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Bright Start Lots Of Links

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Baby Toy

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2012 22:00
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      Nice little links to help with teething.

      Jayden recently has been getting a bit of discomfort from his gums, he doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain with them but they have been bothering him a little bit and he is trying to chew anything he can get his hands on. He does have a teething ring which I did try giving him, however it was a bit on the big side for him meaning I had to hold it, also the shapes which make up the teething ring seemed to be a bit big for his mouth and he got frustrated that he couldn't bite on it properly. I decided to have a look around for something a bit smaller and more manageable for him, which was when I spotted the Tesco Baby Teether Links 4 Pack, or Bright Start Lots of Links as Dooyoo has named them. Ideal for baby's from 3 months old and onwards they seemed perfect for what I had been looking for Jayden.

      The Teether Links come in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard strip at the top, the plastic bag is plain apart from a warning on the back stating how plastic bags can be dangerous. The card at the top has the Tesco Baby logo at the top and the name of the product "Teether Links 4 Pack" at the bottom written in dark blue on a cream background, there is also a statement about the product written just underneath this, again in the same dark blue. In the top right hand corner is a small pale blue circle with the age that this product is suitable for. The back of the card has the care instructions written on it, this is repeated in several different languages. The packaging is quite plain and simple but it does tell you what you need to know and isn't bulky and over the top, the packaging is minimal.

      The Tesco Baby Teether Links are basically what the name suggests, 4 plastic links which you can join together, they are designed for your baby to bite on and chew. Each link is different and has a different texture, there are 4 links in total, one is bright orange with a blue almost rubbery section ,on this are bright orange plastic spirals, the plastic on the rubber gives a slightly rough texture, there is a second link which is very similar to this the only difference is that it is made from green plastic with a purple rubber section which has small plastic star shapes on it in green. The third link is all made from a bright yellow plastic, a section of the plastic is twisted to make a spiral. The four link is blue and part of this has raised rings going around it in the same blue plastic.

      The different textures on the 4 links are designed to help sooth your baby's gums as they bite and chew on them, as I have said Jayden's gums aren't really sore but just seem to be a bit uncomfortable so I thought these would be perfect and also stop him from chewing everything in sight. The links are slightly flexible and have a small gap in each of them meaning you can hook the links onto each other to make a small chain, the bright contrasting colours will catch your baby's attention. The links are said to be suitable for 3 months onwards which is perfect for Jayden and makes them suitable for his age.

      Looking after the Teether Links is very easy, to keep them clean you simply wipe them, I personally use a damp cloth. The care instructions on the back of the packet states that they are not suitable for steam, microwave or boiling sterilisation, you also should not submerge the links in water or put them in the dishwasher. I was quite surprised to see that they could not be put in a steriliser, but I just wipe Jayden's down with clean warm water and a clean cloth and allow to dry before giving them to him.

      The Tesco Baby Teether Links were very reasonably priced and cost me just £2.00, personally I thought this was excellent value for money, despite the cheap price they seem to be of an excellent quality.

      Since buying the Teether Links Jayden has got a lot of use out of them, the links are much thinner and easier for him to get into his mouth and bite on when his gums are bothering him, also the fact that the links are less chunky compared to his teething ring means that he is able to grip them in his hand for short periods of time. He loves looking at the bright colours and will hold the links chained together and rattle them around. The different textures really seem to help sooth his gums when they are feeling uncomfortable, he will sit and bite on them and afterwards is much calmer. The links are hardwearing and very reasonably priced making them well worth the money. I'm not sure how effective these will be when Jayden's teeth start coming through his gums properly, but at the moment they are working and doing what they are meant to and are really helping them as well as being something for him to play with, I would definitely recommend these.


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