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Bob the Builder Talk and Play Camera Phone

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Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2008 09:14
      Very helpful



      Good little toy

      Harry is quite a fickle child - one minute he is loving the Teletubbies, the next week it's Thomas, then its Bob...the list going on and on. However, at the moment we seem to have hit a plateau as he's really taken a shine to Bob the Builder, and when my fiance saw this toy in Instore for a bargain price, we knew Harry would love it and decided to buy it for him as a little present! Needless to say Harry was rather thrilled when he tore it from its packaging...!

      Mobile phone toys are very popular at the moment, even with young toddlers, and I think a lot of it is to do with imitation. Children watch their parents on their phones and think it would be cool to look like them, and Harry is no exception. He loves chatting to Po and Tinky Winky on his Teletubby phone he got free with his magazine months ago but is now rather worse for wear, so we knew he'd love calling Bob and Wendy on this one! The phone came in cardboard packaging (recyclable!), and had a battery already in it so you could try out the functions of the phone before you buy it.

      The phone is a blue plastic phone, and its quite chunky so it's easy for young children to grab hold of easily. It has a flip-down panel at the front like on an older style mobile for the "microphone", and it is this panel which actually activates the phone. When you pull the flap down, the phone sings its Bob the Builder theme tune, and all the buttons are ready for your child to play with. It has the numbers 0-9, a music button, a call button and a Bob button. When you press the numbr keys, they have an audible tone so it is obvious they are being pressed...Harry finds it fun just to poke them all and make lovely "music" as he calls it!

      On the underside of the flap, there is a chart listing all the speed dial numbers for the machines in Sunflower Valley You have to press the call button in the bottom right followed by a number to call a machine, who will then speak to you. Nifty, but Harry hasn't got the hang of it so we have to do that bit for him. The music button plays the Bob the Builder theme tune in a tinny polyphonic sounding way, and has a few sentences spoken by Bob. But this is my major problem with the phone...Bob is AMERICAN! I must say the dulcet tones of Neil Morrisey are nice to listen to when watching the show, and Harry recognises his voice as Bob, so he doesnt really respond when this American Bob speaks to him, which is a shame.

      The last function on the phone is the camera part of it, although there isn't actually a camera anywhere on it. As you can see in the product picture, there is a yellow switch on the side whiich you have push up to change the picture in the main display. There are 3 pictures in total: the machines, Bob and Wendy, and Bob on his own. The button is quite hard to push and Harry can't manage it on his own, it really is tough so this would be difficult for younger children to do without a doubt. There is a red aerial at the top of the phone too which has a small bulb in, and this lights up when you open the phone, and take a picture.

      Harry really likes carrying it around talking to his friends Bob and Wendy on it, and because of the pictures on the phone, he knows it is a Bob the Builder phone. It is just a shame that there is an American voice on the product, they could have just used an English recording for in the UK! It is a fun toy for Bob the Builder fans, and its still a favourite of Harry after a month, which must be a record! We paid £3.99 for the phone in Instore, but I haven't seen these phones in any other toy shops, and as far as I can see they are only available to be shipped in from the USA. The phone requires 2 AA batteries, with the battery panel screwed on with 2 small screws. It is suitable for 2+ years, but even children of this age will need help using some functions of the phone. A good toy for Bob fans, and one Harry loves.

      Thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Interactive electronic phone with changeable ring tones and camera displays.

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