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Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bright Starts / Type: Teething Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      08.12.2012 19:45
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      A nice teether thats easy for little hands to hold

      A while ago I purchased the Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe for Jayden, I actually only got it as I needed something small to buy to use up the rest of a voucher I had at Tesco and this was roughly the same amount, my plan had been to save it for Christmas as a little present to go with his main gifts, however recently he has been suffering with his gums, he has been chewing everything and anything he can get hold of, I even caught him trying to put our cats tail in his mouth, which she was not pleased about so I decided to let him have it now. Whilst he has got several toys which double up as teethers this one is also soft and cuddly, ideal for him to have in his cot at night or during naps meaning he has something to chew when he wakes up if he wants.

      The only packaging that the Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe came with was a small card that it was attached to, this had the Bright Starts logo at the top and the words Snuggle and Teethe next to it with a picture of a bee underneath it, the top half of the card on the front is white with the bottom half being orange with the age group that this product is suitable for. The back of the card is plain white with a small amount of product information on it including cleaning instructions and a couple of warnings, this is all repeated in several different languages.

      The Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe comes in a variety of animal shapes including a dog and a teddy bear, the one we have is a giraffe, purely because this is the only one they had when we purchased it but it is very cute. The giraffe is made from bright yellow furry material with a bright red furry nose, it has purple coloured horns (or whatever those bits on a giraffes head are called) and a small tail with turquoise ribbon pieces attached to it.

      On the giraffes body are patches of a different material, these are brightly coloured in red, green and purple with contrasting patterns on them and red stitching as a border. The whole of the giraffes body is filled with a crinkly plastic type filling so that it makes a noise when your baby scrunches it up and plays with it, the feet are made from a thick red rubbery type material with is textured with different patterns, it is this part that your baby can chew to help sooth their sore and uncomfortable gums.

      Whilst the body is only stuffed with the plastic filling, the head is stuffed with something much softer so that it is like a cuddly toy. The fact that the main part of the giraffe snuggle and teethe is made from a soft and furry material makes it idea for your baby to cuddle up to in their cot, but the rubbery feet mean that they always have something to chew on should they need to, that way they to not have to chew the nearest thing they can find.

      When it comes to cleaning the Giraffe Snuggle and Teethe it is quite simple, the instructions state that you should clean before use with a damp cloth and mild soap and allow it to air dry, you should not immerse the product in water.
      I have cleaned the teether several times since buying it as Jayden has dropped it on the floor and has also used it on a daily basis and it still looks as good as new, it really does wash very well, I tend to wipe over the plastic bits more than the main part of the giraffe as these are the bits that Jayden chews.

      There are only a couple of warnings on the back of the packaging with this product and these simply state that you should make sure you remove all packaging and fasteners before giving this to your child, this is pretty standard, other than that there are no real other warnings that need to be adhered to.

      We purchased our Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe from Tesco, we actually purchased it online along with a couple of other products we had ordered, the item cost just £4.94, although we had vouchers to pay for ours with and only had to put a few pence towards it, however I do think that this is very reasonably priced, Jayden has got a lot of use out of his and loves it and it really seems to help his gums so in my opinion it is definitely worth the money.

      Jayden has been using his Bright Starts Giraffe Snuggle and Teethe for a while now and I have been extremely pleased with it, the style of it and the chunky but flat rubbery feet designed to be chewed make it very easy for little hands to grip and hold, Jayden does have a teething ring, however he does sometimes find this difficult and a bit too large to hold and get into his mouth, with this he can easily hold it and get it into his mouth to chew.

      I personally like the fact that this is both a cuddly toy and teether all in one, Jayden can easily take this with him to bed or when he has a nap and it is soft enough for him to cuddle up to, and then when he wakes in the mornings he can have a chew of it should he want before we go in and get him.

      I definitely think that this product is reasonably priced and well worth the money, it is hardwearing and well made so will not easily wear out. The different textures and materials along with the bright contrasting colours makes it interesting for you baby to feel and look at. I have definitely been impressed with this item and would highly recommend it to anyone, as would Jayden as he loves his Giraffe Snuggle and Teethe.


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        23.05.2011 15:04
        Very helpful



        A great toy for teething

        I have become a huge fan of the Bright Starts range and whenever I am in Boots I seem to have bought yet another type of toy for my daughter - not that she really needs it! My daughter is currently going through the teething process and (fingers crossed) she isn't finding it that troubling she just wants to chew and gum everything she can get her little hands on.

        I have already reviewed several Bright Starts toys from their teething range but the latest addition to my daughter's collection is the Snuggle and Teethe character. I bought mine in Boots and opted for the elephant but there is also a dog to choose from. It's basic purpose is to be hugged by the baby and chewed. Simple!

        My daughter's character is the elephant as I preferred it over the yellow dog. It is a bright turquoise colour and features a yellow patch of patterned fabric for his tummy. The elephant is made out of a soft, plush material and its body is completely flat. The head, tusk, arms and ears are softly padded and quishy - ideal for those little hands and mouths.

        The elephant's tummy is made from a material which makes a crinkling sound when pressed or held. Similar to other toys which encourage a child to hold or squeeze them. The noise it makes is actually quite loud and my daughter seems to love it. This crinkly material is only in the tummy area of the toy and as I said above this area of the toy is flat.

        The elephants feet are made of a soft, baby safe rubber type material (lime green in colour which contrasts nicely) which are meant for chewing and to relieve the symptoms of teething. The feet are textured, one foot features lines and the other has circles so they will both feel differently in the baby's mouth which I think is a nice touch. The feet are an oval shape and are quite easy to hold and because the toy is so light a baby won't have trouble holding the toy and pulling it towards their mouth.

        Apart from the crinkly belly and the teether feet if the child shakes the toy it will rattle. In the plush head there are rattling beads which obviously make a gentle rattling noise when it is shaken. My main reason for choosing the elephant is that it has a sweet little face, with blue embroidered eyes (and eyebrows!). The tusk is certainly a popular feature with my daughter as she finds it easy to chew.

        My daughter loves to pick up and chew on things so in order to know she was chewing on something safe I have bought her several different toys to give her variety and also to keep one in her changing bag, a few downstairs etc. I like the Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe elephant not because it is a bright, bold colour but it also has more than one feature. I like the fact that not only does it provide teether feet for a harder chew but it makes noises albeit only two, a rattle and a crinkle it keeps my daughter amused.

        Because it is soft and light my daughter has no trouble in holding the elephant in all different positions. Her favourite things to chew on at the moment is the tusk, ears and arms. Despite encouraging her to chew on the actual teether feet she finds other areas of the elephant far more interesting to chew! She has figured out how to repeat the crinkling sound by constantly opening and clenching her hand on his tummy and she seems to find this very funny and will happily giggle as she is doing it.

        Despite my daughter not actually chewing on the teether feet she seems to really enjoy playing with this and I know it is safe for her to chew rather than picking up anything she can get her hands on. I love the bright colours Bright Starts use and I also like that the toy has more than one feature. Overall, it may be a basic toy and isn't all singing and all dancing as some but my daughter really likes it and will happily play with it whilst in her rocking chair or out and about and to me that is all that matters. Definitely a recommendation from me and Miss Peach!

        Useful Info

        Availability: Boots and other Bright Starts stockists
        Types: Elephant or Dog
        Price: £5.10 - Boots (May 11)
        Age Range: From birth


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