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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Plush Holly

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Brand: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2013 14:48
      Very helpful



      Fantastic purchase for 99p

      Just before Christmas in my local Home Bargains, I was searching for some small and inexpensive stocking fillers for my children, and I came across this particular little soft toy for 99p, which I bought.

      Why did I buy this?

      Both my children have enjoyed, and still do ( especially my little girl! ) enjoy watching the series that features this character Holly. The series is called ' Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom '. At a cost of 99p, and knowing its quite a popular programme for children, I knew straight away it was a bargain!

      Who is Holly?

      Holly is a main character in the animated series ' Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom .' This series is created and voiced by the same people behind Peppa Pig. For me its great for kids, but unlike Peppa, is probably popular from the very young child to a more older one as the storylines and characters are a bit more imaginative ( elves, fairies, gnomes, witches etc ) and the sense of humour alittle more grown up and at times quite dry.

      Holly is a fairy princess who lives in the Little Kingdom, with her family: King and Queen Thistle ( Mum and Dad ), naughty twin sisters Daisy and Poppy and the brilliant and mischievous cook/cleaner/general dogsbody Nanny Plum. All of whom live in the Little Castle.

      Holly's best friend is Ben Elf, who is an elf. He lives with his Mum and Dad ( Mr and Mrs Elf ) in the Great Elf Tree, with all the other elves.

      Each episode shows Ben and Holly ( plus friends and family normally in tow ) on some adventure whether that would be in space, at magic school, on holiday, in school, at the farm etc.

      What does this toy look like?

      Holly is quite small, 7 inches in height and completely soft. Filled with some form of stuffing, no beads or small balls inside. She wears a sparkly gold crown, blonde hair made out of strips of felt like material. Her face has the typical signature style of the series which is big eyes and lashes, smile and rosy cheeks. All of which are stitched onto the face. Complexion very pale pink. The main part of her body is sparkly hot pink, which is supposed to be her dress with thin legs ( with hot pink material for shoes ) and thin arms. In her left hand is her beloved wand called ' Wandie ' which is purple in colour. Not forgetting Holly's wings which are white, slightly see through as they look as if they are made out of some form of mesh material.
      Holly is soft and squidgy from top to toe and made completely out of material so nothing hard.

      What do I think of this toy?

      She's fantastic. A very simple toy that simply gives my little girl a lot of pleasure. Putting the fact my daughter recognises the character and likes her for that alone to one side, the main points I find with this toy are the following:

      She's not too big. Sometimes less is more, especially for young children. She finds her easy to hold and very tactile because of what she's made out of.

      Soft means safe. I don't have to worry about her swallowing any part of her as nothing comes off, and the fact she is completely soft means I don't have to worry about her being used as a lethal weapon by my children.

      She's colourful. Eye catching for my daughter.

      Washable. It says on the doll wipe clean with damp cloth only, but she's been thrown in the bath by my daughter and left on the radiator to dry, plus been bunged into the washing machine no problems, and she has come out the same colour, same shape and just as good a condition as when she was first bought.

      Doesn't do anything. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but both my children have plenty of toys that ' do something ', whether it talks, makes noises, moves, head spins round etc. Sometimes the best toys are the simple toys that make the child use their own imagination and skills to create play rather than allowing the toy to dictate what they can and cant do.

      Would I buy again? In a heartbeat! At the time I also bought the character Nanny Plum ( which is my daughters favourite! ) and they had Ben Elf and the Wise Old Elf, all at the same price. Really wish I had bought them too. I didn't think the ones I bought would be so loved and so durable considering what they actually are. But I've learnt my lesson now!

      Best 99p ever spentx


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  • Product Details

    At a Glance Lovely plush Holly figure Features and benefits for Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Plush Holly Requires Y batteries Lovely plush Holly figure from the popular TV show Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.Requires 1 button cell battery.

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