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Vitabiotics Wellkid Baby & Infant

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Brand: Vitabotics / Type: Vitamins

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    3 Reviews
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      23.05.2013 21:20
      Very helpful



      A good all round supplement for your child

      Like another reviewer, I only found out recently that you could buy vitamin supplements for small children, I had never really looked into it before. However, my daughter is 2 and has suffered from frequent colds, flus, coughs and a few tummy bugs over the winter. I thought this would improve as the weather warmed up (a bit!) but she has a severe, persistent cough and a colleague recommended trying a vitamin supplement. She is also a fussy eater and I am concerned her illnesses are not helped by this so anything I can do to top her up is great in my book!

      I wanted a product which did everything - vitamins, minerals and omega 3, which this one does. On the packaging it says it contains the following:

      Vitamins A, C and D
      B complex vitamins, including B6 and B12.
      Vitamin D3 which helps support the health of bones.
      Vitamin E.
      Minerals iron, zinc and copper.

      It also has flaxseed oil which contains omega 3s so it really is a good all rounder.

      In terms of the price, depending on where you buy it, it averages at around £4 per 150ml bottle which will last 2 months for under 3 - 6 month olds (at 2.4ml per day) and 1 month for 6 months - 5 years old (at 5ml per day). I didn't find a huge number of alternatives for this age group but there were a few shop own brand cheaper ones but they did not contain such a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals. What's more, this one doesn't contain any sweeteners or artificial flavours or colours. I feel Vitabiotics as a brand is worth the extra cost, I usually trust Vitabiotics as a brand, they have won a lot of awards so I feel I am getting a high quality product.

      In terms of the product itself, it smells strongly of orange, in that way that medicines smell like they are trying to hide something nasty! It is a pleasant enough smell. Colour wise, my daughter said "Mummy pouring out mud" when I poured it for the first time, it is a deep orangey brown which isn't massively appealing. I tried a little myself and thought it tasted ok, a pleasant orange flavour just masking what I assume is the malt and a light vanilla tint as well. Sadly, my daughter hated it and spat it out but fear not! I have successfully hidden it in smoothies she likes as they have orange in them so far so good. I guess the trade off is having a brown liquid which tastes "OK" but has no unnatural additives in it, or something pink and appealing which tastes delicious but is full of sugar.

      I'm not expecting to see a massive difference in her but this evening after she had it she really did seem to perk up. I will wait and see if her cough goes any time soon!

      All in all it is an expensive item but some might say essential for piece of mind for parents of picky eaters with frequent colds. The taste is quite strong and the price quite high so I may try another brand and see which she prefers. Worth a try but shop around for the best price - at the moment (May 2013) Boots have a 3 for 2 deal which makes it around £3 if you buy 3.


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      18.05.2013 00:36
      Very helpful



      A little expensive for everyday use but great for building them back up.

      Until recently I didn't know you could get vitamin drops for toddlers as silly as that sounds I thought all vitamins were either the chewable type for young children or the pills for the older children and adults. However on a recent visit to get him weighed I spoke to my health visitor about how my son Tyler (almost 2) had been quite ill with a flu like virus and had only got his appetite back after around 2 weeks of being off food. He'd been barely eating and only accepted certain food- a couple of wotsits, perhaps a spoonful of yoghurt before screaming and pushing it away. She recommended if I had this problem again to get some vitamins just to make sure he's getting some goodness into him.

      Recently he caught a really nasty D&V bug. His appetite wasn't as bad as last time but I couldn't tell how much he was getting as it was all coming up or shooting out! So while doing my weekly online shop I had a little search and came up with WellKid Baby & Infant vitamin drops.

      The bottle comes in a bow showing a happy smiley baby. It boasts that it contains 14 vitamins & minerals (including vitamin D).It tells you it is suitable for 3 months to 5 years and is a natural orange and vanilla flavouring. The bottle has a sticker on it which is the same as the box.
      The box does contain a 5ml medicine spoon but I've never been fond of these. I find them messy and very easy to over or under estimate the medicine. I've always preferred syringes- they're accurate and less messy. Tyler is more used to taking medicine this way so I just use a syringe I already had in the medicine cupboard.

      The dosage is:
      3-6 months: 2.5ml per day
      7 months-5 years:5ml per day

      Its important to remember that these vitamin drops aren't a replacement for a healthy diet- if you're little ones will only open their mouth for junk food this is not the quick fix. I'm sure this is obvious but always best to point out!
      It is nice to know they are getting their vitamins though. Tyler loves his fruit but it can be a struggle getting vegetables in him. Our food processor broke a while ago but I intend to get a new one so I can blend down some vegetables and hide them in sauces but until then at least he is getting a similar goodness from this.

      I have used it daily since I began giving to it. I'm not sure if it was coincidental or not but Tyler quickly got over his illness when I introduced these and seems more energetic since I began using these.

      The vitamin drops claim to be a "Great tasting liquid". Tyler loves it but tyler seems to love anything offered in the syringe. In fact during the worst night of the bug I had to give him 10ml every 10 mins of water or he'd be sick and he even enjoyed having it from that. He's not yet rejected a medicine from the syringe. A friend of mine has also used these drops, she says its a real effort to get her kids to take it as they hate the taste.
      I haven't tasted it myself but the scent of it is a very strong and I have to say its vile! The colour is also less than pleasant, it resembles something a little like sludge. This could be a problem if your offering a slightly older child it off a spoon- I'm not sure how a 5 year old would react to what appears to be sludge on a spoon! Its also a very sticky consistency. I spilt a tiny bit on my worktop recently and I really had to scrub it to get it off!
      Id recommend washing the syringe or spoon (depending on your choice of administration) out shortly after using it as otherwise it'll need to be soaked for a little bit (syringes in particular as it can be harder to get inside these!).

      Just like all vitamins its hard to tell if it works or not but you don't want to stop using them just in case! I probably won't buy another bottle unless I notice a huge difference simply because its a tad expensive! At 5ml per day and 150ml a bottle it should last us 30 days but it is £5.30 in Tesco which is an extra we can't afford every month.
      If he was to get ill again however I would not hesitate to use it and if I really do notice a BIG difference in this month I will continue to use it.
      He does seem brighter and his appetite seems bigger than ever but he has just got over an illness so I suppose it should be expected really!

      Still for now this medicine (can you call it medicine? I've struggled with this throughout the review-medicine or vitamin drops?) gives me peace of mind that my little one is on the road to recovery and building his immune system back up!


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      15.05.2013 10:33
      Very helpful



      Great childs vitamin supplement

      As any parent I want to give my son the best start in life and try to give him a healthy diet, I am lucky in that he is willing to try different foods and has a wide palate, plus his nursery offers a very well balanced and varied diet. Though I do allow him treats so his diet is not dull and boring just is case that is what you may be thinking.

      Anyhow, I started giving him a multi-vitamin once he stopped having his milk at night and also to help him to develop and just have a general overall good level of health, plus my husband and I both take vitamin supplements and figured if it was good enough for us then we should do the same for our child.

      Vitabiotics can be purchased from most chemists and supermarkets and even on Amazon, which is currently selling 150ml of the syrup for £3.56 including free delivery (May 2013). The vitamins come in the usual medicine bottle, with a spoon for dispensing the syrup in both 2.5ml and 5ml. The vitamins are presented in a cardboard box on which is all the information you need to use the product such as how much to give, when and the ingredients.

      The bottle has the usual child proof lid that is easy for adults to open and it dose not leak. I store mine in the cupboard as it does not need to go in the fridge.

      The vitamins contain a specially formulated syrup in orange, malt and vanilla flavour and contains the UK Department of Health recommend vitamin intake for children over 3 months to 5 years, this includes vitamin A, C and D, it also includes B vitamins and vitamin E and a number of essential minerals.

      The full ingredients are as follows:

      Flax seed, Vitamin A (443IU), Vitamin D (as D3 200IU), Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Folacin (Folic acid), Vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Malt Extract.

      The vitamin formula does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, lactose, salt, alcohol, fat or yeast and has not been tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians

      The specially formulated liquid has been designed to balance the nutritional intake of your child, but should not be used as a food supplement, it is basically designed to ensure that if your child is a bit of a fussy eater then this will ensure that they are getting all the goodness from vitamins and minerals to help them develop well.

      The formula is designed to help to maintain and develop healthy eyes and brains function which is supposed to be helped by the use of B vitamins. It is also designed to help with energy release, the malt extract in the formula is a natural energy source. It also promotes healthy bone development as it contains vitamin D3 and the mineral zinc, this also helps tooth development and maintains healthy skin, it also contains iron which helps with blood development and therefore helps to transport goodness around the body.

      So does my son like it? He will take it as I tell him it will help to grow up big and string like his Dad, but he is not too keen on the taste, though I think he has got used to it now. I have tried it myself and it has a very distinct taste of malt covered over by orange, no vanilla in my opinion, but it tastes like it should do you some good if you know what I mean. He has a 5ml spoonful per day, if your baby is 3-7 months then they are supposed to have 2.5ml per day.

      Overall I would recommend this to others, my son is healthy and happy and will take the syrup on a daily basis, the only downside is the taste so it may not be for everyone, other than that it is well priced and bottle lasts me around a month also is easy to administer.


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