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Bright Starts Flexi Ball

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bright Starts / Age: 3 Months+

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 15:35
      Very helpful



      Loving all the bright starts products so far!

      After loving some of the other Bright Starts products we saw the Bright Starts Flexi Ball at Asda one day when we were shopping for £5. So we picked it up for our son.

      The Flexi Ball is bright coloured rattle ball. The flexible cage frame is a dark blue colour and is designed to be easy to hold and manipulate. Around the centre is a caterpillar in different colours to help stimulate babies eyesight and be attractive to them. Inside the cage ball is a rattle ball which makes a noise when its moved, or thrown. The flexi ball has a variety of textures and colours to help baby develop as well.

      The ball is a nice size at 10 x 10 x 10 cm, as is suitable for babies from birth, though our son didn't really start enjoying it till he was a couple of month old. Even now at 9 months he loves playing with the Flexi Ball and thows it around, shakes it and rolls it to us. Although the framework is flexible it is very strong and no amount of throwing it about has damaged ours as yet

      Brightly-coloured, noisy ball toy, easy for babies to hold and great for stimulating vision in very young infants. The Flexi Ball will continue to entertain your baby once they are mobile and can throw or roll the ball away

      At a compact size, and as a great source of entertainment the flexi ball is great to pop in your change bag etc to take with you, or play with at home! For just £5 you can't complain!


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      02.04.2013 21:49
      Very helpful



      A nice simple toy

      Several months ago I purchased my son Jayden a Bright Starts Flexi Ball, I actually bought it as I had ordered something online with vouchers and had to use up the full amount of money, I wanted something small to buy to make up the amount and this seemed ideal, I also thought Jayden would like it, it was bright and colourful and seemed like an ideal small toy that he could take out and about with him.  

      The Bright Starts Flexi Ball came in no real packaging but it did come attached to a small card.  The card had the name of the product along the top with a small amount of product information on the back including care instructions and also the age group that this toy is aimed at, there is not a huge amount of information on the card but it was clearly set out and told you what you needed to know about the Bright Starts Flexi Ball.  The Flexi Ball is attached to the card using small clear plastic tags which can simply be removed using a pair of scissors, it is important to make sure these are removed prior to giving the ball to you child.  

      The Flexi Ball
      The Bright Starts Flexi Ball is basically a ball made from a brightly coloured rubbery material, the ball is not solid but has hexagonal holes all over it giving a mesh effect, it has a solid plastic band going around the middle of the ball and on top of this is a brightly coloured caterpillar also made from the same solid plastic.

       Half of the Flexi Ball is dark blue and the other half is a light green, the solid plastic band around the middle is a turquoise colour with the caterpillar being made up of different coloured circles including purple, orange, red and green, the caterpillar has a smiling friendly face.

       Inside the Bright Starts Flexi Ball  is a smaller plastic ball which is half red and half yellow, this second ball rattles when the Flexi Ball is shaken or rolled.  The caterpillar on the Flexi Ball is made up of different coloured circles, each of these circles has a different raised pattern on it giving your baby different textures to feel.  

      Features and Benefits of the Flexi Ball
      Whilst the Bright Starts Flexi Ball is quite a basic and simple toy it can give your baby a lot of fun, the Flexi Ball as I have mentioned is made from a flexible plastic which you little one can bend and squeeze helping to strengthen your baby's fingers and hands.  The rattling ball inside the Flexi Ball will attract your baby's attention and help to engage little ears and the caterpillar character on the ball will capture their imagination, the bright colours and the different textures will also introduce your baby to different feels and also encourage interactive play.  

      Your baby can play with the Flexi Ball either along or with someone, Jayden loves to shake the ball and listen to it rattle as well as roll it around the floor and crawl after it, recently if you sit and roll the ball too him he will try to roll it back to you, he doesn't get it quite right all the time but he is getting there and it is ideal to help teach him co-ordination.  

      Age Group
      The Bright Starts Flexi Ball is designed for baby's 3 months plus, Jayden was just over 3 months when we bought him the Bright Starts Flexi Ball, when we first bought it for him he would try to sit and shake the ball but it was a bit bulky for him to hold and he would often drop it, personally I thought the ball was more suitable for him once he was a little bit older and he would hold the ball more easily, although I think he has had the most fun with it since he has been able to crawl and chase after it.  

      Price and Availability
      The Bright Starts Flexi Ball is available from a variety of shops including Tesco and Mothercare, the ball is sold for around £4.00, this does vary a little depending on where you purchase it from.  We purchased Jayden's Flexi Ball from Tesco online and personally I do think it is worth the money, although he has had more use out of it since he has been a bit older I do think he has had his moneys worth out of it.
      My Opinion
      The Bright Starts Flexi Ball is definitely something I would recommend, the ball is a simple toy but you baby can have a lot of fun with it, I actually find that Jayden has a lot of fun with the most simple of toys and this is one of them, he loves shaking it making it rattle and will chase it around the room and as I have already mentioned loves to try and roll it back to someone if they roll it to him.

       This toy is strong and durable, the flexible cage style plastic that the main body of the Flexi Ball is made from makes it virtually indestructible, the ball can be dropped and banged on things without breaking, Jayden's has been dropped and banged on his highchair tray as well as being chewed on numerous occasions and still looks as good as new, it is definitely hardwearing.

       So far I have only seen this toy available in the blue and green colours but it is suitable for both boys and girls.  The Flexi Ball is something that will last Jayden for a while and is not something he will grow out of within a few months,  this is definitely a toy I would recommend to anyone.  


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