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Asda Play and Learn Teethers

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Brand: Asda / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Learning Toy

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 21:59
      Very helpful



      Well priced teethers

      My daughter is well and truly in the slow painful process of teething. She only has her two bottom teeth so far but we seem to be on a rollercoaster! Naturally she wants to chew/bite on everything and anything, so I like to keep a handful of teething toys in my handbag or changing bag to pull out when out and about to give her something to chomp on and ease the pain if possible. On a recent trip to Asda, they had a boxful of these 'Play and Learn Teether' toys priced at £2 each which I think is terrific value.

      As can be seen from the picture above, there are four different teethers available in this range - a turtle, crab, monkey and lion. I opted for the first two - the crab and the turtle. The crab teether has six textured wobbly legs as well as some pincers with mirrors inside and a rattle so baby can shake this. The eyes of the crab form part of a pushable button that makes a squeak noise when pushed. THere is also a textured handle so baby can comfortably hold the crab or chew on it.

      The turtle on the other hand doesn't actually rattle, but has a pressable button in the middle to make a squeak noise. There are also four legs limbs, are of different textures, making them enjoyable for babies to teethe on.

      The only slight issue I have with the crab teether, is that I am always afraid that the wobbly legs will come off when my daughter is chewing on them, as they don't seem that securely attached, so I have to watch her very carefully when she puts this part of the crab into her mouth. There has been no problem as yet, and I hope there won't be a problem at all, but I do feel slightly apprehensive about my daughter and this part of the toy.

      I have had both of these teethers for a couple of weeks now, and I wish I had them sooner, as although my daughter finds great enjoyment particularly in the crab, she is getting a little past the very babyish toy stage and wanting to move onto larger toys that are all singing, all dancing. That's not to say however that she still won't spend time chewing and biting into these toys. They are a great size to fit into my handbag, and I now bring them out on longer car journey's, in a cafe, at a friend's house, and it keeps my daughter amused, and means I don't have to trail big toys with me all the time. I think we will get to the point soon, that she will be completely past these teething toys, so it would be better to purchase these when your baby is a couple of months old, as the bright colours and noises will be of interest.


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