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Asda Play & Learn Musical Pull Along

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Brand: Asda / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Push, Pull & Roll

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 13:15
      Very helpful



      nice price!

      I was recently browsing the toys in ASDA looking for something different for my son who was growing bored of his toys. I wanted something cheap as his birthday isn't far off and this was just to provide a little bit of extra, and different, stimulation. I was pleased to find s promotion on ASDA own toys where certain toys could be picked up on 2 for £8, which I thought a pretty good price.

      THE DUCK

      One of the toys I liked the look of was this pull along duck (there was also a snail available but my son seemed to like the look of the duck too). This was priced at £6 individually, so a good bargain as part of the promotion. It is suitable from 12 months. The duck was displayed in an orange cardboard container but could be switched on etc so I was able to check it was working ok. The duck is made of a hard plastic and is predominantly bright yellow in colour with an orange beak and blue eyes.

      Underneath the duck, there are four red wheels, to enable the pull along function. The front two have a black gripped band around them to offer good stability and enable your child to steer it well. On front of the duck, there is a short green thick string attached - approximately 25cm in length. On the ducks back (so on the top as you look down) there are three coloured push buttons, each with a white picture of an animal on: Blue - Elephant, Pink - Pig and Green - Duck.

      On the side, there is a red flick switch that can be moved along the red scale drawn on the duck to select different settings - off, animal noises, music and animals & music. Beneath this are three coloured lights that flash when the duck is switched on - blue, pink and green.

      The duck takes batteries, and these are supplied. They can be replaced as there is a screw cover on the base of the duck that holds the batteries. There is no indication on the toy or packaging as to what batteries it takes though so I guess we'll find out when they need replacing....


      My son instantly took to this toy - the bright colours and flashing lights catching his attention and proving pretty stimulating to him. He loves to push the buttons on the top of the duck - developing his manipulation skills and satisfying his curious mind.

      He particularly enjoys the setting where the animals 'sing along' with the music - especially the pig snorting. He also loves the plain music setting, setting it off by touching the buttons and then dancing along to the music.

      He also enjoys pushing the duck along the floor - learning about movement and actions and consequences. The duck hold his attention for a moderate amount of time but, as there is not a lot to it other than a few buttons to press, it is not exactly captivating. He does enjoy it though and it is always one of the first toys he goes to when I get it out.


      I don't personally know the songs featured on this toy. It would have been nice to have more recognisable tunes or nursery rhymes for the animals to sing along to as then, as my son gets older, he could sing along too. The music and animal noises are also VERY LOUD! There is no volume setting available so it is stuck at this level and it can get rather irritating after a while and it definitely drowns out all his other toys. The toy would definitely benefit from volume control!

      The string by which the duck can be pulled along is also very short. This means that it is not really a 'stroll buddy' as indicated - the string is not sufficient in length for even a small toddler to pull this and keep the duck remaining on the ground. It can be pulled along by this by a sitting child though. I understand that the string could be a choking hazard so is kept short but I would rather it was longer and I supervised my child's play. I can see my son becoming very frustrated when trying to pull this along when walking.

      The packaging that the duck was in could also have been improved as the duck was slightly grubby when I purchased it - either from sitting on the shelf or in the warehouse/transportation. Whilst this was only superficial and easily wiped off, a sheet of clear plastic over the cardboard would have prevented this.

      Whilst the toy does interest my son and he loves the music and lights as well as pressing the buttons, there is not enough to it to really hold his interest. It will help him to learn colours and some animals too though, so there are some educational benefits as well as learning about rhythm and music. I don't think this will last him for many months though as it is basic and, as he grows and develops, I suspect that he will want slightly more stimulation from his toys, with more things to do. This is suitable from 12 months but I actually think that it would suit babies a little younger, say 9-10 months, to really ensure that you get the use out of the toy. I would say younger still, but the music really is very loud and this may intimidate younger babies.

      For the price paid though, especially as part of the promotion, I can't really complain. The toy is well made and seems very durable (it has taken a few knocks). It is simple in design and execution and my son soon got to grips with how it worked. I would say this is a good toy - perhaps as a stocking filler or a small present - but do not expect lots of use or a long life span.


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