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Tommee Tippee Easy Reach Teethers

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Brand: Tommee Tippee / Type: Teething Rings & Gels - 4 months stage

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2012 23:12
      Very helpful



      A good idea but they dont work as well as I had hoped.

      Although Jayden hasn't actually got any teeth yet he has been teething for a while now and I have been trying different things to help sooth his gums including gels and various teething toys. One product I spotted in Tesco which I thought might help was the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethers, they seemed ideal at allowing him to both chew on something and sooth his gums when they felt uncomfortable.

      The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethes come attached to a grey coloured card, they are held in place with plastic which is fitted and moulded over them. At the top of the card is the name of the product written in silver and white writing, the age group that this product is suitable for is written next to this with the words "triple action" written next to this with arrows going around it, there are further pieces of information about the product written on the front of the card with more detailed information along with pictures appearing on the back, this describes how to use the product and what it is designed for.

      The Teethers
      The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethers come as a pack of two, they look a bit like dummies, although the teat part is a different shape and are not designed to be sucked but are designed to be chewed by your baby. The teat area is shaped like a baby's mouth so that they are positioned over their gums as they chew, they are also made of a more solid rubbery material compared to dummies, the area where you chew is also textured with different patterns and channels.

      The front of the teethers which are the part which is on the outside are oval shaped and have two large holes either side which allow the teethers to be gripped by either an adult when giving your baby the teether or removing it, or even by your baby as they get older and can pick the teether up themselves.

      As I have mentioned there are two teethers in the pack, one is designed for when your baby's front teeth are coming through and the other are for the incisor teeth, the outer parts of the teethers are a dark blue and a light blue, the lighter shade is for the front teeth with the darker one being for the incisors. Both of the Tommee Tippee Easy Reach Teethers have three features one to massage, one to bite and the other for easy gel application, a short description of each of these is on the back of the packaging and includes
      * Massage - The teethers have textured surfaces to help massage your baby's tender gums
      * Bite - The surfaces of the teethers are designed for your baby too bite and chew on to relieve pain as they cut their teeth
      * Easy Gel Application - There are channels in the teethers which are designed to hold teething gel in place making it easier to get the gel on to the targeted area accurately
      All of these features appear on both of the teethers and help to sooth your baby's gums in the relevant areas.

      Caring instructions for the Teethers appear on the back of the packaging and states that you should only put the teethers in a cold water steriliser, you should not let the teethers come into contact with harsh chemicals as these could cause damage, you should clean the teethers after each use.

      Again the warnings appear on the back of the Tommee Tippee Easy Reach Teethers and state that you should examine the teethers before and after each use and throw away at the first sign of damage, this is pretty standard for this type of product and will prevent harm coming to your baby.

      Price and Availability
      I purchased Jayden's Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethers from our local Tesco and the pack of two teethers cost just over £4.00. Personally I thought these were reasonably priced and within keeping of other teething objects I have purchased, as long as they worked then they would certainly be well worth the money.

      My Opinion
      Over the last few weeks Jayden has used the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethers several times. When I first gave him the teether (we used the one for the front teeth first) I did think it was going to be a bit wide for his mouth, he had to open his mouth wide in order to get the teether in, however once in place he did seem quite comfortable with it in and he began to chew it. After a few seconds of chewing the teether fell out of his mouth, I assumed this was because he wasn't use to it, he does have a dummy when he goes to bed at night or when he has a nap, however the teethers are totally different to dummies.

      We persisted with the teethers for quite a while and Jayden did gradually get the hang of them, however he does struggle to keep them in his mouth still and they will often fall out which he does get a bit frustrated with. He is able now to pick up his dummy and put it in his mouth himself, however due to the width of the teethers he does struggle to put these back in his mouth himself and in the end gets fed up and will chew on the edge of them.

      When the teethers are in Jayden's mouth they do seem to help sooth his gums and make them less uncomfortable and the channels for the teething gel do also help to apply it accurately, when I put the gel on with my finger all he is interested in is trying to eat it, he will even sometimes have a bit of a paddy because he wants more of the gel to eat so these teethers do stop this, but again there is the issue of keeping the teethers in his mouth.

      This product is designed for babies ages 3 months plus, personally I think a 3 month old baby would struggle with these and I'm not sure they would fit comfortably in their mouths, although this depends on how big your baby is, but personally speaking I think Jayden would have struggled with these at 3 months.

      Overall I would to a certain extent recommend the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teethers as they do help to sooth your baby's gums and do cover all areas, where as some teethers just focus on one area, and I also like the gel application feature, however I do think they are not always practical as they do no stay in Jayden's mouth easily and he does keep dropping them, this is also a hygiene issue and as there are no handles on the front of the teethers like there are with dummies you cannot attach a dummy chain to them to prevent them from falling on the floor. I do think the idea of these teethers is a good one, however they did not perform in quite the way I wanted and I'm not sure that I would buy these again in the future.


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      18.07.2012 22:36
      Very helpful



      Wasn't worth it

      When my son was teething I bought most products going to help relieve the pain for him, one of them was this.

      I admit the first reason I picked it up was is it looked almost space like and so I was intrigued by it! Its a circular shape made of thin white hard plastic, then there are 3 spoke type things that come off it. Two are the same, there like little blue nodules. This are made out of plastic but it is a more soft and flexible so it's kinder to your babies gums. The third is a wider plastic, again it is softer, it has two circles on the end which has embossed rings on it to provide more comfort to your baby. Each spoke on the teething ring is for certain teeth which are coming through which I thought would be quite useful.

      I gave this my baby when he was 6 months old, and he found it difficult to hold onto. This was because the actual ring isn't that big and so the hole wasn't big enough for my baby to get a good grip of it as he wanted to hold it with two hands, and also as the 'spokes' are quite close together again there isn't alot of room for a babies hands!

      He seemed to like the smaller nodules, although when he was in a lot of pain they did little to relieve it as they are quite small and so the baby needs to get it over the exact spot of the pain to provide any relief for him! The wider plastic was then to wide, and my baby struggled to get this into his mouth, he would more then likely just suck on one of the circles of it, again providing no relief to his discomfort.

      After a couple of weeks this ended up being put back in the cupboard as my baby wasn't really interested in it and it didn't help when he was in a lot of pain. For me this wasn't worth the money I paid for it and have found cheaper teether's which have worked a lot better.


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      10.04.2011 11:11
      Very helpful



      An essential teething item.

      When my son first started teething we found most of the teething products on the market were too chunky and he struggled to pop them in his mouth to relieve the pain and one day when purchasing other items I came across these Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach teethers.

      The image of the product here differs to what the actual product is this is because they offer this product in different stages to suit the development needs for your child.

      The Stage 1 teether resembles a gum shield attached to a dummy and simply slides into your baby's mouth allowing them to bite down onto it and help with the pain. Alex had these in blue and I have also seen them in pink.

      The easy reach teether stage 1 contains 2 in each pack a pale blue and a darker blue for the colour I chose to buy. They are sold in a blister style packaging and are easily removed.

      Before giving the item to your baby you should wash the product in warm soapy water and cold water sterilise only.

      The stage 1 teether is suitable from 3 months offering a narrow surface to soothe the tender gums and ideal for the first cutting teeth. The wide surface helps with incisor teeth.
      The teether has a textured surface which massages the gums an offers pain relief.

      The teether is ideal to use with teething gel as there are specifically designed channel to hold the gel in place and help with the painful gums.

      ~*~Our Experience~*~

      My son looked a little confused when I first put this into his mouth as he explored the different texture and shape compared to his standard dummy but I could see him move his mouth around it and he could obviously feel the massaging benefits as he was able to bite down onto it.

      We find that when he is really suffering this is the one and only item that will soothe the pain and helps him to sleep when he is tired.

      I personally do not like how big the plastic shield is around the baby's mouth but it obviously needs to be this size to be most beneficial for the teething child. I just feel that it looks very chunky.

      I purchased this item for £3.99 but have seen them more expensive in places like mothercare and boots so it is definately worthwhile shopping around and leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda do stock them at competitive prices.

      I would recommend this especially for the younger teething babies as I found it the most beneficial item for my baby when he was suffering and the dummy did not offer much soothing relief.


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