use to get an idea of whether Jayden has a temperature or not, I didn't want anything too fancy or complicated because if the thermometer indicated that he was running a temperature I would naturally give him something to bring it down and if it was too high I would take him to the doctor.

       Since we have had the Mr Men Forehead Thermometer I have had a couple of occasions where I have had to use it, excluding the time when we received it and me and my Husband tested it out on ourselves. 

      Recently Jayden was a bit off colour and I wanted to make sure that he didn't develop a temperature so I used this thermometer several times for a few days, luckily each time I used the thermometer his temperature was normal but I was pleased to have the thermometer as it allowed me to keep an eye on it and gave us peace of mind. 

      I think the Mr Men Forehead Thermometer is an excellent devise, it is reasonably priced, easy to use and allows you to quickly check your baby's temperature when they are not well.  There is nothing complicated about this thermometer at all, you do not have to put anything together and you do not have to wait ages for the result to show, the whole thing is literally done within seconds. 

      I do find that Jayden isn't keen on the thermometer being held against his forehead and will try to push it away as he doesn't know what it is, however because the result shows really quickly he doesn't upset himself too much. 

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Mr Men Forehead Thermometer to anyone with a baby and would certainly buy another of these should our current one need replacing at any time. 


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