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Beanstalk Baby Gift Set

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Brand: Beanstalk / Age: 3 months+ / Type: Playsets

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    3 Reviews
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      24.03.2012 16:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic baby gift set

      This is a simple baby gift set that we brought from Argos as part of there 2 for £15 range and it has been a big hit with our children. There are different variations of the toy but it remains the same for most of the items.

      Bear rattle - This is a blue and transparent rattle one side is completely blue and the other completely transparent the rattle is moulded in the shape of a bear. There are small multi coloured beads inside the bear that can be seen through the transparent side. This is one of the best toys for the lower end of the range age at 3 months as it is easy to hold by the whole in the middle of the rattle.

      Sea star - This is a bath toy it floats on top of the water while little one splashes about it has little bumps all over it which interests little ones sense of touch and is bright in colour to hold their attention.

      Vehicle keys these are a set of 3 thin plastic keys each one has a different texture so great for little ones sense of touch but they are also great for teething as they are strong yet will not hurt little one giving them a little support while they are teething. These are also great from an early age my son used these straight away and they remained one of his favourites.

      Cage rattle - This is as suggested a cage that has a ball in the middle for little one to move and explore on each end of the rattle is a colourful bear that is bright in colour and great for little one to look at and as it is raised it is yet another texture for them to explore.

      Spinning bear - This is a cute little bear that can be pushed around and around by little one the picture on the bear shows on both sides so as it spins little one gets a glimpse of the bear at all time this helps with their motor skills as they have to figure out how to keep it moving and is really great fun.

      3 educational bubbles- These are 3 transparent balls that have little pieces of plastic inside that have pictures on them one side has a letter a and then a apple for a picture and if you spin this ball round the other side shows the number one. B is for balloon with a number two and c is for cat and a number three. These are best suited for older children maybe around the year mark as they are large and there is no obvious way for their tiny little hands to hold them these are the heaviest of the set too.

      Duck - this is a simple bath duck great fun for using at bath times and it floats on the water entertaining little one it is a good size for younger children to hold and play with and although this is one of the toys that does not last as long it was great while it did last.

      Crocodile - this is another bath toy this is actually squirts water which is great fun for little one although it does take a while for them to be able to figure out what it does. In the mean time it is bright colourful and again has a bumpy texture to it to enlighten little ones sense of touch and again while it lasted was great fun.

      All these toys are really good they are very sturdy and child friendly and my children loved each of them. There is a mixture of bath toys and normal toys and a good variety of different things to do with little one. Most can be used from an early age although some can be used from their 3 month age recommendation a few like the learning balls really did not get much use from my children until they were a little older as it rather difficult for them to hold.

      As all of the toys are plastic they can be washed easily and come up as good as new the bath toys being an exception as they are used in water we found after a few months despite squeezing the water out every time they were used they become mouldy and needed to be disposed of. The colours of the toys are mixed so they are great for girls or boys.

      They are very sturdy and durable and we brought these for my sons first Christmas when he was six months old which was over 4 years ago and they have been used by all of my children and are still going strong. As they only cost £10 for the whole set we think they are fantastic value and although it is a very basic set the simpleness of them seems to attract children.

      All of the toys are light and easy to hold and have a shape so it is easy for little one to get a good grip and good use out of them. Some are designed a little better than other the large balls need to be kept out of reach until maybe 1 year plus as they are harder to hold, the bath toys only last a few months due to turning mouldy but all the other toys are great for younger babies and are still going strong.

      I would highly recommend these toys although they are cheap they are well made durable and perfect for a first set of toys, there is a large variation of textures colours and shapes to help little one enlighten their senses and motor skill and the toys have been well loved by all of my children.


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      14.08.2009 18:06
      Very helpful



      A excellent set that was worth every penny

      When we had our first child we went out and bought just about everything the books suggested but we never bought any toys or rattles. Luckily a thoughtful relative bought this Beanstalk Baby Gift Set as a welcome present for our new daughter.

      In the set you get quite a few pieces, I think there were 10 in the set we got which is slightly different to the one shown in the pictures.
      Some of the pieces included were:
      A telephone that has buttons that you can press and it makes a squeaky noise when you do this.
      A bunch of keys which is basically a ring with three key shaped pieces of plastic on it.
      An oval shaped teether with a lovely little bear inside that spins around.
      A clear plastic dumbbell that contains different coloured balls that move around freely when the rattle is played with.
      A little rattle that looks a bit like a cylindrical cage with a ball inside. The ball moves about freely inside when the rattle is played with.
      A teddy bear shaped teether which has a clear upper part and small coloured balls inside.

      There were a few other pieces of a similar nature but I haven't seen the set for a while as my youngest is now 20 months and not interested anymore.

      All the pieces are made of hard plastic and they are all brightly coloured and very hardwearing. I have used these rattles for all three of my children and will get them out again when the next one is born.

      The rattles are easy to keep clean and can be wiped over with a cloth or even washed up in warm soapy water.

      All three of my children have enjoyed these and each one has a different toy that they have preferred. All the toys are just the right size for small hands although some are a little heavy for younger children. Most of the toys make a noise when shaken or hit against something and so are very interesting to babies and younger children. As these toys are designed for such young children they obviously have no sharp edges or removable parts. I would say these were ideal for babies from a few weeks old up to about 1 year with some pieces like the telephone lasting a little longer.

      The set is currently available from Argos for £9.99 which I think is quite good value considering the amount of toys you get and the good quality of each item.

      I would recommend these to anyone with a new baby as they have definitely been worth having.


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        27.02.2009 10:48
        Very helpful



        could make a lovely gift, or be brilliant toys for your own little one

        The Beanstalk baby gift set is a box of rattles for babies aged 3 months plus which can be purchased from Argos either in store online. The set is just £9 odd for a set of 10 rattles, or sometimes on offer for two for £15.

        I bought just one of these sets when my twins were born as I knew they were going to need toys in the future but wasn't sure where to start. A rattle set is perfect though right, it introduces them to different textures, new things to look at, colours and even noises. It's a good way to encourage babies to reach out and grab and strengthen their grip as they grow. Such simple things rattles are but they do help with alot, especially these I think.

        It's not 10 of the same rattles there are a few different objects, these objects include;

        Three Balls - These are clear plastic balls, not large ones but large enough for a small baby to grab hold of with 2 hands. Inside each ball is a spinning disc, on each disc there is a picture of an object and either a letter or a number for example on one there is a picture of a cat and the letter C. There is also a bright colour around the edge of the disc. These balls don't actually make any noise but when moved the disc inside spins like crazy which is pretty eyecatching. My boys are coming up 15months now and still adore these balls, just because they are ball crazy! They kick them as if they are footballs, throw them and take more notice of the pictures inside now than before. This I think is good as it not only are the balls something to play with they are simple yet educational toys too.

        A Rubber Duck and Crocodile - Yes these two are as simple as they sound, small squeezable rubber animals. They are both colourful and bright so extremely eyecatching for any baby. They are easy to squeeze to so brilliant for stimulating a baby as it would be something different for them. They have been a hit with my boys, especially when teething, although they are soft they were not quite soft enough for them to bite apart, but strong enough for them to bite to soothe their sore teething gums. They are STILL a hit as they are now used as bath toys, and a bath time is always fun time with my little terrors. Both of them still squeeze them until their hearts content but now it's because they know water squirts out of the tiny hole that's on their mouths. Oh such fun from such simple toys!

        Impressed so far? I was !!

        A Telephone - Nooo not a real telephone silly. This is one of the larger toys that comes in the gift set but not too large or heavy for a growing baby to hold. It has a mirror at the top, which a baby tends to find rather interesting, 'Who on earth is that?', Yes you can almost hear them saying it!
        4 Squeaky buttons, there poke out quite a bit so are very noticeable, and squeek when pushed down. Ahh a new sound for your little one to get used to. A moving plastic bit shall I say? Underneath the buttons there is another 'piece' of plastic, similar to the buttons but this one you are able to move from side to side, as it slides across either way it makes a clicking noise. Last but not least at the bottom of the phone is a clear plastic ball with smaller balls in it. Brilliant to shake around and make alot of noise, or you can spin the ball around to make noise instead. A few more activities on this rattles which my boys didn't really know what to do with them until they got a little older.

        Set Of Keys - Simply a plastic ring with plastic keys, well keys shaped as objects such as a boat, car and plain. Makes plenty of noise when rattled and shook, and definitely make brilliant keys when your children get older and want yours all the time. My boys are forever running to my front door saying "Tata" with my keys, so I tend to pass them theirs .. and Yes it does work they still run and say "Tata".

        Teddy Bear Rattle - This is a teddy bear shaped rattle at the top and circle shape at the bottom. It has a clear plastic cover around it and tiny colourful balls inside. It's these colourfull balls which create the noise when this rattle is shook. It's light to pick up and easy to hold because of the circle shape at the bottom which leaves a hole in the middle for tiny fingers to reach through and grip.

        Another Teddy Bear Rattle - This one is slightly different it's a plastic ring with a whole teddy bear in the middle. This teddy bear does rattle a bit, but the main attraction is the fact that he spins around. A shakeable, spinnible teddy bear rattle - surprising how much fun this can provide actually.

        Last but not least what I call the Cage Rattle - It's a cylinder shaped rattle but with bars across the middle which makes it look like a cage. It's brightly coloured and has a ball in the middle of the cage, of course another noisey rattle when shook about and it also has a cute teddy bear face on it's side just to make it that little bit more appealing to your child.

        On the box it does say colours AND objects may vary, but I have bought 3 sets of these altogether, one for my boys and two sets as gifts all them 3 have been exactly the same in colour and the actual rattles that are provided.

        I reccomend these to anybody expecting a boy or a girl, they are such simple toys but do provide alot of fun even as they get to the 'too old' for baby toys stage. My boys still play with all of them (bath toys being their favourite though). They are all a sturdy plastic, but light enough for the smallest baby to hold and lift up with ease.


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      • Product Details

        Includes 1 bear rattle, 1 sea star, 1 set of vehicle keys, 1 cage rattle, 1 spinning bear, 3 educational bubbles, 1 duck and 1 crocodile.

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